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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TankinOwnage

Amumu an Unlikely Looking Tank

TankinOwnage Last updated on March 19, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey I'm TankinOwnage and this is a great tank guide for Amumu. Which I caution at if you are looking for a jungle guide for Amumu I'm making a purely tank guide. Also I would like to comment this is much more AD defensive that AP defensive but can still be changed as such explained in the Item Purchases paragraph.

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My rune build is only slightly recommended by me because I'm not sure but still fairly positive. I mean if your planning on going completely super tank then these runes are good providing defense, magic resist, and health bonuses, plus you can hit a little harder with the marks. A harsh con that I would probably criticized for is the fact that rune books are made to actually help and that the defensive bonuses arn't significant so offensive runes or some sort of cool down reduction or mana regen are much better. So if you would like to pack a punch go ahead and buy glyphs for mana regen and seals for cool down.

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Max out your defensive masteries because this is a extremely defensive guide for Amumu and the finally mastery is very important for negating damage. If you want to you can put those last 9 points in utility elsewhere in the same category because offensive is virtually pointless. Some alternative suggestion may be lowering a few of your defensive stats to get up movement speed and flash cool down in the utility category.

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It is very important to rush chalice of harmony so get null magic mantle and two health pots for beginning because this item urges you to drain you mana rapidly replenishing it the less there is. Afterward go for boots of swiftness, chain vest, or negatron cloak. I say this considering what you are lacking on. Say the other team has many AP Champions you get negatron cloak and then go for boots of swiftness. Found yourself squishy to some AD Champions? Rush chain vest then go boots of swiftness. If none of those are problems then get boots of swiftness so you can hunt people down better with despair. Now the same reason that you may rush negatron cloak or chain vest early in the game determines whether you replace frozen heart and thornmail with a second force of nature and banshees veil.

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Skill Sequence

Since this is not a jungle guide it is good to max tantrum first instead of despair but still starting with bandage toss of course. Use your skills to harass in the order of bandage throw then toggle despair mid throw and then tantrum on contact. This harassment is great and if they run follow them but if they are in more possession of power run straight back. During team fights is a perfect place for your ultimate because it can change the tide of the battle or get your entire team an escape route. So consequently you use Amumu's ulti right when the tide of the battle turns no matter the outcome good or bad, because if the outcome is looking bad it gives a chance for your team to run away and if you are looking like you might win you make sure at least half of them die when they are binded to stay behind and the others can be easily hunted with bandage toss. On the jungling aspect thought, if your playing a 3v3 and your team decides to kill dragon early you will definitely need to be their because your despair rapes the dragon's health as it does percentage proportions.

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Summoner Spells

For your summoner spell I always love flash as it can get you into and out of mostly anything. When getting away always try to run to wall so flashing through them become much more useful than straight forward. Plus ignite is genius on almost ever situation whenever they are just barely out of range and your on cool downs, or they pop back in on low health for a skill shot you just ignite them and its a kill. One alternative could possibly be ghost for hunting down Champions on low health and if you do switch to ghost spend one of your masteries on the benefit for ghost.

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Team Work

Some of my favorite characters to play with and super AD champions so my stuns allow mass amounts of damages or super AP champions for the same reason. Some specific examples are Ryze, Irelia, Annie, and Blitzcrank. I love laning with Blitzcrank the most because we destroy any other characters at low levels. To begin I stun the enemy with bandage toss so it make Blitzcrank's skill shot rocket grab easier, so at this point we have a stunned close up champ. As they run away Blitzcrank may stop them AGAIN with power fist completely knocking them straight up in the air taking away any last chance of escaping unless they flash in which you flash as well and ulti that sucker. Plus if the battle is long enough then your bandage toss may even be ready to use again on the chase. Lastly I enjoy playing with Irelia and Ryze for their AD AP combo while I hold them still for destruction time.

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Amumu is a great farmer due to his AOE despair and tantrum. Plus the passive affect of tantrum, reducing the cooldown as you receive physical damage owns minions. So the plan for farming is to always toggle on despair when entering a group of minions for giving a chance of a last hit and getting more gold. Furthermore you want to encounter the minions before they give there attention to any other champion or minions so you can cooldown your tantrum faster taking much puny physical attacks from minions. In the beginning you should be around two tantrums per wave of minions. At level 18 with frozen heart's cooldown you can max around 3 tantrums drawing all minions attention and spamming that mofo. Lastly it is very important to last hit minions so time the tantrum even if its on one minion, that is better that none.