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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jerminator

AD Sion or how to carry as hell (Crit + lifesteal)

Jerminator Last updated on October 10, 2010
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First, English isn't my first language so it is possible(surely) that they will be a lot of mistake in my text, please forgive me. If you have some questions, just ask, I'll try my best to give the best possible answer.

Now, the main part of the build, how to play and build a DPS Sion.

First, you need to take advantage of all what Sion is offering you. You have a 2 seconds stun who could be launch from close range. You have a shield that absorb part of the damage, who could also transform you in a living bomb. You also have an awesome passive which give an additional Attack Damage. And finally, a great ultimate that provide you lifesteal, attack speed and "healing" for close allies.

I'll explain every of the build, skill, item, masteries, runes, summoners spell, then, I'll give you some tactics and strategy to play him well and own all of them one by one.


Cryptic Gaze
An awesome stun, which can be use as a fleeing spell, or engaging one. Want to gank an enemy, get him from behind and stun him. Hit him twice then back. An annoying Xin Zhao chasing you? Stun him! I think there no more to be say, stun is stun, if you don't know how to generally use a stun, read a guide about league of legends, not a speficic champion.

Death's Caress
The most "useless" skill you have. It will be good in late game to run in a gank, preventing to receive damage at the beginning, and if well played, allowing you to regen your health when casting it, because you won't take any damage for a short time, allowing you to attack and fully regen your health with your lifesteal.

Quite simple, additional Attack Damage. That will prevent you to tickle them in early, allowing you to buy some "more usefull" items. But also, this will give you additionnal health when you'll be killing minion, making you harder to kill for sure.

And there it is, the ultimate. I provide you some additional lifesteal and Attack Speed. Nothing to explain there, you all know what this is doing. The third effect is also interresting. Half of the additional lifesteal will also be giv to close allies. What does it mean? You hit a minion for 100 damage. You have 50% lifesteal. You'll regen 50 health, and all surronding allies will receive 25 health. 50/25 health is quite few, but in late game, with 100% lifesteal and 800 damage, it's something different.


Brawler's Gloves
Simple, an additional 8% critical (30%). Costing 400 golds, it is also allowing you to buy the next two item, 1 health potion and 1 mana potion. Use your potion wisely. Plan what you'll be doing in 1/3/10 seconds. Will you need to stun him to get the first blood? Will you need to cast your shield after luring them, then stuning them? Use your potion wisely, that's all what I could say. Stuning them cost you 100 mana, you start with 200, you could not stun indefinatly.

Executioner's Calling
Survivability, that's all. That provide you 18% lifesteal and 15% critical. With your masteries and runes, you'll reach 37% critical after something like 5-10 minutes depending of how much kill(s) you get.

Mercury's Treads
You're now heading for your boots. Mercury's Treads are goods for Sion because Sion need to attack to be powerfull. The less he get stun, the more he'll kill, The more he get stun, the more he'll die. Simple, but base of everything with DPS Sion. If the other team dont have any CC or just one, feel free to buy Boots of Swiftness. I don't recommand Berserker's Greaves, but I don't want to change your game style, simply guiding you.

Infinity Edge
The real build start. After this item, nothing you'll stop you. Dealing 250% damage(around 450) on critical (57%). Pick your cloak of agility first, even if you get enough gold when you're backing for B.F. Sword. 18% critical(55%) is almost as effective as gaining 50 damage because the bonus you'll get by criting more often will be comparable to 50 damage on every hits, but in cost only 880 instead of 1850.

Phantom Dancer
Start with Cloak of Agility. 18% additional critical chance (75%). Then go with Zeal and finally dagger. You'll reach 87% critical chance, 40% attack speed(around 1.000 attack speed), 15% movement and 20% dodge. Why dodge? Rush them and don't care about your health. When your ultimate is on, and you got no CC or few one(remember cleanse?) , you'll kill them one by one with a good use of your shield and by focusing the good enemy.

The Bloodthirster
Okay, you own when you have your ultimate, but when it is on cooldown, it's just a little bit harder. Buy a bloodthirster for sure. Why? 60 Attack Damage and 15% Lifesteal I'll answer you. 60 Damage * 250% (critical damage 87% of the time) = 150 additional damage. Combine this with lifesteal, you'll be able to 2-3 shots a lot of champ. Stun, hit, hit, dead. He don't even attack you during this time.

Sixth item?
You rarely be able to buy this item, but here are some item that could be good.

Youmuu's Ghostblade (the additional critical you need for getting 100% and adding damage)

Bloodthirster (For even more rampage)

Sword of the Divine (for an annoying Jax)

Phantom Dancer (reach 100% critical chance, attacking faster, running faster, and dodging more)

Last whispers (Fighting against Rammus or Malphite who are stacking armor)

Summonner's Spell

Cleanse and Exhaust are my choice. Why?

Cleanse allow you to don't be stop by CC, use it wisely, Rammus taunt you? Except if you really need to attack another one, don't waste it, Rammus will regret to have taunt you. Except if you really think you'll survive after a stun, always use it when you're stun, you need to attack to survive.

Exhaust allow you to stun a CC while Yi miss you on each hit. You see which kind of think you could do. Stun the annoying one and exhaust the DPS, kill the CC first, then the DPS. Result, a double kill with almost all your life.

Other good choice


Help you to flee in early when you're easier to kill, to jump in a fight, or chase a fleeing enemy.


Early game

You have 200 mana. Your stun cost 100. Use it wisely! Wait for Fiddle to drain, then stun and attack. Try to get the first blood, but don't give it to them. At level 2, activate Enrage and never desactivate it. The bonus damage it gives you will give you more lifesteal, giving you back the cost to use the spell (12 health by hit if my memory is good)

Mid game

You're a good ganker. Your stun give your allies the necessary time to kill the enemy. At this point, you'll have 37% or 55% of critical, so you could deal a lot of damage, do not just stun.

Late game

ALWAYS be in teamfight, your ultimate is too awesome in teamfight to waste it. If there is a lot of CC, let the tank go first, a stun Sion is useless. If they have 0 or 1 CC, rush with your shield, activate your ultimate, and attack. Getting stun? Cleanse. Getting attack by a DPS, use exhaust. When there is no more CC to kill, focus DPS.

Good laning partner
Any good early champs, any stunner, any healer.

Bad laning partner
Every other carry, any squishy champ who will be focus first, leaving you alone after he die. A squishy champ, who isn't so squishy could be awesome, because they'll focus him, but won't be able to kill him. During this time, you attack one of them, and stunning to lowest one in HP to finish him.

Ending words
This is my first build ever, and English isn't my main language, so don't be to much severe. If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, you're welcome. Please don't rate it without commenting.