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Build Guide by TiagoRemain

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TiagoRemain

Amumu Build By Remain (on account Oo)

TiagoRemain Last updated on December 28, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hi all, this is my 1st build ever, sorry for any mistakes and english misspelling (not my native language)(constructive criticism isaccepted ^^) and this is the champeon I can say that I play best (been on a roll everytime i play with him, altough that my team mates also work with me coordinated, so it is not, and should never be (for every build) a certificate of victory! On we go...

Masteries : I Choose a 0/16/14 build, ran into some mana issues early on with 0/21/9 standart build for tank chars, and i think that the 4% - damage is really not that much important, since u can make out with the items to get enought resist, and this build resolved that 1st problem, without taking out durability (this is a build that was started while solo laning (with a partner that goes jungle) to make it a good stand against 2 other agressors to my lane, make good use of teleport always! (really, they tried, but my lane is always the last one to go down (if it evens go down!))

Summoner Spells: Flash and Teleport. Reasons to this choice: well, Flash early game i tend to use it when the opposition tries to gank to make that last second dodge to the turret, making me and my lane safe, without disrupting the game for my team mate who is jungling and not giving a kill to the other side, and later on, u can flash in team fights, ulti, and grab urself 1 kill and a lot of assists, and winning a teamfight. Teleport, well, self explanotory one, ur in a solo lane, eventually you have to go back, and this is the fastest and safest way to back to your place of being, the lane! And its good to tele for teamfights later on, or push a turret when every1's scattered around the map and the top or bottom lanes have a huge minion wave on tue turrets (Backdorish tanks ftw :D)

Runes: My runes are pretty much standart caster ones (I play support and tanky chars mainly, can't be a fragger, not in my genes lol), except for the magic resists ones, this is still a work in progress, but these ones give me a great damage output, but I'm a tank, so I'm still thinking wich ones are the best runes to get (readers, suggestions please)!

Item order :
1st buy: Doran's Shield (except if the other team is purely AP damage, then i get null magic mantle) and a Health pot (read the opposite team every time, don't follow a guide like a bible, or it won't ever work, really)

2nd:, Mercury's Treads, this is the only item i always get, since almost every char has a ap use skill, even AD heavy chars have them, this pretty much nulls that damage.

3rd: Aegis of Legion, armor, health, magic resist and a friendly aura, what more do you want?

4th: Situational now, if you're having problems with casters, build out force of nature, magic resist best item imo, and the passive is pretty cool, and 8% move speed, are u kidding me? Owns big time! If other team is mainly melee damage, well go on and get a Sunfire Cape (since Sunfire's passive is now unique, still thinking about a last item to finish off the build)

5th: The one you did not got before.

6th: Not available yet :<.

This is how I get my Amumu to tank, not stacking mad amounts of health, I prefer effective resist than getting my HP as high as the sky, to avoid a major damage income from bloodrazors >> yeah, they hurt like pissing razors in a freezing morning.

The way you play should be the one u fell more confident with, I play defensively, frustrating the opposition, and when they make a mistake, Bandage Toss stun near the turret, bye bye ur dead x).

Hope you enjoy this guide, please don't -1 without reasons and leave ur comments ^^ Regards Remain.