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Teamfight Tactics Guide by FusionThunder

Advance TFT (Teamfight Tactics) Guide

By FusionThunder | Updated on February 26, 2020
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Teamfight Tactics Guide

Advance TFT (Teamfight Tactics) Guide

By FusionThunder
Welcome to an advanced guide to TFT Teamfight Tactics.

Who is this guide for

If you want to climb rank and get better at the game this guide is for you.

Who is this guide not for

This guide is not for beginners or beginner-friendly. If you're looking for a beginner guide go look at PsiGuard beginner's guide to TFT.

Who's writing this guide

Hi, I'm Fusion Thunder. I'm a streamer and Youtube content creator. You can check out my rank, Youtube and Twitch at these links below.

TFT rank

This guide will constantly be updated as I learn the game and improve myself. If you have any suggestions or strategies that you'd like me to add to this guide please leave it in the comments.

Now that introductions are out of the way lets get right down to business, shall we?
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Just like you go through puberty and different stages of your life so do the game.

Mainly the 3 different stages the game goes though are; early game, mid-game and late game.

You need to understand that each stage of the game you have different objectives (things that you need to focus on).

Two main questions we'll be answering:
When do these stages start? And what do you do in these 3 different stages?

Early Game

The early game starts as soon as the game starts and you need to pick your first champion at the carousel.

Objective: Pick top tier units/classes/origins and items and win early game.

Two strategies to win early game. Either you use strong units to beat down and crush your opponents or you use weak units to get first pick at the next carousel.

Strategy 1: Power Devour - This strategy is probably the most difficult to pull off early. Because it relies on RNG. You need strong tier 1 or tier 2 champs early to start to win streaking. This strategy helps you build your economy.

If you're going to use the Power Devour strategy you have to know what units are strong early and use your items early on your champs. You also have to level to level 4 before the PVP round starts.

Strategy 2: Power Flower - You lose the early game so you can bloom in the mid/late game. This gives you the chance to get first pick at the carousel and get high tier items/champions. Basically, you trade in your health points for the first pick at the carousel.

To use the power flower strategy you put in tier 1 units so you can at least kill 1 or 2 of your opponent's units but still lose to them and start lose streaking. While still building your army on your bench. You intentionally don't put in your strong units so you can make gold from lose streaking and to get first pick at the next carousel.

Mid Game

The mid-game starts at carousel round 3 or when you start getting tier 4 units. You're about level 6-7.

Objective: Stack items on hyper carries and it should be clear to you what team comp you'll be using.

At level 6-7 is the time to start rerolling and using your economy to make all of your units at least a two-star. You should have at least 1 hyper carry in your team comp by now. Examples for hyper carries are; Brand, Draven, Akali, Aurelian Sol you get my drift basically tier 4 DPS champions.

At level 6 or 7 you should have around 50 gold. Reroll that gold at about 40-30 to find the champs you need to upgrade.

A good rule of thumb is that you should only reroll if an upgrade of a unit is going to give you a power spike or if you still need a unit that you desperately need.

Late Game

The late-game starts when people are starting to get to low health. Anything under 30 health is late game. The late-game can hit you very quickly if someone got really lucky with RNG.

Objective: Roll for upgrades, get 3 stars, get tier 5 units, finish items.

Late game you want to make sure you have all your critical units upgraded and stacked with items. You should have a hyper carry with 3 items on them and a good front line to keep your carry safe.

Late game is a dangerous place to be if you have less than 30 health it's best to spend all your economy on rerolls or levelling.

Late game fights can hit you so hard that you can lose 25 health points if you lose a match.
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Econning early will lose you games. Never save your gold when you are weak. If you need to upgrade units it's best to spend your econ.

Only start to econ when you feel like you're stronger than half of all your opponents.

Econ is a complex topic. Look at your opponent's boards, most often if they all are rerolling early you need to reroll as well.


Spend your gold and reroll when you are weak and save you gold when you are strong.

It's also good to level when you are in a win a streak to keep your win streak. Having a win streak is worth about 30 gold so it's really good to spend your gold to keep your win streak.
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When To Reroll

Reroll when you need to upgrade key units or need a unit that will tilt you into a power spike.

Never reroll when you can only upgrade low impact units. Also, look at other people's boards to see what's the probability that you might find that unit. If it's low, it's not worth rerolling.

When To Level

Level if you're 4 gold away from a level or if you won't go under your 10 gold mark. Also, it's really good to level if you are strong and you want to keep your win streak.

It's generally a good idea to level if you have a strong unit to put onto the board. If you have nothing to gain from levelling, don't level, instead invest your econ in rerolls so that you can get a strong unit that will make it worth levelling.
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Always build your comp around the items you get. The champion pool is so small that you can often force a comp or clutch your way into a specific comp by using a spatula. (Most of the times you can force a team comp but sometimes you got to play the hand you are dealt with.)

You have to look at the meta and play what's strong currently to know what items you need to play that particular comp.

High roll vs Low roll.

High roll is when you get really lucky with RNG and get all the champ upgrades. Low roll is when you're not getting any units that you want.

You have to be flexible. The game will give you what it gives you. Try to build the strongest comp you can at that stage of the game that you're in. Always try to build a second-team comp on your bench if you are low rolling and not getting the units you need for your comp.

The reason you might not be getting the units that you want can be because too many people are playing those units/champs already so make sure to always have a look at other people's boards to see if they are running the same comp/champs as you.

If they are using your comp it's best to transition into a new build/comp.

Know that if you need certain units that it's crucial to reroll at certain levels.
Example; Late game it will be much more difficult to find 1-star units.
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3 staring champs aren't as simple as just picking up all the champs you are playing on your board.

Holding champions on your bench is hurting your econ in the long run and taking up space, so you have to choose wisely what champs you 3 star.

Only 3-star champions that will carry you into the late game. That means it's usually a tier 2-3 champion.

You want to try and 3 star your hyper carriers and/or your crowd control units. Units that have a big impact on the game.

It's nice to have 3 stars but don't force it if your econ is suffering from it. If you can afford it great, other than that sell the unit/units.

This can be the biggest mistake you can make when you still need upgrades for your other champs and your econ is little to none.
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This guide is still a work in progress. I'll be updating it with a lot more tips and tricks.

I did a quick brain dump to get the ball rolling. Check back to see updates.

Things I still need to add:
    Team comps
    Hyper rolling
    Economy tactics
    List of tips and tricks
    Decision-based not strategy (mindset)
    Fix grammar and spelling and add graphics & videos

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