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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Titan2012

Almighty Singed

Titan2012 Last updated on September 1, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Alright- This is the singed I've played and it is nearly always giving me positive stats. by the end one can rock the whole team.

Build summary
Singed's poison is the main thrust, this is not an assist/tank singed build, this is a "WTF was that and why does my *** hurt" AP build. That said, level poison and fling- if you find people are getting away, then go ahead and give yourself a level of glue, it'll be okay. I don't like it because it doesn't hurt them and takes away mana.

Summoner Abilities
Ignite- I love this because it adds damage over time to your poison, stops anyone with lifesteal, And I grab the ignite mastery which adds 10 ap, not bad for starting a round.

Ghost- Speed is what gets singed kills. He has no range damage so one has to get up close and personal, Ghost allows for the quick turret dive, the initiation of team ganks and all around almightyness.

Item Choices

Roa: GREAT item for Singed if it can be gotten early (85% of the time i get it and BOS in under 18 min, record for both is 12) Gives singed health, mana, which equals more health, and ap.

BOS: Speed kills.

Meja's: This is a handy item especially when you are going chemical warfare all over the place and dominating melee squishies.

Rylai's: This item is another core singed weapon. get behind the enemy and poison everywhere, trap them in the slow of rylai's while your team cleans up. Also more health and AP

LichBane- This item normally makes people wonder. But lets break it down- 100% of your ap goes into an attack- lvl 18, fling + lich= 1500 or more damage in one shot. it also helps with singed's horrible auto attack for turret busting, nothing like hitting a turret for 400 damage every few seconds the key to this is spamming glue- whether you need the slow or not, you need the damage.
Secondly- Lichbane adds movement speed. Speed kills!

Zhonya's- final item, if you get this far the game's hit the 40 minute mark. you hopefully have 8-20 stacks of meja's, your ROA is fully charge, you have a ton of ap already. This item has put me over the 700 ap mark. any further questions?

Early Game

Don't go mid!- most mid champs are going to be ranged, and singed needs to run up and touch the person (or have them chase him) to do any damage. secondly if you have a lane partner ( preferably dps or a healer) you can really dominate on early game kills.

Poison minions then run away... poison minions then run away... most players will walk into your poison enough to whittle them down. then ghost in, turn on poison, fling them.
*summary* be passive until they are stupid then punish them for it.

Mid Game
At level 6, your ult allows for turret diving. the added stats to everything makes most champs unable to take you down but they'll chase after you until your poison kills them trying.

With team fights Singed has 2 roles, either initiate by tossing the biggest threat/squishiest champ into the pack of ravenous dogs that is your team, or wait for the fight to start and ult-poison-ghost- through their team taking out 2-400 hp from all of them before they have time to realize you're there.

By the time you reach level 12 you should have your poison and fling maxed, ROA BOS Meja's and starting on rylais.

Late Game
You are the hunter. find their melee dps champs fling and poison them. once you have rylai's just stay ahead of them and watch them try in vain to run to safety as your poison chokes them out. Lichbane will allow you to tank a turret if your ult is up ( i've won a game that way, all 4 teamates defended i backdoored everything!)

Biggest tank of a mage in the game. (over 3k hp, and about 5-700 ap)
Ap poison that decimates.
the physique of a kenyan runner

Must get close enough to grab them (make's ashe and stunners a problem)
Pathetic dps early and mid game.
Big target for other team.

This is Titan2012's guide to singed. Please comment, more importantly use it! and remember I am almighty singed