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Build Guide by ahadiel

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ahadiel

Ahadiel - Xin Penta Kill Build - UPDATED - SS

ahadiel Last updated on July 27, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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With this Xin Shao build I always run mid lane. It doesn't matter really who you are against because you are guaranteed to beat them in a fight. I get Audacious charge first always, and I rush their caster creeps and get aoe dmg off on surrounding creeps and the defending player, 99% of the time they back off scared and wont even attack.

I tend to harass alot with Xin Shao right from the start. Once I have pushed their lane to their tower, i run back and kill wraith camp, then go back mid, then push again, and then go to wolf pack, then back to mid to push the lane back, the take blue aura by level 6.

If you haven't gotten a kill by level 6 then get someone from top or btm lane to come help get a gank on mid, or run down to a lane and gank, but I wouldn't advise it, especially if you are using flash heal , because you wont be able to get back to your tower in time.

Once you hit level 8 get someone from top or btm to lane mid. Once you have that taken care of it's time to gank. So head around the map where needed and start ganking, but be sure to get the killing blows.

How I got my penta kill.

My team comp is xin/singed/akali/tryndamere/kayle because we have a couple beefy characters on the team plus kayles ulti it allows me to stay out of team fights for a few seconds allowing me to set up and start tearing down people who try to run. I try to get behind their team in the lane and start taking them out from behind. Most players will die before they can even react, and anyone who tried to run gets charged and taken down quickly.

Now I know I am a little short on items when I got my penta, but you can clearly see how devastating xin shao can be. When I charge ulti, the aoe from both takes over 1/3rd of their life with those items alone.


Some Match History

3 Triple Kills

1 Quadra Kill / 1 Triple Kill

1 Penta Kill

1 Triple Kill / 4 Double Kills

Xin Zhao - The Seneschal of Demacia.

Xin Shao is a huge carry/support class in every game, with the ability to farm jungle creeps (Wraith Camp / Wolf Pack) all game while midding, unless of course you have a jungler. His passive: Tireless Warrior, allows him to lane for long periods of time without needing lifesteal, that is why I love stacking attack speed runes and picking up berserkers greave right away. You are able to stay above 70% life at all times, in addition to the HP+5 from Doran's Shield the ability to stay in a lane for prolonged times is amazing.

Summoner Spells

Flash is a huge spell for me when using Xin Shao. It is great for chasing characters like Katarina for example. I generally use flash and heal to tower dive a champion who is under 50% hp. Being able to charge in and ulti to kill someone then flash out and pop a heal to negate some of the tower damage.

Other uses for flash and heal are to save your tail when being ganked. what I end up doing is charging someone who is coming at me solo or away from the rest of the team, then use flash right after to gain massive distance on the enemy. At this point they give up, and if any ranged damage was dealt to you, you have your heal to save you.


I use Attack speed Mark/Seal/Quints for the sheer purpose of speed and life gain. With Xin Shaos passive you are gaining life back in insane amounts.

I also use the cool down glyphs for Xin because I feel he is a very cooldown reliant character, especially early game. Once you hit mid game and you have some higher ranks of spells the cooldown timer on your spells will be insanely fast. Full rank Three Talon Strike sits at just over 4 seconds for example.

Core Item Build

I build the items I build solely for the life steal / armor pen / atk dmg. After completing the berserker greaves I save for a BF Sword Right away then start ganking. If your able to pick up some early game ganks you can get a recurve bow right away, then quickly into another BF Sword. Then you need to build the sub item for starks and your good to go from there.

Ability Use In Order

Battle cry first for the obvious reason of attack speed, instantly charging there after and using three talon strike. While you have battle cry up your three talon strike will go off sooner and then return off cooldown quicker. As soon as three talon strike has knocked the enemy into the air I use my ulti. Usually at this point someone has tried to come and save the person I am attacking and they end up being hit by my ulti aswell. I also use battle cry early because it has a fairly long cooldown, so popping it first before you charge allows it to come back off cooldown quicker.