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Akali Build Guide by Darkne

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Darkne

Akali, Balance is power! (hybrid)

Darkne Last updated on August 15, 2011
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Hello all this is my first guide so be gentle, i have been playing akali since her release and have tried many diffrent builds on my own, until one game i decided to try something a little diffrent, and this is what i came up with i hope it helps someone, if theres a build already like this on here i apologize, to me i just came up with it... enjoy

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Okay as most who play akali will tell you she is very dependant on runes for early game dominance, the flat AD marks, and the AP glyphs and quints, allow me to start the game with BOTH passives, the HP per lvl seals allow me survivability throughout the entire game.

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Ive seen many diffrent akalis do diffrent masteries, i decided to chose this set up because i prefer to have the extra offensive edge, IMO she doesnt need a whole lot of CDR so i only take the exp and buff boosts from utility and if played right you dont take a whole lot of hits so defensive tree isnt what i wanted either, if you will notice i took the improved ignite, this is mainly for early game ganks.

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Now i understand this part gets tricky, as alot of people say OMG FULL AP AKALI IS BESTEST, and while AP is indeed boss, i prefer, "The perfect balance" , approach givin items, masteries, runes etc etc. at level 18 when you just get your ryjals, your AP is just barly below the 300 mark and your AD is around 270ish give or take, i know i have alot of items listen above, heres the break down, basicly at the start of the game you have both passives giving you a HUGE advantage, so i grab boots of speed and 3hp pots and head to my lane, then if your doing really well you can go right for the revolver if not get a amp tomb or two and return (being able to go right into revolver is best), after that its boots, now this is entirly SITUATIONALif you feel you need more att speed get zerks, more pen for your AP get sorc boots, if you want to be able to practically fly around the map get boots of swiftness, if you feel you need to be able to use your abilitys faster get the cdr boots (doesnt really need CDR but it can be useful) but no more cdr then that, then start building the hextech gunblade right away the faster you have that the more survivability you have with the life steal, spell vamp and ofc the damage, you will see a noticably big diffrence in damage once you get that, then for your more damage, and att speed get Guinshoo's, then move onto (IMO) the bread and butter of akali, Trin force, this is when you start rackin up the kills, but it doesnt stop there ofc, to add more health, AP and ofc the awesome slow, get rylais, nothing will escape your onslaught, then the last item is COMPLETLY situational, if you see them stacking MR get a beastly AD item i get black cleaver, if you see them stacking Armor get deathcap, the greatest thing about this item layout for akali is that no matter what defences the enemy team decides to build your going to hurt them and hurt them bad.

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Skill Sequence

This was a big obstacle for me i had to redo it alot of the course of time i played akali, and this is what i decided to go with at the end, alot of people lvl Q first, thats a sound tactic lets you harass like a boss and your harassing hurts alot early, but i decided to lvl my E ASAP as it (at least to me) seems to do more damage and get more from your passives, then i max Q after E to close the gap in the amount of damage my skills do and ofc getting R when you can, i only use W to juke thats about it, also if your soloing a lane and pop the shroud down anywhere it tends to be a nice deterant alot of people back up a bit when akali throws her shroud down.

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Summoner Spells

There are alot of speculation on what SS to grab, and the spells i chose are pretty self expanatory, ignite for those that escape or even those you are relentlessly chasing and flash to help juke or get into position.

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Pros / Cons

Is a great soloer (mid, top)
greatest juker (imo)
greatest ganker (imo)
once you stick to a enemy their dead (win)

Cons? LuLs, if theirs cons to akali then your not playing her correctly ;)

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Team Work

So teamwork is very crucial no matter who you play, with akali its no diffrent, you are a ninja and should place like so, when your tank (or whoever initates) goes to engage, wait for the enemy to get distracted and DASH RIGHT for their Carry and then when their carry is dead, kill the rest of their DPS, or sometimes if they have a support, after i take out their highest damage, ill tear their support up so they lose their heals.

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This is pretty self explainatory, her E is her farming tool, it shreds through minions, allowing you to get your CS up there.

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Unique Skills

The way i personally play akali is something like this:

team is grouping up, i make my way to them, i allowing the tank to engage and do his thing, i dash to their carry, mark them, attack, E, throw down shroud, in most cases the carry im attacking always stays and tries to kill me, only occasionally do they run, so i do my mark, auto attack, E, and do this ulti he/she is dead, NOW if i am taking more damage then i like i will flash out of the fight, most people dont chase me unless im really really low, so i wait till the team focuses on the team that is attacking them and then i dash right back in, constantly going in and out of the fight never physically staying in the fight for longer then it takes me to do my combo, i also use smart cast on all of her abilitys except her E obviously, this allows for faster reaction times and rarly fail at getting your combo off.

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So like i said this is my first guide, i know its not as fancy as some of the peoples guides on here but i thought id share this awesome and devastating build for akali with everyone i hope you like it.

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This is for the extra characters i need in order to post (not sure what els