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League of Legends Build Guide Author obct808

aMILF: aMumu I'd Like to Fiddle

obct808 Last updated on July 13, 2010
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I used to be a hardcore DotA player until MMOs took over. i admit i played HoN when it came out over LoL just because i liked the graphics =/ . to be honest im not even lvl 20 yet so i have no idea about runes and such...i just thought of this great build and thought maybe i could get a second opinion on it...its actually a 2 person build involving amumu and fiddle...for 3 nights straight after buying fiddle i realized even with ghost and flash i cant get more than a doublekill with crowstorm unless the other team is complete trash...until one day i told a friend to play amumu (no experience) and told em "its okay, just get to lvl 6 and we will win" ...we were getting tripple and double kills all game...i honestly am a noob with amumu and dont know his item build too well...thats basically the items i would get with him. fiddlesticks item build is hella basic...once u get RoA ur pretty much set...i like banshees veil (a lot) and figure its a really good starting item for a lot of tanks with mana imo (i just started so idk wtf im talkin bout correct me if im wrong)...

early game
i usually solo mid with fiddle and try to dominate mid as best as i can and try to take out that tower...early tower kill really helps because most of the ganks tend to usually happen in mid...if i can keep my tower, i figure we control our half of the map (no **** right) so hiding in brush is good without the thought of having to chase after a 2%hp enemy past a stupid tower... last hitting creeps as much as possible and spamming darkwind at lvl 3. once at lvl 6 and when the creeps dont look near my tower, i head to a lane with amumu and try to score an easy 2 kills (fiddles crowstorm is beast even at lvl 6 withought runes n whatnots imo, kill em ur self practically with ghost and blink)...basic skill order would be crowstorm > darkwind+fear (player 1) > run after player 2 (or drain depending on if hes a dumbass and sits there) long as these 2 enemies go down idc if i get the kill as long as that lane can really push...rinse and repeat until mid game

heres where the fun starts to happen...amumu should have some hp and should be able to bait while fiddle can sit in a brush... baiting is hella easy with amumu because 1) cleanse really helps amumu position himself better to get near the brush for fiddles easy crowstorm. 2) amumu Curse of sad mummy pretty much keeps him safe 3) flash away after curse of sad mummy if need to...gank whenever crowstorm and curse of the sad mummy is up together...

should be cake by mid i will give some basic setups and plan Bs to the setup for the ganks (because not every plan is perfect. DUH!)

1) basic brush hiding fiddle with a baiting amumu (regardless of location). amumu bait. fiddle crowstorm in and amumu curse. 3 heroes dead with the amount of AP these 2 should have by now. the rest of ur slacker team can go catch the runaways since they just KS u 2 the whole game anyway.

2) as expected from early and mid game. this plan (is also the plan B to 1))is usually best when located in brush with a hill and/or fog of war factor. ive been up against smart players who eventually catchon to the first plan since you use it all early and mid game. enemies will send in their stealth and tanks to the surrounding brushes to check for fiddles because once hes down the other 4 players really have to step it up until fiddles is back. players have even bought sentry wards (idk what they are called in this game...sorry i played DotA haha) and planted them in a lot of brushes due to irritation...this plan requires patients and a little leap of faith...basically its a fiddle bait and amumu set up...try to tank with fiddle with drain...try to not use fear unless u really have to..once u see 3 enemies or more start heading in, flash up a hill or into a fog...amumu flash in to take ur place and cast Curse so u can charge up your crowstorm and jump back in with ghost activated and amumu bandage tossing escapees...

3) really crucial as a backup plan depending on enemy players team aware of all/any things that can possibly interrupt ur crowstorm...getting your crowstorm interrupted is hella lame...basically rendering all damage output to darkwind and drain...can be used as a plan b but also really good bait for fiddle as the enemy team will hunt u down anyway...engage fight (or do this after plan 1 and 2 fail) zhonyas ring have amumu soon as amumu ultras crowstorm is going to have to be charged immediately...i know this isnt safe due to being interrupted but with nice teamwork synergy u can have amumu bandage toss their CC so your crowstorm will not be interrupted...if ur team is actually there to support you then enemy team will engage them seeing as u are zhonya...if this is the case u cast fear on a CC enemy and channel your crowstorm flash ghost combo...

its always nice to have a plan b...sorry if this was a long read and if it was boring/useless/obvious but i enjoy forum reading and find it interesting to read others thoughts/strategies. leave a contructive comment for i am not a little ***** with criticism and i can handle it...rate it down or up idc. just thought i would do this seeing as the sever is down for another 5 hours and im bored. thanks for clicking and reading guys. glad to have joined this LoL community.


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