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Akali Build Guide by Shizukani

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Shizukani

Akali- I'm a Single Lady

Shizukani Last updated on November 16, 2011
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Hi Everyone and thanks a lot for checking out my build!
Being an Akali main I experimented with many, many different ways to play her. As the title says. You ARE a single lady. You tear apart teams just by yourself and your dance is much sexier than everyone else's :)

This is my first build so please do forgive me if it isn't top class. Please try it before you flame it and constructive criticism is always appreciated ^^.

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Other Items

If you want the extra survivability get a Spirit Visage right after Hextech Gunblade which will crank up your Spell Vamp and Life Steal.

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Pros / Cons

Extremely Good Burst.
Fun times Juking people :)
Demolish uncoordinated teams


Squishy early game
Eaten up if not played right
Hard to recover from bad Early game

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I choose this Rune sequence to trigger both her passives, which will help you out throughout the game.
I get 9x Greater Marks of Strength for her passive, 9x Greater Seal of Armor for that extra survivability and 9x Greater Glyph of Ability Power and Greater Quintessence of Ability Power to trigger Akali's other passive

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For the Masteries I go with a 21-9-0 page, as this will give her the damage she needs and also some extra survivability. I know I have used the word "survivablity" a lot :) But I can't emphasize how important it is to SURVIVE Read on and I shall explain further :)

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Basically, I start off with her Q as most of the time, I will be MID with Akali. Being Mid, you want to stay away from the other champion. I like staying a little behind the Caster Minions, as this allows me to farm the Melee Minions that extend forwards, and to also use my Q to last hit the enemy Caster Minions.

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO LAST HIT EARLY GAME. I have seen Countless Akalis just harass with their Q and not focus on last hitting. This way you're leaving everything to LUCK. If you get the kill then you will do good. But if you don't, then what? You're stuffed for the rest of the game. Just remember 20 MINION KILLS = SAME GOLD AS 1 CHAMPION KILL.

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Summoner Spells

USE FLASH :D It's an awesome spell. You can use it to finish off that Champion Escaping. Or you can jump over walls with it. Combined with your Ulti you can juke almost everyone on the map :D

Example: You're getting chased by a Wild Garen screaming Demacia D: SCARY! The enemy minion is too far away for you to Ulti onto WHAT DO YOU DO!? :O

Solution 1: Flash closer to the minions and Ult onto them to escape :D

Solution 2: Flash over a wall and hide in the jungle.


For spell 2 I use either IGNITE or CLEANSE.

Ignite, for obvious reasons. Finish off the champion who's almost at his turret. Reduce Swain's healing. And also for fun. I mean, who doesn't enjoy lighting people on fire? :)

Cleanse is VERY handy on Akali. If you get CC'd 90% of the time you die. So if you have cleanse you won't need to build Quicksilver Sash.

The choice is up to you. Either more kills, or less deaths. You choose :)

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Early Game

I start off with Boots of Speed and 3 Health Pots. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE RUNES PLEASE BUY DORANS BLADE FIRST.

I get the Boots because, who goes into battle Barefoted? Right? :P

Anyways. Farm as much as you can, avoid getting harassed and if you hit too low port back. DON'T DIE. Make this your Number 1 Goal. Don't worry about killing. This will happen after you Reach Level 6.

If you had to port back early and didn't have enough for a Hextech Revolver, grab an Amplifying Tome and A Health Pot. If not just grab a Hextech Revolver. As usual. Just keep farming. Let your enemy harass you. Let them feel dominant. As you reach level 6 WAIT until you get 3 stacks of Shadow Dance. then you strike.

Q -> Wait a few seconds as it comes off cooldown -> ULT -> AUTO ATTACK -> Q -> AUTO ATTACk -> E

Voila! They are now either below 1/4 HP or dead :)

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Mid Game

Again. DON'T DIE. Don't TOWER DIVE Unless you know you will survive. Whatever you do KEEP FARMING and SURVIVE.

DO NOT GANK WHEN YOUR LANE HAS AN ENEMY CHAMPION IN IT. YOU WILL JUST LET THEM PUSH THE TURRET. Solution? Kill them :) Kill them, then kill the wave of Minions. Disappear into the fog of War. Quickly run into a bush. Scout the map now. Are there any squishies running around? Go find them. Kill them. Port back home. Buy some more stuff. Repeat.

By the 20 Minute Mark you should at least have Boots of Swiftness, Hextech Gunblade and a Sheen. If you see a squishy go poke them (note: your poke will usually kill them). If you see a Tanky person running towards you to help the squishy. Run away. If possible ult the squishy and kill them. But most of the time, run away.

Get Blue Buff whenever you can. By the time you're level 14'ish you should be able to Solo Dragon without any trouble. Farm Farm Farm. Kill Kill Kill.

If you're doing this right, by 30 minutes you should have finished Lich Bane and be halfway into Rabadon's Deathcap.

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Late Game

Once you have finished Rabadon's DeeathCap, your evolution from Squishy Feed-Material to Killing Machine is complete. Go around and kill everything you see. Walk through the jungle only to leave with all the buffs. leave a trail of death wherever you pass through. By the time you finish your Zhonya's Hourglass you are invincible. This usually never happens as the enemy have already surrendered.

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Use this Ability to last hit early game. Remember, you can auto attack a champion with this mark to deal Way more damage. Don't leave it hanging ;P (see what I did there?)

Use this Ability to escape, Survive, Slow and also to check bushes. If you are ganked put down your Shroud. Just sit inside until someone or a minion comes into range. ulti onto them. Flash over wall or run away.

Also if you see an Enemy chasing your team mate and you can't possibly attack the enemy without dying yourself, Put the shroud down in front of the enemy, It will slow them, giving your friend a slight chance to survive.

Use this ability to finish someone off. Ult them, then E. This ability is also great for farming. Blah Blah Blah. You know what I mean.

Catch-Up Ability, Escape Ability, Kill Ability, Juke ability, Lol ability, huh ability, Where'd-She-Go Ability. wtf-where'd-she-come-from ability. You can use it to go through terrain.

Here is a video of an extremely good Akali at work (Westrice) Closely watch the second clip. Undresses 4 people. You can do that kinda stuff as Akali

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Extra's :)

This is the section I will be slowly adding to over the next couple of weeks.

WRAITH'S CAMP. Whenever you get the time, or when you are just passing along, kill the Wraiths. You make a cool 100 gold.