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Ahri Build Guide by Summert1me

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Summert1me

Ahri - Killing me softly

Summert1me Last updated on December 17, 2011
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Hi this is my 2nd guide on this page.

It is about Ahri The nine-tailed-fox aka no-im-not-from-naruto.

Not much time has passed since her release but I found a build I can play good and reach some nice scores with.

After some time played she reminds me on a mix between Fizz and the Master of Skillshots Ezreal (my main) what makes her much fun to play...I just love skillshots!!<3 :D

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Pros / Cons of this build/playstyle

-Everyone of her spells is dealing respectable damage
- Orb of Deception does great damage + is hitting twice when positioned right
-Nice combo of escape and damage with Spirit Rush
- Charm is a handy tool for disabling and chasing/ganking
-Easy farm and poke in one ability with Orb of Deception
-Some good AoE moves
-More survivability than other casters also due to Soul Eater
-Will be a fast in-and-out nuker

-Mana hungry when spamming skills
-Low movement speed (yes I dont know why lol)
-CC can be easily dogded
-Usually focussed
-You need to know how to hit skillshots

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Pretty self-explanatory, everything is set for high AP damage.

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I decided to go for a 21/0/9 here, because it offers Ahri the highest possible damage for her spells, so that you can rock everything from early till late

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Summoner Spells

Obvious choice. Still best summoner spell post-nerf, nice to chasing and escaping, nothing to complain about

Good to deal finishing blows vs single enemies. Since you will play mid it will be very useful to get that early kills. In addition it's nice to shut down Vladimir or Dr.Mundo later on (denying their health regen).

Other good spells:

Nice in combination with your Spirit Rush. Port to a minion/tower, use ult to get to (damaged) enemy, kill him, profit. Also useful to hold your lane when you need to b, you can be back in a blink of an eye.

A spell I prefer on AD Carries but is also pretty nice for her. Slow your nemy will allow you to get close with your ult more easily, or to hit a Charm + Orb of Deception more easy.

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Item explanation

I didn't build any Spell Vamp items, although many people say that it synergises very well with Ahri. I didn't do it, because I play Ahri more as a fast nuker who gets in a fight fast but is also fast outside like Fizz. Granting Ahri more survivability with your Rod of Ages and Abyssal Mask e.g offers you to unleash your spells more often.

Since half of Ahris spells requires her to be near an enemy, this additional hp, armor and mreg is sure welcome. The nice slow from Rylai's will also make it much easier to chase down your enemies and make them not dodge your Orb.

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Optional items

----Under construction----

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Skill Explanation

----Under construction----

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Early game:

As a caster you want to go mid of course. So grab your boots 3 pots and protect your jungler/counter jungle when you got one. When nothing fancy happens return to your lane and last hit very much. I would recommend you not to spam skills until you can get a blue buff.
If you took damage you should use your Q and hit as many minions as possible to stack up your passive for a nice heal. Whenyou got enough mana you sure can poke the enemy when you feel save enough.

Mid Game:
This is the time were you shine. You will be lvl 6 and maybe have your Catalyst / Rod of Ages up, so harras the enemy. Start with hitting some Q's (hopefully you got blue buff now) and when the enemy is low enough, dive in with your R and immediately use your E to disable your enemy. Your Q and W + Ignite should finish him off easily. If you can come this far in early game it's also fine.

Late Game:
So you are a Assasin, thats why you should try to get people who are out of position. If this isnt possibly and you find yourself in a teamfight you should try to shoot a Charm at the biggest threat, most likely the Mages or AD Carries/Offtanks e.g. Annie, Caitlyn or Gangplank. When they try to towerhug hit them with a Charm to bring them out of position. Remember that you can deal great AoE with your Q and W so use them against as many enemies as possible.

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Results of playing with this guide

Here i had a very good start against Karthus in mid + a jungling twitch who was very bad. Had them double killed 2 times in 15 Minutes when they tried to gank me, so that i was very fed.

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I will also update this guide and will check it for mistakes frequently.

I would be really happy for constructive criticism and upvotes.

If you got requests or questions just ask in the commentary section.

If you liked this guide you might also want to check out my other guide for AD Ezreal:

Over and out