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Amumu Build Guide by franbl

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author franbl

Amumu: A Real Tank Build

franbl Last updated on January 13, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Before Starting

Abbreviated Terms

AP: Ability Power.
AD: Attack Damage.
HP: Health.
MP: Mana.
HP/5Sec: Health regeneration for 5 seconds.
Exp: Experience.
AeO: Skills that hit in area

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Amumu Story

Perhaps one of the oddest champions in the League of Legends is the yordle known as Amumu. His life before joining the League remains unknown... especially to Amumu. All he remembers is that he woke up alone inside a pyramid within the Shurima Desert. He was entwined in mummy wrappings and he could not feel his heart beat. Furthermore, he felt a deep sadness that he could not entirely explain; he knew he missed his parents, though he could not remember who they were. Dropping to his knees, Amumu wept into his bandages. No matter what he did, it seemed he could never stop his tears or sadness. Eventually he stood up, determined to wander the world to discover his past. Amumu traveled all across southern Valoran - a feat that is not easily dismissed.

While Amumu still hasn't learned much about his past, he has learned a great deal about who he has become. He is most assuredly undead, though he harbors none of the evil characteristics typical of undead beings. He also seems to keep trouble at arm's length; Amumu was able to traverse all of Southern Valoran without so much as a single bad thing happening to him. He was just sad, and the people and beings he encountered eventually shared his sadness. Ultimately, he made his way north across the Great Barrier to the Institute of War, the home of the League. Amumu's story was compelling to the summoners he met there, and they invited him to take part in a League Judgment. His success within the League as a champion has given Amumu something he desired: a home. With his present (un)life secured, he now hopes the friends he has made will help him discover his past.

''Things are bad when Amumu is crying, but they're much worse when he's angry.'' - Ezreal

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Well its an Amumu build for people that wanna tank and kill. At the begin u can farm without problem thx of our mp/hp regeneration of our item Philosopher's Stone. On mid games I recommend to get blue buff to had good cd and mp to can use always Despair. And on End game I recommend to follow a carry to help him kill with our stuns.

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Sumonner Spells


Exhaust: Its a good spell. U can use it in 2 ways:

    U can use it to Scape using it to the champion that follow you
    U can use it to Assist/Kill using it on the champion u are killing
Flash:Its our SCAPE. U must use it when u had low hp our when they are more than u. It same my life a lot of time.


Teleport: I take this spell when i must only solo top.
Cleanse: I can use this spell in Ranked Games if u see that the other team have a lot of debuff (Stun,Slow,Root...).

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I always start with Regrowth Pendantto stay always in our lane and win exp (it is because u must don't B). Then i follow the item sequence but in the item Ninja Tabiu can choose between Ninja Tabi(if the other team is AD) or Mercury's Thread(If the other team is AP) And in the item ThornmailU can choose between Thornmail(IF the other team is AD) or Banshee veil if the other team have More AP than AD.

Why i take each item?:

Regrowth Pendant:
How i say it before i use iit to stay in lane and win exp.

Philosopher's Stone: It is a good item for a tank thx of its gold regeneration because tanks dont kill crips, they let crips to carrys. This item also is good thx of it HP/MP regeneration.

Ninja Tabi: I take this item when i see that the other team is AD.

Mercuty Tread: I take this item when the other team is AP and have many stuns,roots,taunt,etc.

Sunfire Cape: This is a good item for most of the tanks but i think its the best for amumu because it make AeO magic damage each second as our Despair/Tantrum skills.

Eleisa Miracle: Well this item is like philsofer stone but the diference is that it give more HP/MP Regeneration and it dont give gold but give tentacy. Thats why i take it, for it tentacy and MP/HP regeneration.

Thronmail: Well a tank cant play without this item if the other team have AD power. It dont only give 100 armor, it give 30% return damage from AD damage thats why i take it if the other team is AD.

Banshee Veil: well its a good item if the team is AP. Not only for it magic resist if not for his unique passive that give every 60sec, i think, to block a magic attack. Other thing it gives is Mana and Health.

Force Of Nature: This item give us magic resit and HP regeneration but why i take it is for his unique passive that give us 0.35% of our health in HP regeneration and it will be a good option if u can take warmog.

Warmog Armor: This item give us a lot of health and with our Force Of Nature we will regenerate a lot of HP/5sec. The thing that make warmog give us a lot of Health is his passive that every time u kill an unit it will give more Health.

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Greater Mark of Fortitude: I recommend them to have a good health in early game with our mastery and quintessence.

Greater Seal of Replenishment: Its a good combination with the item eleisa miracle to had good mp regeneration in Early/Mid/End games.

Greater Glyph of Celerity: They are good runes for End games to had good cd of bandage toss and ULT skills.

Greater Quintessence of Fortitude: I recommend them to have a good health in early game with our mastery.

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Skill Sequence

Bandage Toss: I learn it first to try to make FirstBlood, stunning the enemy and with AD champion (Xin Zhao good opcion) kill it. Then i upgrade it at the finish of the game to dint have to waste a lot of mana on stunning so u can use it often.

Tantrum: I learn it second to kill minions. After learning despair i learn it to lvl 5 so u hit more with it. This skill is our farm skill.

Despair: i choose it third to farm alone or to tank them. Then i upgrade it to 5 second because u can farm with this skill and with tantrum.

Curse Of The Sad Mummy: Well like all other ULT i learn it at lvl 6,11 and 16.

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Amumu have 7 Skins and each cost:

Normal skin: It don't cost anything u have it always.

Little Knight Amumu: It cost 975RP.

Almost-Prom King Amumu: It cost 520RP.

Re-Gifted Amumu: This Skin Is disable.

Emumu: It cost 975RP.

Pharaoh Amumu: It cost 520RP.

Vancouver Amumu: This Skin is disable

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Its a good tank.
It kill other tank easy.
Its a good AoE Champion.
With a carry they kill all.

In Early game get out of mp easy.
His Ult is a root and not a stun.

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Summonner Spells:
Exhaust: Good for Running/Scape or Kill/Assist
Flash: Good for Running/Scape

Regrowth Pendant
Philosopher's Stone
Ninja Tabi/Mercuty Tread
Sunfire Cape
Eleisa Miracle
Thronmail/Banshee veil
Force Of Nature
Warmog Armor

Greater Quintessence of Fortitude: 3
Greater Mark of Fortitude: 9
Greater Glyph of Celerity: 9
Greater Seal of Replenishment: 9

22/08/2011 11:09 AM----> Change Items And Build name
25/08/2011 8:09 PM----> Change Masterys
10/01/2012 1:30 PM----> Change Masterys
10/01/2012 1:30 PM----> Items
10/01/2012 1:30 PM----> Photos
11/01/2012 3:37 Am----> Items

I will post:
Photos Of scores.

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Well i hope u have enjoy this guide. If u have any question or something u think i must post please post it here and i will make the changes. well see u :)