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League of Legends Build Guide Author dreameux

Akali: 3 sec kill

dreameux Last updated on September 18, 2010
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hi guys,

First time i'm posting a build here and this one is pretty decent. Well it worked for me numerous time. I would like to say that english is not my native language so I might not be good writing it :p.

Early game

This is where you need to be patient. you dont have good burst right now and are pretty squishy. I would start withand. You will be able to lane until level 6 easy. For this phase you should try last hitting minions with your Q or E and don't forget Q does double Damage if you hit after you've done it on a minons. I can't say enough time ABUSE OF YOUR Q ability. What is interesting with being low life on akali is you give the enemy the chance to tower dive but hey when they do to secure the kill just have to cast W(twilight shroud) on you and then wait until the turret kill them. Doesn't work everytime but can save you a lot and take a time to master how to time your skill without dying and last hitting the enemy. Another thing you can do is support the kill of enemy champ by exhausting them and help your ally secure the kill. The most important thing for you is to follow rule #1 which is DON'T DIE.

Ganking time
When you got mejai and sword of the occult or only mejai(which is the most important item at this point). First of all you can make apologize to your team for the KS cause you can do it easily :p. Tell them you need to build stacks and you will make them win the game(that you should do because they will blame a loss on you :D). So you quit your lane letting your partner defend this poor tower alone and go on ganking squishy champion (you cant take tank 1 vs 1 at this point but we will come to that). Harass someone enough he will rage quit and if you do good your team should have a lot more kill then the enemy which often lead to surrender before the fun really start. And here come rule #2 dont be TOO cocky. You can tower dive but dont be overly agressive with that you don't want to lose your hardly earned stacks.

Team fight

Well this where you truly shine. rule #3 don't ever stand idling doing nothing. The timing of your skill is now more difficult since lich bane have been nerfed but don,t worry you will catch that pretty fast. Allow 2 second between each of your skill dont go mashing all the button or rolling your head on the keyboard like you would do while playing YI. Akali is all in the timing. Take on squishy char first (they do the most dmg usually :p) or you can kill those who CC(crowd control). Dont forget your shroud( W ability) it's a life saver. So you should dash in the crowd kill your target W to disapear then go away and then dash again in the fight and so on and you repeat until everyone crying for her mom.

Killing turret

this is the hard part but hey don't worry I 3 hit turret by the end of the game. How you do that? Easy you spam E ability since you can cast it even if no one will get hit by it and lich bane activate itself by magic and you do 900 dmg on the tower which is great :p.

Uh-oh enemy saw me killing their turret what should I do. Cast the shroud on your self after that you do E last hit the turret and activate ghost and run as fast as youu can. But don't do that if your not confortable with it and fear to lose your stacks.

escaping through the jungle

Akali have the greatest escape mechanics in the game but take some time to master. You should always cast your shroud near a bush then wait in your shroud until you see where the enemy is heading and go in the other way. By the time they realize you ran the other way you will be long gone. Don't fear to go in the enemy jungle they won't expect you to flee in this way with low HP. Don't worry take some time to master how to escape with akali but eventually your enemy will be frustrated and angry. Sometimes they will try so hard to kill you they wont bother if they die so.... don't stop running let your team kill those noob.

Oracle and ****ty things

So oracle spoil the fun A LOT. But people don't take it against you usually since you are not invisible all the time like Eve or twitch. But if you are really pissing them off with your so great escaping mechanics they might get oracle. Dont worry your shroud is still useful since it give you armor and MR but you should really focus on the one who got the oracle he wont buy it 12 time i assure you. Communicate with your team too they can help you getting rid of the one carrying the oracle.

And from time to time i get oracle to burst on the ***** twitch and the so ****ing annoying Eve(you burst more then them don't fear to take them 1 vs 1)

Tank like rammus can spoil the fun by taunting you but I suggest you dont go near the little bowser.

Well I dont see nothing more to say but I will edit if you have question or if I think of something else.