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Akali Build Guide by MagicalApple

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MagicalApple

Akali --> Survive

MagicalApple Last updated on October 17, 2011
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I have to say this first. I'm a coward when playing Akali. (A very skilled coward) I run away when half health. :P Well not teleport back (which takes too much time), but uses twilight shroud to stealth and heal with health potion.

This Akali guide that I make, I suggest to BURST and RUN. The main point is to SURVIVE, and level up fast enough to kill.

One more thing, and the most important, this guide is a gamble. IF YOU CAN'T BUILD YOUR ITEMS, YOU DIE VERY PAINFULLY. (or become support) --> either way is painful for Akali.
Well, but in the other case,if you build your items, YOU KILL, BURST AND KILL.

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If you read the items I buy, you will find out that you had spend all items on health potions. The reason for all those health potions is for you to get the advantage of getting more experience points and level up. DO NOT LEAVE LANE UNLESS REALLY NEEDED, KEEP YOUR HEALTH UP.

The boots ninja tabi is for fighting minions and getting less damage from them in early game. It can be switched to other boots, depending on what champions you fight.

The game does not start unless you get the item Sheen and when you have your ulti. Sheen gives you a huge burst which you will find is hard to use. (due to cool down) What I suggest is it is hard to chase, so don't.

When you get Hextech revolver, it cuts down your opponents health quite a bit. (you can try chasing)

When you get Rylai's scepter, YOU KILL.

You will usually know whether you win or lose, depending on your items. So if you can't seem to manage to get the items... yeah :(

Them game usually ends after you get hHextech Gunblade, so you won't get Rabadon's deathcap :(

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Skill Sequence

Well, as you know Crescent Slash is just Akali spinning around, doing damage to people around. I use it for early game farming, when minions are on low health. I don't really care the amount of kills, as long as you get some.

Mark of the Assassin, some people thinks that it is easy to farm, in my opinion, it kills, but it's just one minion (i don't really like it, but up to you). It is also the only harassment Akali have. (cutting enemy champion health and marking them for more damage)

Twilight Shroud, literally piss them off if they don't play Akali. They can't see you, and it slows them. Even if they know, (like I was fighting another Akali the other day), it still piss them off. (just like it did to me) You use it to slow enemies.

Don't think I need to explain Shadow Dance. (If Akali doesn't have this, she will suck, but sexy) It's good for escape after chase. (if you're behind enemy minion) Well I use it for low health champion chase.

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Summoner Spells

I don't really have anything to say about spells. Flash helps me escape after chase. (I finish using my shadow dance :p )

And Ignite, the 10 extra AP after using is just too tempting. (especially the 50% regeneration off) --> in early game

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I made the mastery in a way so that it will be the best for the burst. --> especially the 10 extra AP for Ignite in early game.

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Definitely add the experience increase Quintessence. And the speed Quintessence and the AP one.

- Greater Quintessence of Wisdom
- Greater Quintessence of Potency
- Greater Quintessence of Swiftness

Wisdom is for you to level up faster.

Potency is for you to get more damage and get them out of lane in early game.

Swiftness is good for running away.

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Pros / Cons

- Akali's burst hurts really bad
- Akali's chase is ok... (fast guys run away...)
- If used well, she can run away
- She can trap enemy using twilight shroud

- Hard to kill if you got no teammate
- Akali can only burst

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I don't know how to jungle, and I never jungle with Akali...

for low level users... don't unless really experienced in Jungling

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What I do with Akali is that when I'm level 6, I burst and get them out of lane, then level up. After that, I usually level up until I am half health. (remember not to push too far, I hate ganking) Then I go back to heal and get all the items.

You go back to lane with your teammate. (GET ONE WITH RANGE, SLOW, STUN... ANYTHING WILL WORK) Twilight shroud, barge in, and BURST.

In level 9, 10, 11, 12, you get all the items, you can kill, one on one with champions. (fight the at full health)

Burst, then twilight shroud around them. Stealth, then burst again. Most likely they will run away, then you chase. If you catch him, you kill, if you don't, RUN, or most likely get ganked.

This is when you most likely get kills:
1. talk to one or two of your teammates, select one champion.
2. Tell them to go from the front, and attack aggressive. (smart people won't die from this, they'll run away)
3. You appear from behind, cast a twilight shroud, and START BURSTING.

--> until your second burst, they will already be dead, or you burst the second time and kill them.
--> sometimes that does not usually happens is that even after your second burst, they are still alive. You chase with shadow dance the kill him with all you've got.