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League of Legends Build Guide Author Trust Sam

AD Sion The Right Way

Trust Sam Last updated on June 3, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Chapter 1: The basics of THIS guide

I would first like to start off with I'm sorry for the lack of pictures and references like most of the other guides. The main problem with Sion is generally which way to go, AP or AD. As basic as this might be, AP has a much better early game and AD has a much much better late game. I personally started off with AP sion which is much better for lower elo because of the fact it is more explosive and fun to nuke champions. And I do admit it is more fun, while AD sion is 90% farming with probably a solid 10 minute rampage at the end of the game. I would just like to explain the reason why Sion is one of the better AD carries in the game. His E, probably one of the best skills in the game (non ult) is very powerful late and early game. Giving him massive damage output early and late, it creates the necessary AD for a viable auto attack champion. It is high enough that combined with crit damage, it will be hitting around 700's. This also combined with the HP growth throughout the game is insane. I dont necessarily build Warmog's to much, it really depends upon the enemy team, but combined with Atma's it creates a lot of armour, health, and damage. Mathematically,your atma's will end up giving you around a 150 or so extra AD.

Carry Sion: Why Sion? He is the ultimate carry. He is one of the few carries to have a clickable stun. This is huge. Shall we compare him to Master Yi? Both have E's giving them extra AD. Sion's giving him over 400 hp usually throughout the game (depending on your farm). Both have ult's giving them amazing attack speed, but Sion's heals the whole team for about a gazillion. Alright maybe a little less, but heals them wholly, let alone giving him the power to 1v4 (given they dont have 4 exhausts and stuns). I cannot say there are many better carries than him.

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The single handed most important part. This seperates good Sions from bad Sions. Yes, having a more dominant team, one that doesnt get pubstomped and make you quit farming does help, but it is viable to succeed with this team. I will say, Sion is one of the few champs that should give up a kill for 10-20 minions (due to his E). He should average around 250 or so minions a game, and if free farmed will easily win the game. Due to his need for minions, depending on your team comp, you should be babysat by the team's support at bottom lane, or as I prefer taking solotop. But Sion has no range??? Early game it is a huge problem. If any of you watched the season 1 finals I believe, Kennen took the same items to top solo to avoid harassment against a Nid as well. Your primary objective is to just farm a Wriggles (sometimes you may not need and do end up selling this as well), but creates a lot of lifesteal and lanning power for you. Let alone it is a free ward to enable you to free farm. Seeing how you would easily have to buy around 5-8 wards costing 75 gold each (around 450 gold and that being the differential between buying and selling) you are breaking even with lots of lifesteal and lanning power. It really does make that huge difference.

But, to no avail, if you do not average at least 200 farm your game will be compromised. Make sure to just keep farming top and warding, this will give you the massive gold it does require to buy your expensive items.

Here is when lifesteal comes in handy. The problem early game with Sion is judging whether or not your opponent is going to commit to a fight. Judging when to pop your ult if quite difficult, and if you pop your ult mid health against a nidalee who meerly went into cougar form to burst you, you are playing wrong. You need to judge before it is to late and to early to cast it.

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Making this short and simple.

Marks- Crit damage. Should attain around 100% crit chance with items provided. 60% from the phantom dancers, 25 from the I.E. and an additional 18% from the Atma's. No exceptions except maybe armour pen for early game farming.

Seals-I prefer health, for early game and Atma's. No need for mana regen due to the fact you shouldnt really be casting to many stuns or shields considering the fact you are going AD and should only be cast defensively and should be counting on lifesteal for this.

Glyphs- Magic Rest for early game harassment. Most of the damage you should be receiving if from magic. Should help you.

Quints- Crit damage. Non-negotiable. Runes+Masteries give you +43 crit damage and with I.E. at 250, you are now at 293% turning a 300 damage auto attack to an 879.

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Simplistic as well, 21 offense due to AD. Exhaust for mid/early game and for 1v3 situations later on. No need for extra spell pen because it shouldnt make a difference if you are casting them that late on the game, and minion damage is much more helpful.

The 9 in defense is preferred because you shouldnt need the extra xp and the mr and armour really do help you a lot.

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Starting in order,

Rejuv Beads- Affordable and good with massive health pots for that 1600 gold necessary for wriggles. Sell them later, defiantly a key aspect that is unique to this guide. Most AD guides say to farm a lot and this is the tool. Most suggest boots or something but you find yourself going back before any complete items or before you want to. Non-negotiable just do it.

Wriggles- Sion can easily solo baron late in the game. This doesnt hurt. Lifesteal ect. Sell late late game.

Phantom Dancers- Attack speed and CRit. Useful as hell. Perfect due to his lack of need for AD. The movespeed is fantastic because being non ranged auto attack he should be moving quick. Helps to replace ghost a lot. I always go for 2 but sometimes with I.E. before the second.

I.E.- Its the I.E. bro.