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Kog'Maw Build Guide by dl4fun

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author dl4fun

Advanced (skill based) Kog'Maw aswell as an easy build.

dl4fun Last updated on June 24, 2011
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1.Advanced 2.Easy 3.AP/Suport

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Build 1.An advanced approach.

As you all know his barrage skill is excellent.However,due to the lack of popularity of Void Ooze,it is extremely under used.However,this is your primary offenstive tool.As you all know,when you advance in gameplay,there are some levels where you either have better ennemys,or worst teammates.Which concludes at less efficient tanks and smarter ennemys.
If my reasoning is correct,they shouldn't just watch you auto atking them during the entire gameplay.And it is more than possible that they will try to dodge your caterpillar (ult) skill.However,one point is missen:Void Ooze is indeed hard to land(which may be the reason of it being under used) but it is also another key spell which allows you to land,not only once,but multiple times your ultimate;which also helps auto atking or chasing an ennemy down.
In my first build,Ghost being missen,it is more than important to use Void Ooze in order to chase ennemys down.Due to flash being inside,it helps getting closer in order to maximise the range of ennemys getting caught inside your void ooze.Because I assure you that if you land it from a closer distance,it will entirely block their path back.Which leads to only one choice:Kill you before you kill them.This is where Exhaust is also a key spell.In order to minimise the damage output you take ASWELL AS making them chase you down harder or just make sure to add another 3 second of speed reduction,this is a must.
Due to the high combo of build 1,it is NOT RECOMMENDED FOR NEWBIES.
PS:You eliminate a whole minion wave as soon as you get a BF sword with the combination of Void Ooze and your ultimate.

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Build 2.The fullfilment of the lack of farming and reduction of harass.

Indeed madred's razor allow you to farm efficiently by not timing any of your shots.The 2 vampiric specters ensure that you won't suffer from any direct form of harassment,which happens due to the lack of positioning.It also ensures that you use the form of Red (Lezard) and Blue (Golem) Buffs easyly.Which will lead their damage output to 0 when you farm these.
Now ghost is a must since your build will not focus on void ooze but just auto atking.
The reason of Heal might be pretty simple,due to the Spell Vamp you will get as soon as you farm your Madred's Bloodrazor and Hextech Revolver this should ensure that all you have to do is sit tight and auto atk ennemys.This also eliminates any need of positioning.Just auto attack these and use your Heal spell in case you get stunned or CCed in any form that prevents you auto attacking.And not forgetting that ALL your spells also heal you,which may be easyly achieved as soon as you hit your Hextech Revolver, Void Ooze and Ult on some minions and you should get a minor heal.Auto attack these when you have only madred's razor + 2x vamp specter and you will also get your heal back.

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Build 1.Une approche avancée

Comme vous le savez tous,son second skill est éxcellent.Cependant,due au manque de popularité de Void Ooze (3e skill de KOg'Maw),c'est très peu utilisé.Mais dans ce build,c'est le seul skill qui permet d'avoir une avancée offensive.Et il est très probable qu'ils éssayent au moins d'ésquiver votre ultimate.C'est pourquoi Flash et Exhaust sont utilisés,
Plus vous utiliserez Void Ooze de près,plus il empêchera votre adversaire de bouger.Et c'est à ce moment là qu'ils n'auront plus d'autre choix que de vous tuer avant que vous ne le f***iez ^^.Et ainsi,Exhaust empêche en quelque sorte de reduire les dégats que vous subissez et ainsi gagner facilement un combat 1 contre 1.C'est à cause du besoin de faire ce combo que je précise que ce build est avancé.Sans oublier que meme si vous l'utilisez de loin,il est l'outil indispensable pour réussir à toucher avec votre ultimate,non pas une seule fois,mais plusieures fois.

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Build 2. Comment réussir à éliminer toute forme de harass et farmer

Madred's Razor combiné avec 2 vampiric specter sont supposés vous permettre d'éliminer toute forme de harass (le fait que votre adversaire réduise continuellement vos points de vie sans pour autant essayer de vous tuer) en regagnant tout simplement de la vie en cliquant sur les sbires.D'autant plus que elles vous facilitent l'obtention des bonus du golem ainsi que du lézard (rouge et blue) tout en prenant aucun damage,car l'on se heal en les attaquant.
L'utilisation du spell Heal est justifié puisque vous ne gagnez aucun point de vie sans attaquer (soit des minions aux petits niveaux;soit vos adversaires lorsque vous avez Madred's Bloodrazor ainsi que Hextech Revolver).De ce fait,si ils vous ne pouvez plus les attaquer vous gagnerez un peu de points de vie supplémentaires pour ne pas se faire tuer d'un seul coup.

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Team Work

A well landed Void Ooze is as benefitable than Galio's Ultimate(They both burn flash) :D.It can turn the tides of the battle.Unless their names are Akali,Jax or any other jumper who can freely move without being speed based.So make sure you land properly your void ooze,50% slow reduction is really benefitable! (rank 5).
In the build 1 I am a bit confused when I have to auto attack or spam Ultimates.It sure does a good amount of damage but takes a bit time to cast.So I suggest that when Void Ooze is active,You go 1st land your ultimate (this should ensure brushes dont make you walk in when you were automatically atking and not get owned inside) and just auto attack with your barrage active.As soon as it goes down (Void ooze should also be down) comes the trouble.I honestly have no idea what to do lol.Post here any suggestions helping this problem.

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Help me correct this build

Post any suggestion and comment on this build!
If there are any lacks you want to express,do it now!
I personally ask you for help in order to express a correct form of Build 3.which combines his ultimate with his Void Ooze,Would AP make it better? or go straight AD?
I am loocking forward for any form of comment you will express.