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Ahri Build Guide by Uikutoru

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Uikutoru

Ahri ELO Pubstomp In Debth Guide

Uikutoru Last updated on April 1, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This Guide is by far not finished and will take alot of my time to put down on making it look good and have all components a guide needs. tyvm for visiting. BTW looking for an editor to help editing the text so that it looks better and easy to read. also for editing any english grammar or text errors i made. tyvm

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Pro's and Con's


Great mobility. easy to get out of gank and to assasinate

Charm works as a great engage and cc

Brilliant ganker

Skills that move over minions and does aoe damage

Snowballs hard after 2-3 kills even if she gets them mid/lategame

Epic damage

Turret dives easily with ult and charm

Easy kill secure

Hard to counter


vurnable to ganks if ult is down

skill shot champion requires good timing

kinda squishy

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All Mid Champions Ahri Counter Guide

So! i'm going to share here with you a few tips and tricks on how to counter mid champions with ahri.

Kennen [medium]

To counter kennen you need to be aware of his speed and skillshots.
Avoid his skillshots by juking them and standing behind minions.
Don't ever blow your ulti on him and then try to charm. his speed makes it hard to hit with charm and if you miss it you will have blown your ulti.
instead Charm + Orb of Deception + Fox-Fire + Spirit Rush + Ignite to finish him off whenever you have him at a low enough amount health to kill him with your full combo.

Ryze [medium]

To counter ryze you need to be aware of his Rune prison.
Alot of people think ryze is a great counter to ahri. i beg the differ.
once a ryze uses his rune prison on you. he will have to stand still to throw his Q.
this is your moment! Charm him while hes running at you to throw it then Orb of Deception + Fox-Fire.
It will do greater damage then ryzes Q alone and the tradeoff will be much greater for you.
since ryze has really low cooldowns you should watch out after he throw q, you don't want to get 2 q's on you and not do the equal damage on him. these low cooldowns however makes alot of ryzes greedy. so they might follow you behind your minions. they are now clear to hit with your e+q while your running.

Fizz [easy]

Fizz's greatest skill is his ulti. avoid it by any means. pop ult to juke it then proceed to nuke him with the rest of your ult + skills.
Stay a long way from fizz. that way you have to force him to jump with his staff to get to you. this makes him vulnerable and you can easily just Charm + Orb of Deception + Fox-Fire his face off and run away safe.

Anivia [medium]

Anivia's greatest skill is her passive. that annoying frustrating egg is going everyone on their nerves. to counter this you need to harass. harrash her down to a low amount. then when your ready nuke her with r+e+q+w+r+r or e+q+w+r+r+r. her egg takes a long time to revive her so in the meanwhile autoattack it. The exact moment it revives her hit her with a sharp E followed by Q+W. if that doesn't finish her off ignite probably will.
also beware of her stun. the right moment to attack is directly after she threw her stun and missed. this will give you an advantage in both cc and damage.

Veigar [medium]

Easiest and most proficient way to counter veigar is to get a quick negatron cloack after a dorans ring and boots. after that get eighter banshee or quick silver sash. it will negate the effect of his stun or his skills making him unable to instantly kill you.
Before you got a full banshee or qss whenever he stuns make sure to get off a Charm right before or right after, if you get one before he might not be able to do full damage. and if you get one on him after follow it up by a Orb of Deception + Fox-Fire to deal maximum damage to him.

Malzahar [medium]

Build a quick QSS after doran + boots to counter malzahars ulti.
avoid his Q's and never step in his pool, also keep away from your last minion if it has malzahars E on it. it will jump to you if your in range.
also try to nuke malzahar's minion passive down as soon as it gets up. it's the secret of his powerfull ultis

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Build and variables

Boots + 3x health pots. the only situation i might get this is if they have a cassio on their team who also picks boots + 3 hp pots. in that case it's a good idea with boots for juking her skills. othervise the mana regen from dorans is needed to keep u up and going untill you get blue.

So! why this build?

alot of you seeing those doran stacks will say whaat? really? 3 dorans? that's just waste.
i beg the differ. If you get 3 dorans you get enough mana regen to use your skills whenever needed. you also gain alot of health which keeps you from having to buy some early giants belt. second up is sorcerors. but those are kinda given. they give you a great boost i damage.
then for needlesly large rod. i figure this item is a necessity after buying 3 dorans. you have the sustain and tankyness now all you need is more fire power. after that get a hextec. it will boost your sustain enourmously, especialy after you finish the deathcap. then fiendish codex for the cooldown now needed to keep you up and going spamming skills in teamfights.
now that you bought all this it's already lategame and the other team is starting to get some serious fire power. that's why a guardian angel is perfect. you have ult + flash, you have spellvamp. you have huge damage and low cooldowns. if you get guardian you will gain lots of tanky momentum and if you die it will give you even more momentum. dying as ahri is hard and if you do it means they blew some serious CC and focus on you leaving your team to kill them. once you revive you can continue dishing out huge amounts of damage picking up any kills left.
after that i reckon you should finish your morello for more cooldowns. after that get eighter Vota - rylai or Void staff. void staff is great if they now start to stack magic resistance.

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Tips & Tricks

Stand at your minions auto attacking your oponents caster or fighting minions.
Once your oponent walks close to lasthit throw an Orb of Deception at him. this will do massive damage and free harrash.

Don't facecheck bushes. use Charm or Orb of Deception instead.

When someone ganks. try to slow and disable them with Charm. if it doesn't work, blow Spirit Rush to get away and throw a Orb of Deception and Fox-Fire against the jungler. this will make your ult not entierly wasted since it will nuke the jungler.

Don't kill the oponents turret untill mid / lategame. Destroying it will give your oponent an advantage since your battlefield for minions now moves closer to his side of the map.

After clearing minions go down the bottom bush. your oponent may think that you are going to gank bot, this will make him follow. if he does your free to throw an easy Charm on him followed by q+w+r for an easy kill.

Get every single minion in your lane as long as it won't kill you or make you lose all to much health.

Know your blue. if your jungler gets it at start then you should be aware that the next one comes back at around 7-8 minuutes. the blue buff respawn time is 5 minutes.

If you are low on health don't strain it. go back so you won't die from an unexpected gank or a flash nuke from your oponent.

Gank other lanes for easy kills with great CC from Charm , damage with q+w and chase ability with Spirit Rush.

If their Jungler is agressive and ganks alot get wards. anouther thing i noticed is that alot of junglers have ganking patterns. if he ganked 2 times from top then ward that bush. he will most likely gank from there again.

Don't overextend to much untill you are lvl 6. if you go to far jungler can easily gank and get a fast kill on you.

If low on farm, get wraiths by the permission of your jungler.

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Proof of the maximum power build that is ahri.