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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mr Dr Snugglez

Always Applicable Solo que Tips

Mr Dr Snugglez Last updated on March 11, 2015
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If you wish to contact me about any of these things. Maybe you want more information or maybe you want to tell me how dumb I am.
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These tips are meant to improve your solo que play and mentality. These tips WILL help you climb solo que. They are always applicable, in every meta and every season, no matter what champions are strong or changes come. I know they are a little dry, and many are not directly connected to gameplay, but they will help.

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1: Play at your best

- Don't play when your tired
- Don't play when your hungry
- Don't play when your upset
- Don't play when your distracted
If you really care about your elo don't play ranked when you are not at your best. You will play sub-par and lose games. Many times just one mistake can cost a game, especially when solo que contains so many ragers that quit right away. If you stomach grumbles and you lose first blood cause of the distraction that could cause an afk and thats game. If your not at your best then just play an aram or a normal game.

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2: Take the blame

People love to rage and blame and often times if there are trolls in your team if you argue with them saying it is their fault they troll harder. Just say my bad I'm sorry. It won't always get people off your back, but many times it will. And if they keep raging just click the ignore button. Don't tell them your doing it, cause that often sets people off, just do it quietly and keep playing. But don't ignore people prematurely because that could cause you to lose vital information they are giving out.

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3: Duo Queue

If you and your partner both are deserving of climbing and follow the rest of this guide you will climb.

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4: Duo Queue Tips

Pair up with somebody that plays different roles than you. If you both play a sick mid but feed at everything else your still going to lose most games. If both of you together can play all 5 roles you give yourself a big advantage. My favorite duo is sandvich. He can jungle top and mid well and can adc ezreal. I play a good support too and jungle. So rarely are we stuck in roles or on champs we aren't good at.

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5: Play what is OP

During every patch champions are stronger than others. Play those champions. It's that simple. If your wondering which ones are op right now then just ask me and I'll give you my opinion. Or u can look at lolking and check the stats to see which has higher win percentages.

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6: Communicate in Champ Select

Ask people what they want to play and what they want to ban. A happy team is a winning team. Don't stupidly ignore them saying they want to play Shaco as you ban Shaco cause your focused on YouTube and aren't reading chat.

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7: Let Them Die

I may never forget the lesson I learned from watching sk Telecom
When they went undefeated in ogn. They made mistakes like every other team but what really made them stay out is how they cut their losses. They never tried to save a fallen comrade and ended up dying as well. If your solo w teammate gets caught don't risk your life trying to save him. It's almost never worth it. Especially in low Elo.

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8: Group

I think this seems like a team thing more than an individual. How can I make them group you may ask? Well you can't. But you can avoid backing and spending your 2k gold( since your 10-1 stomping the game) while your teammates want to push. If they get engaged on 4v5 they will die and you will lose. So wait on that big rod and pressure with your team.

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9: Rotate

I cannot stress how important this is. When your team needs help stop farming and go to them. When your jungler gets invaded at red rotate immediately and kill the enemy jungler. When your jingling and your mid gets ganked just drop raptors and run to help. Often times your team will survive long enough for you to get there and the enemy team will just pick dandelions giving you kills and saving your teammates.

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Thanks for reading!

Thats it, all the general tips I could articulate! Let me know if this helped you in anyway, if so I'll make more guides!


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