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Ahri General Guide by Shaviau

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Shaviau

Ahri: a wolf in sheeps clothing

Shaviau Last updated on December 19, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Ch.1 well i guess

This is my first guide and i decided to do it on my new favorite champ. Shes op and i love it. But thats something else entirely, lets get on with the guide. Now ths guide focuses on very high early game burst and sustain in the lane. I have extensively tested this guide and it works very well in every situation, I.E. solo mid, solo top, and duo bot. You can dash in with your ult and fox fire and burst some one down from full health. Her E needs to hit in order for you to play an effective ahri. Another key to playing a good ahri is knowing how to use your ult. It has bery high burst and can also be used to keep a beat on a target. Always focus the highest priority target with your ult and you may just be the deciding factor in a win or a loss. Now get out there and make me proud, I've yet to face a good ahri, i hope this guide changes that. :3

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Ch.2 you're still reading this thing?

Now some of you may be asking yourselves but shaviau why 3 dorans rings? The reason being the mana regen and health, ahri is very mana dependent, hence the mp per 5 seals. The health is also another great thing, I have tried this build with out the rings and i was very squishy until i got my rylai's. Its just a crutch until you get your big core items.
Her core items are 1.sorc boots i dont think i even need to explain this choice 2. Will of the ancients its really nice to have and compliments your passive nicely 3.deathcap no **** 4.lichbane makes her that much better and 5. Rylai's crystal scepter the slow is nice and the health/ap never hurt anyone(except for your enemies X3) 6.zhonyas hourglass to fight focus with armor and te active is boss as ****, situational items include but are not limited to 1.abyscal scepter if there is another ap carry that is just ****ing wrecking your **** 2.void staff for high magic resist teams and 3.D.F.G for high health targets, extra burst, you know the deal ect.

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Ch.3 -insert arrow to the knee joke here-

Her skill set and lowish cool downs make her a great burst assasin that can also stay in a fight if need be, hence the need for great mana regen and sustain. Just never jump into a fight you can't win, And never forget your ult can be used to jump walls. Her q is a very interesting skill in that it does true damage on the way back. If you throw it and move back you get more out of it, you can absolutley dominate a lane with it, if you land it. Her w is an amazing but temperntal skill in that you cant choose who it hits. To have your w be the most effective charm your target and dash in it melts people. Now I've covered every skill in her kit and also items and why they were chosen so that just leaves masteries and runes.

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Ch.4 i love ahri :3

The reason for 22-0-8 is as follows, the huge ap burst it gives you and the nice boost from ignite on cooldown. The increased move speed and flash cooldown is just really nice to have, the rune situation is very easily explained because its standard caster runes. The reds are obvious because who ever puts something else instead of magic pen. Reds. Yellows are mana regen because of how mana hungry she is. Blues are flat ap as well as quints due to the high early game burst to ensure that you get first blood and continue to get fed.

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Ch.5 oh foxxy lady : D

Farming on her is the coolest thing since sliced bread because of how easy it is to do. Try and hit as many minions with her q as possible especially on the way back this will ensure lots of last hits, her w is another great farming tool due to the fact that if you dont kill the creeps with q you will likely pick them up with her w. her attack animation is so smooth for an ap champ so saving mana by auto attacking works just as great. We've almost got this thing wraped up except for one thing, ganking on her is essential to getting kills and carrying the game like a baus. Another thing to talk about is your ult is key so act like nasus in a lane, i know you're thinking like whats this dude trippin about? Act very passive and farm crazy amounts of gold until you hit level 6 and you just instantly **** their **** up. They weren't expecting that and now you have 300 bonus gold to enjoy.

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Ch.6 is there even a reason for this chapter?

this chapter is kind of just to fill in space i mean do i even need to go into why flash is amazing on her? or why ignite and Ahri are a match made in heaven? no, there is no need for this chapter to even exist but i have to anyway because im not totally heartless.
Flash-no explanation required
ignite-also no explanation required
ghost-extra movement speed never hurt anyone
clarity-she is mana hungry
exhaust-extra escape
surge-extra ap duh
heal-no ****
teleport-if youre havung trouble holding a lane
clairvoyance-if you're support ahri, i guess?
cleanse-escape ect.
what the **** are you thinking?
promote-what are you even doing?
smite-thats viable, jungle ahri, only phreak can do that

Guide Top

Ch.7 you made it this far heres a cookie

Now that about wraps it up, in closing her e is very important to hit with, her r can jump walls, dont fight battles you cant win, and get up close with your e to melt people. If you want to play kick over a friend invite to shaviau or Message me on youtube at and be sure to subscribe, like, and comment on my videos :3


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