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Amumu Build Guide by Trooper

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Trooper

Amumu - Cry Me Some More

Trooper Last updated on September 11, 2011
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The Amumu Twins

Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

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Brute Force
Improved Rally

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Defense: 21

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More stuff will be added once there are some votes. With this build I managed to get 8 win streak with Amumu without problem. Sadly it was broken cause Karthus fed them with 2-18. I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate that guy.

There are two builds. The Lane and the Jungle Personally I prefer Lane one, but developed Jungle just to cover it when it is needed.

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Runes & Masteries

At level 18 Armor & Magic Resistance runes. Magic Penetration is like a standard for Amumu to W them quite directly. While Jungle one goes better with flat Armor and everything else just the same.

Defense Mastery with Dodge, Offense with Magic Penetration you need. Since AD carry will always be picked, and a melee AD you get a Dodge speed bonus from them and minions which is a good thing, and get hit less!

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Items & Summary

This Item build I simply found awesome and is the main reason for creating this guide.
As Lane Amumu I simple love going this way, because it has hardly any Cons.

Early Game, if you are Solo top or in Lane. Play a bit 'stupid' to see if your opponents are naive. Focus on farming, stand still front-next to turret to see if they will bite.

If they do, Bandage Toss them. Use all skills while your Turret nukes them. This is most easy way to get fed and I've done it hundred times.

1st Item
Regrowth Pendant + Health Potion. It will keep you alive in your Lane surely, and let you stick more in it. Problem? Mana.
1st Return.
Philosophers Stone + Boots of Speed.
Run back into your lane, you'll be able to do some light harassing, or extra surviving with these.

Coming up next is a little debate:
Ninja Tabi: +Armor that helps early game. +Dodge that will help you always and grant you speed+survivability. +Cheapest Boots. You'll get more speed with Force of Nature, means Dodging will grant you even greater speed.
Boots of Swiftness, Mercury's Threads. Pick Mercury's if you have no fear of their AD, or if they are heavy on CC.

Upon your next returns, you have to decide.
If their AP or AD are doing too much damage to you, pick Ninja Tabi if you haven't and it should lower their AD damage enough, otherwise pick Chain Vest or Negatron's Cloak. If you think you are doing just great, pick Giant Belt or Eleisa's Miracle. Giant Belt to be able to stay longer in game and tank a bit early. Otherwise, pick Eleisa's Miracle to get your Mana Regeneration high enough and cover it for whole game, also some great regeneration.

As you return, take all of those items, as you will need them soon. I highly suggest getting Warmog's Armor first. Thornamil after, and Force of Nature at the end.

That should be it, as soon as you are done with Warmog's (& Thornmail sometimes) you are practically what everyone is afraid of. Unstopping force that Cries and kills everyone. Make sure your Despair is on whenever you are near someone or chasing. Tantrum to hit them, Bandage Toss to engage, finish off, or harass with ally.

This will leave you one item slot, which is up to you!
I suggest: Banshee's Veil, Guardian Angel, Abyssal Scepter, Void Staff, Sunfire Cape, Rylai's Scepeter. Depending on your need, gold and time remaining.

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Skill Sequence

Get all the 3 skills asap since you will need them always. But it is actually situational.
For Jungle, try to get Bandage Toss at level 4 or 5. Start with either Despair or Tantrum, depending on what fits you more. Take the other one next level and then just continue with what you prefer.

In the Lane. Get Bandage Toss first, Tantrum second, Despair third. Max out Tantrum first, the rest pump into Despair. Bandage Toss is mana costly for Amumu at early game and doesn't need leveling at all. Try getting Blue Buff all the time if you don't have jungler. And if you do, steal theirs then.

Although, if you are on Lane and there isn't much contact, you won't need Despair that soon, so you can skip Despair at level 3 and pick another Tantrum first.

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Summoner Spells

Now this one might be a little... tricky? For lane Amumu at least. Jungle Amumu is definitely Flash+Smite without doubt.

Lane Amumu can, however, stick with many Summoner Spells.

I would recommend: Flash, Ghost, Exhaust.
The 'could work' is also: Heal, Teleport, Ignite, Fortify.
Don't get: Clarity-Mana will only be problem until you get Philosophers Stone>Eleisa's Miracle.
Everything else.

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Farming & Jungling

Farming with Amumu is actually simpler then it might seem, but it depends on how your lane/jungle is doing.

Until you are around level 3-4 your last hit won't be able to finish off Melee Minions hit by turret twice. Use Tantrum on them.

When you push lightly or want to push. Run between Melee and Caster minions with Despair on. Try to hit every minion that isn't being attacked by your minions at least once. When some are getting low on hp. Use Tantrum to finish them off, last hit the remaining.

Similar technique is used in jungle. Start with Blue, do the normal Jungling. Depending on your health, decide if you are able to take on the Red Buff, if not, see if Mid or Bot need any assistance, otherwise return to base.

Pick up Regrowth Pendant or Boots, along with both potions. Run straight back into the Jungle since your Blue won't keep on that long, and try to catch Red. Speed is the key in jungle. Afterwards, finish off the usual route towards Blue and take it.

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End & The Changes

This is the end of my first guide for Amumu!

Feel free to comment and please vote for it in case you have tried it!

11.09.2011. - Fixed the champion order. Combined some chapters to be easier to read. Fixed few bugs.