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Akali Build Guide by NlO2

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NlO2

Akali the Equation Solver

NlO2 Last updated on August 11, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello and welcome to my first guide for Akali the Fist of Shadow.As you may already know, Akali is your teams Ace when the arrows and fist's start to fly.
First of Akali should not be played aggresively unless near tanky champion.
Second: Akali is not worth being called champion until level 6 so don't try any whacky stuff until you get level 6 and atleast 2 essences of shadow.

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Twin disciplines is Akali's passive or rather 2 effects of the same passive. This is why I chose 10 attack in runes and 30 in ability power runes. Because you need to activate one passive with 10 attack in items (or runes) and 20 Ability power in items or ofcourse runes.
Mark of assassin. This is your main tool in effectively destroying entire enemy team.
You throw your kama at enemy that leaves a mark that makes enemy take enormous damage at second "basic" hit.
Twilight shroud is Akali's ensurance that she isn't taken down so quickly.
It can also slow enemies by a 30% which means pop it down if ur being chased or your teammate is in that situation.
Crescent slash is nothing special of ability because it has such a small damage at the start.
Use it with your passive that gives you spell vamp or just farm with it.
Ahh, this is the Fist of Shadow's main ability for chasing enemies and taking them down.Shadow dance doesn't consume energy, but rather essences of shadow that Akali gathers overs some time.

Because of your boots of swiftness and recent patch Whenever akali uses ultimate she automaticaly hits the one that she is chasing.

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Early game

You should buy your regular old boots and 3 health potions beacause Akali can be heavily focused so that you have to make several trips to base. 3 potions will suffice until level 6 and boots give you that little escape or potentially chase ability if your team mate is great aat harassing opponent's.Akali isn't good at it because she can't dash to her enemy and break that mark. So I suggest that you focus on farming and zoning enemies.

Exhaust is your thing when trying to score a kill. Don't use it too much when enemy is chasing you. You can escape with boots of swiftness.

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Mid game

By this time you should have your Hextech gunblade and potentially Needlesly large rod.
Hextech gunblade is not only brilliant by its stats but it also serves as another exhaust every 60 seconds.

When ambushing enemy your skill sequence combo should look like this

R-> Q -> Hextech gunblade -> Basic hit -> E then repeat (exclude hextech gunblade from the sequence if it needs repeating) and pop a twilight shroud if the target is still escaping.
On mid game your role is attacking lone sheeps that still think that they are in laning phase.

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Late game

With this build and by getting your 4th item lich bane you can successfuly solo baron nashor and earn your team a nice buff.

As for the teamfights wait for your tank to initiate. Don't be a fool to dash out for enemy with less than 200 hp unless you are sure that you can escape. Remember that you are your teams ace and that they can't do much without you.

If you have a stunner in the team such as Amumu and Taric co-ordinating with them is a must.

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End game

You enemies should already be saying things like:

"Gg my team fed Akali"
"Akali wins the game"
"Akali is op she can take feeded Jax 1vs1"
and such.

From here on now you got your full build and can potentially go 1vs5 and make it out without a fail.
Your opponents should be avoiding you and you should have score like 25/5/? or 30/0/?

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Akali's pro's and con's

+Able to farm and harass enemies early game
+Can even take on fed Jax
+Incredible burst damage
+Can put any squishy to rest and slaughter whole team after that.
+Extremely fun
-She is squishy herself
-Can be taken down early game without a problem
-Requires somewhat expensive items
-If you get stunned you are doomed

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Summoner spells

This should be your top choice over anything else. It slows down enemies so you can catch them and break that mark.
This is so obvious beacuse at the start akali lacks that 70 true damage that helps her get kills early on.
On Akali this is not needed for my build. You can catch up with your enemies with boots of swiftness and lich bane and your ultimate. Though it still is a good overall summoner spell.
Not needed for the same reasons above. But still is a good spell if you know how to use it.
I used it once and it served extremely well early game. But late game it loses its purpose as later game you will rather spend your seconds on dishing out damage than healing.
Amazing spell and extremely underated.But you have your twilight shroud so why?
Leave it to someone else.Unless you are desperate for experience
You should leave it to your support
This is not a jungling guide. (Tho it is possible, it is very hard and is not viable)
This also goes to your support.
I find this spell funny.Die and revive and get more speed so you can get back to feeding again.
Akali is fueled on energy. Leave it be.
Tho this is kind of hybrid ap guide.This is not what you would want.

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Akali is somewhat squishy in the start so you have to be careful with her until you get level 6.
You will have to be careful and never forget to pop up twilight shroud and hit enemies after you put a mark on them.

Alternatively you can buy mejai if you are doing well and post-pone hextech gunblade and throw out rylai's out of the build.Void staff is a neccesity as it gives you that magic pen that you lack when you didn't take sorcerers shoes.

Akali should be treated with care and you should not focus tanks and stunners unless there aren't any other targets.

I will be adding videos of soloing nashor with hextech, rabadon and lich bane later on and some scores of people who used my build.

Thank you for reading my guide and you should be ready to go to your nearest field of justice.