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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BerserkerWolfe

Akali - Burst You Down

BerserkerWolfe Last updated on August 26, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first build, but I've been having pretty good success with Akali from playing this way. I've been in about 25 games with Akali, and I've had my best records ever with her. This is purely a 5v5 build, considering I've only played two games of 3v3.

Summoner Skills

Exhaust - It's great for enemies that have quicker run speed than you do if you fear them getting out of range of Shadow Dance. A quick use of exhaust can determine whether you get the kill or not.

Flash - A skill most people tend to use for quick escapes or jumping right on top of enemies. I use it mostly to fake out enemies after I throw down shroud and know I can't get away from them other wise.

Ghost - I used this early on as Akali. It helps for chasing, and making a little better escapes if you're getting trained.

Early on :

I get theBoots of Speed first and 3Health Potions in the beginning for harassment of other champs in the lane, and staying alive to keep up with the xp gain. Use Crescent Slash for mini's and keep throwing your Mark on enemies to harass them and keep the damage on them.
I don't normally use the grass, because of how squishy Akali is in the beginning. If someone gets too close, throw down your shroud and scare em off.

When you get to level 6 that's when Akali shines. She can start ganking most champs that are at 3/4 health, and especially half. I use the skill progression as follows ;

Shadow dance >
Twilight Shroud >
Mark >
Melee Hit >
Crescent Slash >
Shadow Dance >
Mark >
Melee Hit >

And so on depending on how far they have run off. It's key to start getting kills early, so you can get money to buy everything you need. Run back and buy yourBoots of Swiftness if you have downtime in the lane after killing a champ, or if they've gone back to their base.

Mid Game

By now you should have enough money to purchaseHextech Revolver to start putting on some extra damage.Rylai's Crystal Scepter should be your next item build. The 35% slow on magic hits is huge for Akali when Shadow Dancing in and keeping them in range to burn them totally down.

Finish off yourHextech Gunblade so you can start dealing a lot more damage with Crescent Slash, and life stealing for much higher survivability.

For a skill progression you can start replacing your melee hit with Crescent Slash, because it will start doing more damage, and it will be on a quick re-cast timer opposed to early game. But don't get too used to it after you get your next item..

Later on

It's time to get aLich Bane. This will start making your burst damage go through the roof after Shadow Dance, Mark, and a Melee hit. It's truly mean what Akali can do to other champs.

Start going between lanes and try to stay in the jungle if you can, but contribute to most team fights if you can get there in time. Try not to KS, but sometimes you have to if enemy champs are running off and nobody has a stun or slow. Better to kill them all, than leave someone alive to jungle and gank you later.

The last of the two items I grab areGuinsoo's Rageblade andPhantom Dancer. A few people have asked why I grab the Phantom Dancer at all, or why so late. It's because having the crit chance is never a bad thing, and the run speed is great for chasing of course. Attack speed and dodge are just added bonuses to the item.

In the late parts of the game just play smart. You're not a front-line attacker by any means. You're still going to be very squishy and people will target you first if you've been doing well. Throw some shrouds down, Shadow Dance your *** off, and everything will be good.

Always remember that you can Shadow Dance to minions if you're getting the bad end of the stick. Akali is great at getting out of a bad situation, and making a bad situation turn into a golden opportunity. Getting away from enemies is easy, just keep your head straight, and hope you don't get caught in a lot of AoE's =P

Thanks for looking at my guide. I'd love some feedback, so please let me know what you think.