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Akali Build Guide by senepe

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author senepe


senepe Last updated on October 22, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Akali is considered by many to be an overpowered champion. I think he is an annoying but balanced champion. Akali can clear sides extremely fast and can support his team from anywhere with his ultimate. Having good map awareness and being ready to use your ultimate to help your team.

There are many ways to build Akali, like mejai's soulstealer, hextech gunblade. Srsly, i wont prefer Hextech, cuz you already got from the racial a lot of spellvamp, and it's better to use skills than items. A perfect item for spell vamp is Rabadon, if you got more ap you got more spellvamp. This spec is more for survival and for 1v1 situations. I would rather play with exaust than flash, because of the mastery "cripple" who reduces the armor and magic ressist of the target. And ignite instead of anything cuz it gives you a plus of 10 Ability Power on Cooldown.

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I use standard magic pen for a quick burst. I use Potency for seals,glyphs & quints helping me upgrading the damage of the spells.

All are important, there aren't optional.

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I use 21/0/9 for masteries. That phisycal atack helps you verry much especiialy with the 3rd Spell , and alacrity for a bonus of 1% atack speed

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*For TOP-BOT Lanes

I always gank at lvl 1 for a first blood, even if i take assist. If you fail, you should play defensive, Akali is weak, especially vs Ad carry's. At level 6 is very good to gank mid or on "the lane problem" where your mates have a lot of problems. You must play like a ninja, ehm a ninja always steals, remember. Play for kills and you`ll own everything.

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*For MID Lane

I play safe till level 3 when i got 2 points in, then i will make a fake, going top and waiting him in bush n1 or bush n2(I prefer n2 cuz it's better, for not being hitted). If i kill him( 6/10 chances i kill them even if they got flash&ghost). If you killed him or not, continue pushing and making mobs. At level 6, go and gank or top or mid(don't forget buyin' 3 wards and putting 'em top " it's vital for them)

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Akali vs.


Twitch (wait for him to pop up then use your shroud and punish him for over extending; buy wards when u can but i like twitch so be over-zelous)
Teemo (buy ward for shrooms)
Ashe (wait for level 6. She is squishy. but you wont catch her before 6 unless she's stupid.)
Akali You would think i would put this in medium. But as long as you are careful and smarter than the other akali you will win. My tricks are to count out his shroud. Remember his will be there for the same amount of time. around second 7 he will run out. at this point u can follow and get a cheeky Q on her.


Annie Always keep an eye on her stun ring. When she has it you should always be careful. Last annie i played after 4minutes kept the stun ring around her. good times LOL!
Kog maw When kogmaw hits 6 you need to be aware of the range of his ultimate. Also, engage him away from creeps so when he dies you can Shadow dance to an enemy minion and not die.
Vladimir Just because vlad can steal hp dosen't mean he's unbeatable. Keep harassing him and you will win.
ezeral Avoid and anticipate his attacks. stay behiend creeps and remember he has flash as a move so be weary when you use yours
Kassadin his silence has a greater range than your Q, so just be aware of that before engaging.
Catalyin her piltover spell reminds me of ezeral. Not a very hard champion as long as you stay to the edge of your shroud to avoid it. At level 6 as with many of the burst champs just go for it and kill.

Hard but do-able:

chogath Too much health. Last cho i played mid always made it to his tower. not to worried about him killing you though
Ryze I had an argument with my self over this one. Because ryze mid is pretty easy once you hit level 6 and have 70AP. But you have to be soo careful when you attack. I like to watch for when he uses spells on minions and just go for it.
Morde Read my section on him.
karthas The death thing annoys me the most. Make sure u have a jump ready for when he dies. Secondly. To beat karthas you have to be constantly moving. Be aware of where he bombs and try and work out the pattern. Also run around the edge of the shroud. They will most likely bomb the middle or the edge closest to them. When he figures out ur running down. Run up. BE AWARE. and karthas is a piece of cake.

Never lane against:

Nunu There's no point. The heals etc just make nunu very hard to mid against.


EDIT: Since the Morde nerf, i have been able to kill morde middle! Last time i blabbed on about what to do; now i'll just bullet point it. to the side of morde. (it's fine he's melee :p)
2.shroud behiend him.
3.Mark him
4.Stand facing your tower
6.Exaust him if u have it.
7. Kill him (might take 4/5 attempts but he goes down eventually. You just want to get him scared from coming near you. i.e. away from ur minions which is why morde is "OP" >.>

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Situational Items

So we have the core build build that we want to aim for. But let's not lie, sometimes that banshee's veil or sunfire cap (yes sunfire) work wonderfully.

My suggestion for these items would be after you buy lich bane. Dont upgrade your hextech until you get your situational item.


Elixir of fortitude:these are like wards. Most players will just see that 250G after buying an item and be like "oh, I'll save up for my next item" NO!! Elixirs are what separate the good players from the great players. Please buy this if you have the gold after getting an item. I beg you!

Elixir of brilliance:If the enemy gets baron buff. Buy this after a health pot. If your team gets baron BUY THIS FIRST AND FAST!!! You have a all round booster buff with baron. Why stop there. remember elixirs are cheep; especially late game.

vision ward:Against a teemo? against a good laning team? then buy this. Against a warding team 1ait until you see them put theirs down and then start your ward battle. Against teemo it will give you a huge edge over him around the kill point level. (6)


Abssyal Scepter:This item is great all rounder for akali. More AP for you and your Lich Bane proc plus This item is great when facing AP heavy champs that aren't stacking magic resist.

banshee's veil: Banshee's For facing those pesky glass cannons. Really you shouldn't be in the team fight when Ryze is about to blow his load. but sometimes you can't help it. This item will buffer those blows. A nice bit of HP too.

VS Melee DPS

Sunfire cape:Shak3y, you've gone mad mate! No my sirs. you have 8 seconds of invisibility. 40 magic damage a second. That 320 magic AOE damage. In a team fight that's going to turn you into more than just an assassin. You're an invisible terror.

Randuin's omen:if you really are against a huge dps team. example: yi, xin etc. This will really work well not just for you. But your whole team. Your team will literally love you for this item.

VS Ranged DPS:

Zhonya's hourglass:A great item against a ranged team. Good good damage reduction along with your dodge chance from build 1 if you use to choose it. Also the activate will give you those precious seconds for your shroud to cooldown.

VS high HP/Tanks:

Black clever:Yes, i know, i know. There are others who this item is better on. But Against a tank team you have to rely on the black cleaver/rage blade combo.

Frozen mallet:if you can't beat em, join em. Stack health. Go into battle with them head on and outlast them. This is your last resort. Against a unstopable morde you will need this to slow and outlast him.

use your brain and your wit. He who adapts, wins.

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Tips And tricks

Akali has a number of tricks she can do with her shroud. I suggest you youtube some of them as a video is 1000x better than me explaining them.
So you don't even have to search
(unknown embed type)Group combat with Akali- credit to kodama3d.
This is a prime example of how akali should be played in team fights.

I can't emphasis enough though the use of akali ultimate combined with shroud. if you needing to run. Run past the enemy mobs towards their base (or yours depending) Throw down your shroud and run into it then ultimate back towards the mobs. If you're the flash kinda player then you should never be caught. (i hope :p)

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Last words

I can't say that these are my full words Thanks to this guy I made my own build. But more damage&more Wining Spree