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Akali Build Guide by fourlocco

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author fourlocco

Akali - Hybrid Ninja

fourlocco Last updated on June 30, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I got a bit tired of seeing all ap built Akalis, i bought Akali a long while back and being that she was my first and still most favorite character. I've experimented with both full ap and full ad Akalis.

After messing with both i decided to make a hybrid build. Knowing Akali is always a constant burst damage machine i her passive would work well if i built her ad and ap rather than focusing more on a single attribute. this build starts off a bit rocky i know, but given some time, once it gets further into the game it will show improvements.

Critical burst even though only at 40% chance to land it, still greatly helps Akali.

321 attack damage <--- 321 attack + 250% on crit damage adds up to 600+ damage
243 ability power <--- Rank 5 Q multiplies 243 by 40% = 340 damage in AP

so with 2 moves alone Akali deals up to 900 damage. addding on trinity's bonus 150% physical bonus... well. you can figure it out.

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Currently still experimenting with this build

feel free to try it
scores have been going:
most games end before i can even get guinsoo's or even void staff

crits on hit work well with Akali's q and can burst through even tank's hp. easy to take out any squishies in the game in 3-4 hits easy.

i will add ss soon

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ALWAYS for any Akali max out yourfirst. Follow up withand the last skill you would max out would be your w.

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Starting off withx3

Boots provide mobility with speed as well as helping you get a couple creep kills without getting hit from ranged champs. this works well to build into any boot that fits the situation you'd be in for the game

Core items
I know it looks stupid, expensive i know, but if you play it right these 3 items will be the end of any champ you face. TF give you bonus 150% damage as well as having phage's slow so that enemies cant escape. bonus movement speed and attack works well if all you're ability are on CD. esp since energy got nerfed a while back.

IE provides the perfect crit bonus damage that aids Akali's q magic burst. simple as that.

Hextech provides survivability from both ad and ap vamp. giving enemies harder time killing you as you dps them down and regen health while going at it. its vital you dont forget to actually USE hextech. that extra 300 damage and low CD can really help with your overall damage.

Building INTO trinity
Sheen first then phage, sheen for that extra damage and phage for survivability. Akali is still pretty squishy so surviving would be vital at all times.

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Summoner Spells

Perfect escape for Akali over walls, cliffs, any obstacle. as well as a good scare for anyone who thinks you've ran out of your ult ;)
Another spell that works well with Akali. this build already has hit on slow so having a bit more damage from ignite never hurts. Good to kill enemy champs who flash away with ignite on them as well as enemy champs that can heal.

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Team Work/Tips

Don't EVER be the first one to start a fight. BIG BIG MISTAKE.

stay behind and wait for the fight to fall into place. focus squishies first because that's what Akali does best. after the first couple kills throw down your shroud because at this point you WILL be focused. stay there till focus dies down THEN move onto the next champion.

This build with Akali works well against most champs even if they've got a lot of hp but even so, remember tanks will be the last on your list of champs to kill.

How i play Akali:
Not really complicated, i just run in throw my Q, and ult into them smashing in a good about of hp. if you've got a 2v1 on your hands your shroud if ESSENTIAL. just remember in any 2v1 or if you're focused. stay in that shroud wait for focus to die down, throw your Q burst and stay in hiding. run around though with any AOE around you, it could be the end of you.

Using shroud to slow enemies to save your team works very well. Many times someone is going to be stupid and run into an enemy forest when everyone is MIA. if you see a group of champs chasing you're friend, throw the shroud BEHIND your ally. do this only if you know you WONT die. don't be stupid.

Order of skills to use:
Q --> R --> Auto --> E --> Auto --> Q

Always remember to use your ult wisely.
Occasionally using your ult to dash up to a minion to catch up to a champ would work. You could view your ult as another flash if any minion or champ is nearby.

If you're playing a normal game and no one is jungling, don't worry about going into the jungle as a jungler for ganks later on. I have done that numerous times for surprise ganks on a lot of people. you can even play Akali as a jungler but well... this guide is'nt on jungling with Akali.

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Using the offensive tree and you're AD runes to help activate your passives. You'll need 10 bonus AD for vamp passive and 20 bonus AP for bonus damage passive.

NEVER use CDR runes on Akali. It's pointless and useless. CDR runes ruin Akali, you're energy would hit rock bottom before you could use another skill so don't bother with any CDR runes.

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Akali is a very diverse champ. Built as a hybrid she has the ability to last longer in team fights as well as put in a fairly high amount of damage. The benefits to being a hybrid is that the enemy team wouldn't be able to completely ruin your dps with full MR items or armor items.

I have been playing LOL for about a full year on and off, but Akali has always been my favorite character. She is very mobile with her ult and flash, the best part is that she's so unexpected with her shroud. You'll know you're doing a good job with your shroud if the enemy team ends up buying oracles just for you. Just remember not to push a lane too hard. Akali does that easy.