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Akali Build Guide by GigaE

Akali,the Fist of Justice

Akali,the Fist of Justice

Updated on June 10, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author GigaE Build Guide By GigaE 2,099 Views 0 Comments
2,099 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author GigaE Akali Build Guide By GigaE Updated on June 10, 2011
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I decided to make this Akali guide because i saw lots of players playing Akali wrong.I think the best way to play her is the ability power way because you deal tons of damage and because you have your attack damage part of your passive active you also heal yourself enought.
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Grab Doran's Blade first so your passive is fully activated.The additional health and life steal also helps you in early game.Rylai's Crystal Scepter is the first "big" item you should grab because it slows enemies and increase your health by a fair amount so you can survive easier.Lich Bane is a must-have while playing Akali because it increase your attack damage by your ability power after useing an ability.It's just great in combination with you Mark of the Assassin.Rabadon's Deathcap explains inself I think.The amount of ability power you gain for this price is really good.You gain 201AP for 3600 Gold.These are 1,11AP for 20 Gold.Amplifying Tome gain 0,9AP for 20 Gold for example.Void Staff allows you to even kill a Tank within some seconds.Then sell Doran's Blade and grab Hextech Gunblade for it.So your whole passive is activated and increased.But in most cases the round ends when I'm grabing Rabadon's Deathcap.^^
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Mark of the Assassin is your bread and butter skill.You grab it first because it's really nice for herrasement and if you hit an enemy which is marked you deal additional damage.This additional damage is unexpected in most cases so they think Mark of the Assassin don't deal much damage but they are wrong.It's your most powerful skill and you have to always spam it to an enemy.In combination with Shadow Dance it's deadly.Twilight Shroud is your skill to escape.Place it near a wall and use Flash so nobody will know where you are because you were stealthed and nobody saw the Flash animation.Or you can place it in front of you while running away so the enemies are slowed while walking through your Twilight Shroud.You can also use it when you're killing an enemy because you gain additional armor while standing in it.Shadow Dance is your catching skill.Use it while a low healthed enemy is running away or if you know that you will beat this enemy.It's amazing that this skill also deals damage and the cooldown is really low.You can also use it to escape.You just need to click an enemy minion and the enemy champions can't catch you anymore.
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Summoner Spells

I've chosen Flash because you can port yourself trough walls while stealthed from Twilight Shroud or use it while killing an enemy under there towers and escape without getting too much towerdamage.Ignite is my second choise because it really helps you in so many ways.For example it helps you getting first blood or killing Warwick because ignite reduce health regeneration and healing.You can also use Ghost instead of Flash but I like Flash more.
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I chose the defensive mastery because Akali is squishy.Not like Te emo or Ashe but she's squishy.Because of the defensive mastery you have enought life in early game and this bonus also helped me in late game really often.
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With these runes you have a really nice health bonus in late game which allows you to survive teamfights even if you're focused.You also activate your ability power part of your passive when entering game because you hit 20AP with your runes.The Magicpenetration is really helpful for Akali because your abilities deals more damage and allows you to even kill a Tank within some seconds.
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For farming with Akali you should use Crescent Slash.In early game it's kinda hard because you don't deal enought damage with it.So you have to last hit the minions.
League of Legends Build Guide Author GigaE
GigaE Akali Guide
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Akali,the Fist of Justice

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