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Teemo Build Guide by Korinra

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Korinra

AD Teemo the Tiny Terror

Korinra Last updated on September 18, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to my first guide, Teemo the Tiny Terror. With this guide I will explain not only the items, runes, and masteries needed to play, but some important tips on HOW to play this unusual and incredibly fun build. This is my first build, so suggestions and constructive criticism is always welcome.

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Pros / Cons

Extremely amusing to play
Does significant damage late game
Has a lot of early/mid game gank potential
Often can be used to get First Blood, see below
Is fast naturally, and will not be easy to hit with skill shots
GREAT map control with Mushrooms

Difficult early game farming but rectified when you hit level 6
VERY squishy, especially early game
Is focused often because poison damage will clean fights, enemies don't want to be poisoned
Is so cute you may end up staring at the screen giggling when you should be planting shrooms... shame on you wasting time.
Gangplank stepped on a shroom, but I ate an orange and it was k... GOD I hate Gangplank when I play Teemo.

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Runes often are said to go with Magic Pen reds, Attack Speed yellows, and AP blues. This is a nice setup if you're using Teemo for his focus of being a hybrid, but this guide focuses more on his AD talents which often get overlooked. Teemo is naturally very fast, able to do huge amounts of sustained damage if left alone, and can quite easily dominate mid or lanes while protecting from ganks.
Armor pen reds. For any solid AD, this is extremely important. It is where a lot of your damage comes from, as it allows you to bypass a lot of their armor, especially on squishier champions.
Attack Damage yellows, let's face it, you'll be attack speed capped just from items and his passive, do you really need to go above and beyond?

Ability Power blues, I know I know, I said this was pure AD. Well nothing else is needed in runes, and these do add extra damage to Teemo's attacks and mushrooms, this is a perfect place to add extra damage in two sources.
Armor Penetration quints, same reason for the ArPen reds.

It's important to note that the blues can basically be changed to anything, attack speed is a viable option here to get yourself as close to constantly being 2.5 as possible, but that makes the lesser part of your passive useless.

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The masteries chosen are designed to compliment Teemo's innate strengths and the summoner spells. As critical hit is not important in any form to Teemo, we leave it out unlike most AD champs. Archmage's savvy does help with damage from his poison darts, so it's fine to have a little extra damage. Sorcery will help with keeping blinding dart up and Alacracity is part of what's needed in the attack speed department. Ignite is amazing on Teemo, it combos well with his poison and gives additional AP after it's used increasing his poison by an additional 1.6 per tick, which rounds to 2 damage. It's not a lot but overall it's 6 and every tiny tick is important. The rest should be self explanatory, very standard otherwise.

On the debate of Good Hands versus Perseverence, honestly this is up to you. Neither seem to change the gameplay enough on Teemo for it to matter. For Greed Versus Utility Mastery, simple answer is this. When playing Teemo, red buff is not vital, but adds more DoT damage (Damage over time). It's not worth it to work for the red, but you'll get it on occasion, and when planting shrooms it's nice to grab enemy's red or your own if no one else needs it. (It's also nice to donate to tank though hint hint).

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With items there are core necessary items for this build, and a couple changeable ones.

Malady, Wit's End, and Madred's Bloodrazor are among three of the most useful items for Teemo. The running pattern is that you will constantly be doing extra damage per hit with your ability, and now you'll do a ton more with your items. These also add needed attack speed and damage, there's never a game you shouldn't try to get all 3 quick.

is completely not needed, but useful. You can realistically use any boots, but I recommendBoots of Mobility as an alternative since they combo with Move Quickly so well.
Bloodthirster is amazing on Teemo, but not needed. I recommend getting some liftsteal of any kind, this being top tier, but if you want to replace this for anything else, that's fine. This can easily be replaced with something defensive such asBanshee's Veil, which makes for a lovely block against run and stun characters or Melee advancing such as Yi's Alpha Strike.
Frozen Mallet, which honestly I get for funsies, is the most useless of my build, I recommend replacing it withQuicksilver Sash any day of the week, but I play very carefully and generally don't take much damage at all so I don't usually need a lot of defensive items.

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Skill Sequence

Mushrooms > Poison > Blinding > Movement Speed
With that being said, you still want to splash in everything, but your blinding dart is surprisingly useful with only one point. You will only need one point for most of the game, but late game you will want to start splashing it a bit more. If you find you're not killing fast enough, you can swap a poison dart and blinding dart at any time and the build will still function.

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Summoner Spells

Honestly there are no better choices for Teemo, he has a built in flash, teleport is so situational that it's not worth it in my opinion (although it is funny to put two shrooms near each other and Teleport to the one they DON'T step on for a gank). Viable options (but never recommended beyond Flash/Ignite):
/This is more of a newbie friendly version, but late game it'll get you killed if you need to escape.
/As mentioned before, it has gank potential, but is very situational and won't happen often.
/Honestly useless with Teemo, but in an emergency it can be useful, I prefer Flash.

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OK as mentioned before, farming only becomes viable at level 6. It's not advised, but you can use a single shroom to slow and damage entire enemy waves, getting most of the last hits just from that. The reason it's not advised is simple, every time shroom is up, you should be planting it somewhere else to keep excellent map control. Otherwise, the more points you put in poison the more you're farming improves, and once you get Madred's you're golden.

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Unique Skills

Ok so I want to share some useful tactics for playing Teemo in general, these work with any build.
Camouflage to date is the most amusing passive I've played with. I get first bloods often if I take mid, often before a minion wave arrives. Sit in mid and wait silently a little past the midway point. If the enemy didn't see you stealth, they'll pass you looking for you, Ignite and open fire, you're welcome for First Blood. If you're in a lane, hide in a bush and stealth, when they check the bush and see no one, they'll get a false sense of safety, I can't tell you how many times I get first blood this way when they think they are setting up a gank but my lane-mate sees where and who they are, and is smart enough to check their summoner spells. We pick a target then initiate, usually with me blinding the AD champ of the two and then igniting the one who can't escape.
Blinding Dart doesn't have a lot of subtlety to it's use. Always his the AD champ, even if that's not who you're focusing. Early game it works on anyone, because spells are on CD more often and basic attacks matter more. One good use for this is to help someone get a buff. It's nice to help the jungler get blue/red right off the bat by making them immune to damage for a couple seconds.
Move Quick... DO NOT FEAR USING THIS SKILL! It's a micro ghost with a TINY cool down. It will be your best friend when planting shrooms, catching up to team fights, escaping a gank, etc...
Noxious Trap in itself is not the most deadly ultimate, but it's use is. When you plant these all over the map and can always say you know what's going on, these are incredibly deadly. Here's a tip, if you plant in small bushes, people with oracles still won't see them until going in to the bush and subsequently hitting them anyway. I plant shrooms whenever I can, and so should you! The more the merrier, and clustering is not bad because excessive sight can also mean excessive damage. Oh one thing to note, even if they ARE destroying your shrooms, destroying a Noxious Trap gives no gold or experience. It doesn't benefit them directly, only indirectly.

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Remember, this build is squishy, it's fun but very squishy. Stay at the back of team fights and drop shrooms often, hit people with basic attack then blinding dart then basic attack for added attack speed / damage. And don't forget to /all LOL! every time someone dies on a shroom when you're not there/alive. Make them hate your shrooms, and they'll waste time trying to find them, I've seen this win games. Remember, when you hunt shrooms, the enemy team knows and begins hunting you.