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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SlowLee

Akali kill´em all

SlowLee Last updated on April 11, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello there, so this is my first build what I place here so I hope you will enjoy. I will make it short and try to avoid talking about irrelevant things.

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Pros / Cons

- Easy ganks
- Easy retreats
- Great chaser

- Have to wait until you are 6 lvl

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Why that masterys?

I have seen a lot of builds where is prefered to have defensive masterys but why? 2% dodge wont save u even like +48hp and as akali you are using both dmg magic and phisical so its very useful to have +5% of them + some AS, AP and AD.

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Summoner Spells

,Someone says that ghost and akali its just useless but if u have mobility boots u can easyly gank with it and also run away from many of enemys when stucked in W and they are near to u... u just wait for mobility boots to get its speed then active ghost and before u will apear (it takes a little bit time before u apeare after leaving W so u have some time to run) u will be away. also good for catching low hp enemyes so I think its more usefull then flash is but if u dont think so take urs flash ;)

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So buy Doran's Blade and try to get solo line, midd or top doesnt matter.
At 1. lvl try to stay back when you playing vs ranged and just farm by Q(MARK OF ASSASIN) or lasthits try to avoid pushing.
At 2-5. lvl try to place your W (TWILIGHT SHROUD) next to the enemy so he will be slowed then try to hit him first with Q and than hit him as many time as is it possible then get back before the W will disapear.

Try to not get back to base before you have 1550 gand

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lvl 6+ playing

So you finaly get yours ulti (SHADOW DANCE) so try to get your opponent as far from his turret as is it possible. Than make the great combo so first use ulti on him so you get next to him he might try to stop u with silence or stun so you have to place your W on the ground very fast so if he stun or silence u u can easyly get back and try again but this is not happening usualy and in that way u can continue with Q and autohit then E and again R and Q if he is low use ignite and let him die if he wont be without mana or very low dont try to attack him more then twice ulties the problem as akali is that W cost a lot of energy so u wont be able to kill him if he will stay on more then 1/2 hp after first attack cos u simply wont have enought energy for abilites.

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You maybe ask why I buyRylai´s so late so I will explain. Its becose buyingand then geting rylai´s cost u a lot of money before u can slow them down by ur abilites also u dont have such good dmg +healing as if u buy50%slow for 3 sec is enough to kill almost everyone as akali. Also u deal a lot of dmg and ur healing is very high. U can simply stay in bushes and wait for ur victim then use ulti and slow its very easy. Becose of that AD what u get buyingtheis much more useful than it would be wihout it so with this 2 ithems you are already very OP its about 11 lvl. I dont think the other ithems need to be comented u just need relay´s to get some more AP and HP and slow to ur W ability.

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So this is why you buy mobility boots. U can easyly leave the midd (top) as soon as ur opponent is dead or healing u can help another line and get another kill. You will probably havealready so u can get to line very fast and than just use ur ulti on the enemy then slow him down kill and get back to ur line easy as hell but very efficiency.