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League of Legends Build Guide Author taleporia

Akali Jungle like a madman

taleporia Last updated on January 19, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Why Jungle Akali

Cause every team needs a Jungler. Most of times you will have a rammus or a shaco do the dirty job, and i have to admit, its is much better to jungle with this kind of heroes. Still having a mediocre Jungler like akali is MUCH better than having no jungler at all. The purpose of this build is to make the fastest possible akali build and at the same time try to make akali able to gank properly and fast enough before she hits lvl 6 (that was the tricky part). The 2nd reason to jungle with akali is that the hero is not powerfull enough before she gets her ulti. So having her jungle is a healthy way to make it to lvl 6 safe.

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Summoner Skills

Smite needs no explanation.
Ignite helps Akali a lot Both to jungle faster and to have the extra nuke for your ganks pre Lvl 6

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Nothing special here either. Wouldnt change a thing. Everything is measured for you to be as fast at jungling as possible.

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Having as much AP as possible, as soon as possible is the key to jungling fast and effectively ganking fast. The tricky part is the 3 desolation marks that make jungling a lot easier without harassing your late game that much.
Thanks to sorakabot's evelyn guide for the idea

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Jungle route

Start at double golems. mark of the assasin one of them, attack it, hit it once more AND THEN SMITE. that way you can get the healing portion of your passive with smite. finish the other golem with mark spam and auto attacks. You will lvl up, get your E. Head to the wraiths. Mark the blue, and right after Ignite it so it heals less. Finish it and kill the rest with Qs and Es. go to the wolves. Kill the big one 1st and then the small ones. Lvl Up-> take Q. Go to the Mana golem. This the tricky part and the purpose of the guide. WIth most akali guide you cant kill the golem at this point despite having smite up(it should be ready just by the time you reach the mana golem camp) with this guide if u have 380 or so hp u can kill it and the small adds and barely survive (90% chance, good enough for me). focus on golem and use all you have. when you kill it, you ll have like 60 hp that is enough to finish the adds. TP at the base. Get boots and 3 pots(you might need to wait like 3 seconds to get the 3rd). Go to lizard -> clear it and then go double buffed to get your 1st kill.

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Mid game

After gtting your 1st gank you can go on jungling till you get 6. at this point you would like to go buy stuff. I wouldnt recommend to buy anything specific. In my opionion no hero should have an auto build. You need to addopt each game. In 50% of the games i will just rush rylai's scepter, since this and sheen are the ONLY real core items akali needs to kill till late game. the reason i dont duy lvl 2 boots is the same. I wanna adopt. If you are getting focused (and you should), get treats, if not you can get mage boots or whatever you think is right. In games with alot of early massive battles i would suggest you to either rush sheen or get mejah soulstealer. In early massive combats akali seems to get more kills than the rest heroes so you can stack up fast. On the other hand Sheen gives you the higher damage output in early fights. So try pick the right one. Good for you all these items use amplifying tome, so you wanna start from this.

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End game

After you get lvl 2 boots, sheen and rylai's your next goal is to get a leechbane. With leech bane and rylais you should kill all carry/squishes in team fights relatively fast. Your next items should be Blues and red elixirs, and when you get the gold, a negatron cloak. Like before you can improve the negatron to abyssal or go whatever you needs depending on the situation. If the enemy team has massive aoe you might wanna go FoN, if you are getting stunned alot go banshee, or just make an abyssal scepter.

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Thats all i wanted to state. i wanna apologise for my terrible TERRIBLE english.
Ive used small parts form many different jungling and non jungling akali builds, i hope these people wont get offended. after all we all try to help the community.
L8arlus (europe server)