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League of Legends Build Guide Author Basinator

[Alpha]Guide for newbees with advanced knowledge

Basinator Last updated on July 16, 2012
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I am Way of Darkness, also know as Bas(inator) or Basnap, a semi-fresh lv30 player at EU West.

I am not here to give you totally pro tips about every champ as for this I dont have gotten enough experience yet. I am here to guide you to some general tips & tricks, some ingame mechanics and about some general champion hints.

Please don't downrate the guide yet, it has just started and it is mostlikely not the last state you see it in. I can't pop out a complete guide within 3 hours. If you want to downrate, please wait some time till I have build up something here, you are free to downrate after you left you constructive critism.

I have decided to publish this guide. It isn't even near to be completed, but I want to get some feedback now. I am also considering to work together with another guidemaker to complete another existing guide. Although I havent approached any person yet, jihoihoihoi comes to my mind. Sorry for misspelling your name here.

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Runes & Masteries

I don't want to go into full detail here, just some side notes.

You can find some good rune guides here:

For masteries, I want to note that the Runic Affinity mastery in the utility and the Summoner's Resolve mastery in the defense tree are must haves if you go jungling.

Also, I want to note that the Weapon Expertise and Arcane Knowledge are THE best masteries in the offense tree except for maybe hybrids. Yes, way better than the last mastery in the tree. Short calc:
Every (!) point of armor/magic resist gives 1% more health versus that kind of attack. Executioner gives 6% more damage, but only to targets below 40% HP. If the enemy has 60 armor, you get 10% penetration = 6 armor = 6 % more damage. Many enemies will have even more armor, and it applies to all targets and not only those low on HP.
So get those masteries as often as you can, also worth a note for lv30 accs is that you can get those masteries for just 9 points each, so you can go 9/21/0 if you desire so.

Some people argue that you should not use Tier 1 runes, I however strictly advise you to do so. They basically really don't cost anything (15 IP for a rune?) but give benefits in about 60% of the value of Tier 3 runes. It is also about 200 games till you are level 20, which is a VERY long time for you.

I however damit that you should not get Tier 2 runes. They are just rather expensive for what they offer, and Tier3 runes are all very expensive, but last till you ragequit LoL forever.

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Champions I do NOT recommend to start with.

Of course this is a very personal choice, but there are some champs that I advise you not to play with as a newbee. Also, ALWAYS when you are testing out a new champ play a custom game or a bot game with them first. You can of course also cancel the custom game at any time. Also, reading a guide of them, and be it just the items and the ability section, should also help a lot. If you want in depth with a champ, you can also check out different guides. Some might argue different, and suggest different items, but this just wides your horizont and getting some different thought. Also, some guides might included tricks that others don't cover at all. But in the end it is also a lot about experience.

Ironically, the first two of this list are having the "recommended" status given by RIOT.

The first one is Ashe. She *is* easy to understand, but the problem is another.
She is an EXTREMLY weak champion in the early game who loses to pretty much everyone. Even in the midgame.
Her Hawkshot is useful, but mostlikely hard to use properly for newbees.
Her Frost Shot can be used to "kite", meaning to lure people to follow you, mostly meelee champs, but slowing them while they try to run to you (turn around, attack, run for 1-2 secs, turn around, repeat). However, to do this semi-effeciently you need to know your enemies VERY good. For what use is it to slow your enemy just to have him dashing/jumping to you in the next 2 secs?
Combined with her Volley, she can slow down the enemy team in a teamfight all the time. This can be a good advantage, but the problem I have with that is that as a newbee you are usually not familiar much with positioning, so you can't take this extra time to adjust your position.
She is, in general, a very weak character which can't win until the late midgame vs most champs in a 1vs1 fight and even dies very easily in a lane, even with a support.

The second one in this "recommended-not-recommended set" is Ryze. The problem playimg him will be mostly your micro. He is very squishy, easy to gank, and his spells have a very, very short cooldown. Some people are even saying it isn't worth playing him without smartcast (Smartcast = instant cast of spells with no shown range for them, one click less). As a newbee you won't be using smartcast.

Another champ is LeBlanc. Similiar to Ryze, you have to have a very, very good micro. Don't even touch her except for a bot game when she is free to play.

I tend to say that Shaco and Lux are also rather hard to play, but I haven't played those much and back then I also had way less experience in the game. But I assume they are still rather difficult to use, judging from my personal experience.

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Yes, this game is about socials.

I can't stretch this enough. You need to be nice to your teammates. Don't flame them without or even WITH any reason. This will just lead to driving them into mistakes, which are not benefecial to your team as well. In some examples it can even lead that people are refusing to do things for the team, such as warding, are not helping each other or even start to intentionally feed the enemy team.

Also, it always fun to play some custom games, together, versus each other, or play together as a premade team.. So try to get some friends, you will also get better by this since you communicate more with other players. The more you communicate and exchange about LoL, the more tricks, hints and strategies as well as different opinions you will get.

Don't get too mad about your pal's mistakes, but try to give some friendly advice. If they are getting ganked over and over tell them to get wards and to not push the lanes. If they are dieing in lategame tell them they have to stick together (most important thing to do in lategame - Don't do ANYTHING alone outside of your kinda safe zone, get buffs together, kill dragon together, gank together that stupid enemy that is doing this big mistake when he is pushing alone).

It is also very, very important that you tell them who to focus first in a teamfight, build up an order like: "First vayne, then annie, then soraka, then Olaf", although the first 2-3 targets are usually sufficient as an order - you dont want to bring too much information into it or they might not be able to handle it properly.

Ping like hell (yellow one, press V) if you see someone coming to them, even if it is close to their ward. They might be not paying attention to the minimap at that moment. Also, if they have to GTFO cause they are about to get ganked, ping at least two times or even more - trust me, this works. It tells them: "Something dangerous is happening. GTFO or you will die!"

Also, when you are ganking a lane, write it both in chat AND ping the minimap. I have missed some ganks on my lane myself because I was focussed on harassing or lasthitting and didn't notice my friendly neighbourhood worker.

If you are loosing, loosing a fight or someone just died and got negative stats, don't go mad at them. If anyone else at your team is doing so, try to de-escalate the situation. Say things like "No worries, we will be pwning them in the next fight.", "Anyone can have a bad match, **** happens, just lets beat the **** out of those guys". or something along the lines.


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