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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BruTalySis

Akali, One shot one kill !

BruTalySis Last updated on October 4, 2010
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Before going any further, this guide is all about very high burst/offensive build so if you're interested in a survivability Akali, please leave.In this guide I'll explain why I chose all these runes / items / masteries and I'll show the best way I found to play Akali, especially designed for 3vs3 but can also be used in 5vs5


One of the best point of my guide is that you're going to start with both your passives, right at level 1 which is really nice for early kills / first blood. Magic penetration runes are a must because all heroes have native magic resistance. Dodge runes are the only "survivability part" of this build because they're going to be efficient with your evasion / nimbleness masteries in Defense tree. In fact, you might escape multiple times with this 6.75% extra dodge chance. The ability power runes and quintessences does toggle your first passive which is the magic damage passive; it will give you the ability to do a decent amount of damage in only one Mark of the assassin.


The items you want to get at the beginning of the game are a Long Sword and an Health Potion. You could also begin with a Doran's Blade. However, you have to change one dodge rune for a AP rune and One AP Quintessence for AD Quintessence in order to get enough AD to activate your passive. The Long sword or Doran's Blade toggles your second passive which is the spell vamp one. This is pretty much your jungling tool (To get your buffs) and is can often save your *** in situations such as tower dives and escapes. The Health Potion can turn to be useful if your opponent is as aggressive as you are. Then, when you get about 1300 gold under the belt recall. If you feel confident enough, you can start off with Mejai's Soulstealer, because it's not hard to get to 6-7 stacks wich is the count where Mejai's not a waste. If not, start building your Rylai's Scepter with an Amplifying Tome and your Boots of Speed. IF you already have 2 kills or first blood at this point, you should buy Boots of Swiftness (easier to feed on squishies). If not, just go with Mercury's Thread. After completing your Thread, you want to go with a blasting wand so you get more Ability Power to burst off the opponents. On your next comeback, you want to have at least 1810g so you can complete your Rylai's Scepter. Then, you want to rush your Guinsoo's Rageblade which will be the beginning of the real pwnage ! At this point, you can literally one shot squishies and really hurt tanks. The next item will be Lichbane, which will improve your burst even more. Then, you can pretty much go with what you feel but I strongly recommend Void Staff and/or Zhonyas's ring. You might have notice I didn't mention elixirs, it's because I think that as Akali, if you have extra gold to spend on elixirs you're already getting fed and killing everybody; so you don't need those elixirs.

Summoner spells:

I chose Exhaust and Flash mainly because I use them on a lot of heroes, however, they are really useful as Akali. Exhaust, combined with your Cripple mastery, improves your burst a little bit more because of the magic resistance diminution that it gives, Flash is just an extra escape tool / chasing tool that saved me a lot of times and helped me for tons of ganks. There's also some other summoner spells that are good while playing Akali. If there's no Warwick Jungling in your team, Flash can be replaced with smite so you can easily farm buffs and neutral creeps. Cleanse can also be useful against opponents such as Sion / Taric / Warwick that have deadly stuns. Flash can also be replaced with Ignite or Ghost. Although, I strongly recommend keeping Exhaust at all time since it's so useful.

Game tactics:

Early game:
Your primary objective is to get tons of last hits because if you don't et enough, you won't be able to get your core items soon enough to get kills. While last hitting minions, you want to put your shroud behind enemies' minions (if they're casters) or right on minions (if they're melee) and try to put a mark of the assassin and a melee hit (to toggle the magic damage) so your opponent's life is getting lower and lower, but, you don't need to kill him yet, you just want to get him low enough so you can use your Exhaust/Flash to finish him. Do this until you have around 1300~1400 gold then recall and come back asap. When you get your ult, you should try to gank either the bottom lane ( in 3vs3 ) or you're own lane but try to "surprise" them.

Mid game:
In the beginning of mid game, you have your Mercury's Thread/Boots of Swiftness and your Rylai's Scepter. At this point, you can chase and finish everybody, but don't try to kill someone on first hit. In fact, as Akali, you always want to hit - run - ult back on your target - ult back on creep if needed - comeback on target and also use your shroud as a cover / ready to use escape route. You can engage fights with your shroud but I don't recommend doing this since you won't really be able to run out of fights then.

Late game:
At this point you're pretty much the biggest threat on your team and the enemy team will try to focus you. You can easily take down everbody (except trynd and magic resist tanks) in 1v1 easily. For team fights, let your team engage and come in just 1-2 seconds after , always focusing squishies as usual and if they start attacking you, use your shroud as a cover. However, they're all pretty much dead if they let you alone 2 sconds XD so don't worry about that if you have all your core items.


If you`re killing everybody and the other team`s wise enough to buy oracle, you want to play really defensive. You always need to remember that you won't be able to shroud to stop them from focusing you. In fact, you want to let your whole team engage the fight then come in and start raping.


I hope you enjoyed my guide, which is my first one actually. Please leave comments that will help me improving it, +1 if you liked it, if you didn't like it be free to downrate it but please tell me why you didn't like and I'll probably change some things to please you :D. Thanks for reading and Happy Gaming !