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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chaotic Bliss

Alistar the Pulzerizing, Headbutting AP Bully

Chaotic Bliss Last updated on December 2, 2010
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More Chaotic Theory Crafting, but this time it is a spin on a tank champ. Alistar: The Minotaur

Masteries & Summoner Spells

Its the basic mage build. CDR, Mana, and other fun things.

I went with Flash and Ghost. I choose these so Alistar can set up Headbutts and Pulzerize. Its always good to be able to put someone into your team.

Ignite would be good with this build. It will be nice to get that lil extra dmg for kills early game.


3/5 Pulzerize here. Farming will be effective and melee will be cautious to come in close. I get one of each spell at LvL3, and focus on Pulzerize>Headbutt>Roar. Its working on his dmg output. There arent a lot of AP builds out there, so be open minded abou this.


Marks I went with Mpen. Common in all my AP builds.

Seals I choose flat AP. This will be more use in early game. He gets 100% AP bonus on Headbutt and Pulzerize. That extra boost early game is nice.

Glyphs Ive mixed Flat AP and Mpen. Trying to keep his Mpen high, but still some AP to help early.

Quintessences Ive done here, what I did with Glyphs. And for the same reasons.


is one of the best items in game, and it works great with this build. Its effected by Mpen so its already got some great power. Us this to open on your target. Also gives CDR which is great for Alistar since he hsa long CDs. Just a great item in so many ways. Very effective for his dmg output

is another great item. Gives him great flat stats, and the active is nice when combined with DFG. I originally had but I find that they are inter-changeable. I just prefer this. It also gives Spell Vamp, and since the AP scaling is AWESOME!!, this is the better choice IMO.

is great since his attacks will slow the target. Chasing is easier and if you into your team, they wont be going anywhere. Great stats, awesome passive, and it gives to his tankiness.

is another awesome item. You can simply pulzerize, than smash face with an auto-attack to get that bonus dmg, than for the kill. The joys of 1.1AP scaling.

is a great item too. All your skill involve close combat so this will give you some extra dmg. Also if you have nukes on your team, they will lvoe you for this. They can stand back and blow things up and never have to have insane AP to do it.

are the boots. After all what AP build wouldnt use these?
Game Play

Early game
With the 100% AP boost, that extra AP early will make Pulzerize and Headbutt very powerful. I start with Pulzerize for the disabling effect, but if you like to CC and set up for a kill, Flash>Headbutt to knock them into your team. Thats always good stuff. Now if you solo, Pulzerize can help with farming. It can make short work of creeps, and other melee champs can be harassed with Headbutt and Pulzerize. You should have a Sheen or Kage's Lucky Pick in this game. Or both. But Rageblade is a must. The extra AP will be nice to have for abilities, and the AS will help with pushing turrets and if that melee gets too close.

Mid Game
Here you will want to finish Rageblade, LB, and start DFG. I like DFG, I can see it being very useful here. Flash>Headbutt>DFG>Pulzerize>get the kill. By the time this rotation is done, you will have a few stacks of Rageblade. Thats always fun. Ghost if they run, but make sure you get them. Start making RCS. This will help you chase, and still give Alistar his tanky personality.

Late Game
If you can get this build to its entirety, things will be going great. I didnt mention Abyssal Scepter, but I hope you see why its in the build. the aura will be effective with Pulzerize and Headbutt. DFG will have increased dmg as well. So things are working together. Synergy... Just the way I like it.

1v1 & Jungling

I think Ive covered how 1v1 will work. Flash>Headbutt>DFG>Pulzerize>get the kill.

Jungling will be decent. You can Pulzerize the camps and move on. Golem Buff is great for Alistar since he has long CDs.

Ganking & Team Pushing

Ganking is great for Alistar. A Headbutt of a carry will cause issue with the other team. Pulzerizing a close team fight will give your team a few seconds of unchallenged dmg. Think of the Headbutt/Pulzerize like Malphite's ult. Charge in, knock them up, and they will be hurting.

Team pushes means you pop your ult, and kill the turret. If you in the middle of a team fight, and you have ranged casters, Abyssal Scepter will give them bonus dmg. Thats one of the percs of having Auras on Alistar.

Friends & Enemies

Alistar has low dmg, so find a DPS to lane with. Stunners will be nice to have. Headbutt>Stunner>Pulzerize. Thats lovely. A good Kat will be nice. Pulzerize>Lotus>Flash>Headbutt into Kat> get the kill.

Ranged champs will be the bane. They will harass Alistar easily. If you can close the gap, and Headbutt them into the team, you will be fine.