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League of Legends Build Guide Author Madmack

Akali - I am Akali IRL

Madmack Last updated on October 5, 2010
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Introduction: The I am Akali IRL build

Akali is one of those few champions that, as soon as I got her, I owned with her. Sure there were bumps here and there and little things I had to learn. But there is just something about Akali that is so much fun to me.

Lets get right into it.


The best Akali mastery build I have ever used is a 21/9 build. Skipping of course the increased crit damage, because its almost completely pointless for Akali. The utility tree is for mana users, and since Akali is a ninja, it seems obvious that the last of her talents should be placed there for increased survivability.


Mark of the Assassin is one of the borderline overpowered early game skills. It does incredible damage that can get you kills from level 1 to level 18. Therefore this is obviously the first skill that we want to max. Twilight Shroud is the last skill that we want to max, because it's really just a skill for the invisibility and increased chances of getting out of there when the champion you just killed allies show up to avenge his death. Therefore, crescent slash is next to max for added killing power.


The correct runes on Akali is extremely important.
    1. Greater Mark of Insight is an obvious choice for your pew-pew power.
    2. Greater Glyph of Force is a new addition to my build. I used to get MR glyphs. However, I found that when I switched to Glyph of Force, my early game killing power shot through the roof.
    3. Greater Seal of Vitality is also a new addition for me. I used to use Dodge runes, but after trying Vitality runes I haven't been able to switch back. The over-all survivability, especially against magic users, was increased dramatically with HP runes.
    4. Greater Quintessence of Fortitude x2. Essential for survivability, especially early game.
    5. Greater Quintessence of Strength. This Quint I always get a lot of questions about it. But here's why I use it. Early game owning = late game owning. And this rune + Doran's Blade activates her passive spell-vamp as well as giving auto-attack life-steal and added survivability. I haven't used, or heard of a better early game combo for Akali.


These item choices are listed by Trips to the shop.
    1. Doran's Blade + health pot - Doran's Blade+Strength Quint = Early game Ownage.
    2. Boots + Blasting Wand - This costs 1200, which is not hard to get with Akali.
    3a. Mercury Treads - Usually will finish off Mercury treads next. Merc treads are for survivability.
    3b. Rylai's Scepter - Occasionally the ownage is coming early and I have a lot of gold, enough to finish the Rylai's Scepter.
    4a. Rylai's Scepter - Best item for Akali in terms of Survivability and pure ownage. It has a lot of AP which is very nice, and the importance of the slow cannot be emphasized enough. When I play against other Akali's I rarely see anyone get this item quickly enough, and as predicted, they usually struggle badly.
    4b. Mercury Treads - This is in parallel to 3b where I would get Rylai's first.
    5. Guinsoo's Rageblade - Surprisingly cheap for the amount of damage output that is gained. After you get this item you can start 1 shotting squishy champions with a Mark, Shadow Dance, auto-attack, crescent slash combo. Also, you'll be able to take out towers pretty quickly by yourself at this point.
    6. HexTech Gunblade (get the Revolver first) - I was a slow-comer to this new item. But once I started consistently using it, omg... I took on a WW, we were both level 18, both had all of our skills up, and he had oracle. Finished the fight with him dead, and I had 10% hp gone. I was down to 30% after he used his Ultimate on me. (Oh, and I forgot(as usual) to use the clicky on the gunblade.)
    7. Trinity Force (get Sheen first) - Trinity force is a pretty nice little addition. Rarely have I ever finished it in a game.
    8. Guardian Angel - I have only made it to this item once that I can remember, and I never died to have it be used...

Summoner Spells

Summoner spells on Akali are really easy. Akali is an assassin, assassins must kill as quickly as possible, therefore the two skills that will create the fastest assassination are Ignite and Exhaust that have been enhanced in Masteries.

I've tried other summoner spells, but I have to tell you, without exhaust and ignite, you're going to miss out on a lot of kills.


Laning Phase

Side Lane With Partner

Laning is all about testing the squishiness of your opponents. If they're squishy, harass the hell out of them and enjoy the kills. If they're not, draw them into your tower and rack up the minion kills until level 6.

At level 6 I will usually teleport back to buy my boots/blasting wand, and then I will head to mid for a gank. After this, I will head back to my lane to start killing. I know it sounds a little simple, but I usually feel that powerful on Akali, and so should you. At level 6 she is so overpowered compared with most other champions that it is almost not funny.


Honestly this is my preference for Akali. Solo-mid on Akali is so easy because there are few champions who can even come close to her damage output early game. So it simply becomes a game of how daring they are. If they're daring and try to come out away from their tower a lot. I'll get an early kill. If they're playing safe, harass when possible, but otherwise just rack up the minion kills. Once you're level 6, its time to teleport back for boots/blasting wand. Then when you come back, harass more deliberately on the enemy champion, and prepare to Shadow Dance in for the easy kill. (Sometimes an ignite will be required.) After you've kill the mid champion, head to the side lanes for ganking.


Mid-game (levels 7-15) with Akali is relatively simple. You should either be tower-hugging in a defense stand, or pushing a side lane for minion gold and possible tower destroys. It's not quite this formulaic, but most of the time Akali should not be pushing with her team mid-game. The reason for this being that she's just a little too squishy, and often you will find yourself overextended with no good way to survive if you find yourself trapped.

Unfortunately, Mid-Game is where I find Akali to be at her weakest. After level 8, but before you have Guinsoo's Rageblade, your killing power is at its overall weakest point. Not to say that its weak by any means, but the dramatic increase after attaining Guinsoo's Rageblade cannot be understated.

So to tie everything back together, defending towers which will allow you to pick off over extended champions and farming minions by pushing lanes, are two of the best ways to generate gold in mid-game for Akali.


This is where Akali really shines in my opinion. She can take out a tower by herself very quickly, she destroy almost every single other enemy champion in the game 1 on 1. She can cut through squishies like butter, she can dice up carries like an expert chef on tomatoes, and she can saw tanks like a lumberjack on a thick oak tree.

Playing Akali in this phase is all about finding the weakest target, and taking it out, then moving on to the next, and the next, and the next. When your hp is low, just farm a couple minions or jungle creatures for fast life-steal.

The only difference between those of us who are Akali IRL and you, is that we've played her a hell of a lot more. She's just a ton of fun at this point in the game. The reason I don't play her as much as I used to, is precisely because I'll play her a couple games until I get into a long game, I'll enjoy the overpower ownage of a High-level well-geared Akali again, and then its just hard to go back to playing the lowbie Akali at level 1!

In any case, enjoy her. And become Akali IRL. :)