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Amumu Build Guide by CafScotland

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author CafScotland

Amumu - Crying on Twisted Treeline

CafScotland Last updated on November 19, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Perhaps one of the oddest champions in the League of Legends is the yordle known as Amumu. His life before joining the League remains unknown... especially to Amumu. All he remembers is that he woke up alone inside a pyramid within the Shurima Desert. He was entwined in mummy wrappings and he could not feel his heart beat. Furthermore, he felt a deep sadness that he could not entirely explain; he knew he missed his parents, though he could not remember who they were. Dropping to his knees, Amumu wept into his bandages. No matter what he did, it seemed he could never stop his tears or sadness. Eventually he stood up, determined to wander the world to discover his past. Amumu traveled all across southern Valoran - a feat that is not easily dismissed.

While Amumu still hasn't learned much about his past, he has learned a great deal about who he has become. He is most assuredly undead, though he harbors none of the evil characteristics typical of undead beings. He also seems to keep trouble at arm's length; Amumu was able to traverse all of Southern Valoran without so much as a single bad thing happening to him. He was just sad, and the people and beings he encountered eventually shared his sadness. Ultimately, he made his way north across the Great Barrier to the Institute of War, the home of the League. Amumu's story was compelling to the summoners he met there, and they invited him to take part in a League Judgment. His success within the League as a champion has given Amumu something he desired: a home. With his present (un)life secured, he now hopes the friends he has made will help him discover his past.

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Terms You Need To Know

Terms you need to know:
1 - "AoE": Something that is an AoE will effect an area vs a single target.
2 - "Channel" : If you have to channel an ability you cannot move or cast another ability during that channel or you're channeled ability will stop.
3 - "Stun": If someone is stunned you or you're target, you will be unable to move or cast spells and all channeled abilities will be stopped.
4 - "Suppression": If someone is suppressed you or you're target, they will be unable to use any abilities or move, however all channeled abilities will continue to channel.
5 - "Snare": If someone is snared it means they cannot move but can still cast abilities.
6 - "Passive": A Passive ability means its effect is always happening you do not need to do anything.
7 - "Skill Shot": A Skill Shot ability means you have to actually aim the projectile to make sure it hits its target.
8 - "Instant Cast": An Instant Cast ability means as soon as you hit the ability it will take effect.
9 - "Toggle": A "Toggled" ability means you turn on and off this ability at will with each click.
10 - "CC": Stands for Crowd Control it refers to abilities that stun, snare, or suppress you.
11 - "MR": MR Stands for Magic Resistance its the value of you're opponents protection vs you're magic damage. The more you reduce their MR the more Magic Damage you will deal with you're abilities.
12 - "SR": Refers to the Map Summoner's Rift
13 - "Dom": Refers to the Map Dominion

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His Abilities

Amumu's 'Passive' Ability: Cursed Touch
Attributes: Passive.

Amumu's "Passive" makes all of his auto attacks reduce the enemies MR which will cause those enemies to take increased Magic Damage from you and you're allies.

Get you're auto attacks in as much as possible maximizing the magic damage you and you're allies will be doing to the enemy. You won't be stacking attack speed so this will not be a huge aspect of you're gameplay but even small refinements such as using this passive effectively will help improve you as a whole :).

1 - If you are fast enough to keep up with someone on the run or in general you are just melee'ing each other, it can help to get an auto attack or two in to reduce their magic resistance before using Amumus other abilities. It is entirely situational though and you will have to judge it as you go.
2 - Consider who you are laning with, if you are with a mage and you can tell they want to attack sometimes its helpful to run blocker and get an auto attack in so that you're ally will deal more damage and can attack themselves.

Amumu's 'Q' Ability (Skill Shot): Bandage Toss
Attributes: Skill Shot, Damage, Moves you to Target, Stuns Target.

Amumu's "Skill Shot" ability will send out a rope that will head towards you're targeted location and will NOT be a guaranteed hit on a champion just because you targeted them. Your enemies can(and should) dodge this ability. Upon impact while heading the direction you targeted it will deal damage and stun whatever it hits along that path pulling you to them.

Very handy for preventing enemies from running, stopping an enemies channeled ability or helping enable kills and simply adding damage to a target. The fact that it pulls you to the desired location helps a lot when you are trying to shift positions to help save an ally or ult and use other abilities as needed. Keep in mind you cannot cancel the ability once you cast it, so if you hit something you WILL be pulled to that spot even if you are knocked in the air, which btw does look cool to pull yourself down onto an enemy XD. So you must pick your targets and timing wisely :).

1 - You can rope through walls or trees even if you do not have vision! as long as you hit something on the other side. Once you get proficient with skill shots you will be better at predicting an enemies path and make yourself great at stopping escaping enemies.
2 - Given that this ability stuns for a second you can Interrupt enemies that are channeling an ability so keep an eye out! as you can win team fights simply by preventing an enemies channeled ability since as they are usually powerful.
3 - If you get in too deep and are trying to escape to safety keep in mind you can rope to any enemy Champion, Minion or Monster, so look ahead and see if you can pull yourself farther away from those chasing you :).

Amumu's 'W' Ability (Toggle): Despair
Attributes: Toggle, AoE Damage around you.

Amumu's "Toggle" ability is fairly straight forward, Toggle it on and you start dealing AoE Damage around you, simply toggle it off when you have no targets or enemies leave the AoE effect.

This ability is really how Amumu helps add sustained magic damage during fights. Since this ability is based on a percentage of you're enemies health instead of a flat amount of damage as the game progress's and everyone is constantly gaining health this ability will maintain its damage and even inflict more as you level it and gain more ability power.

1 - Keep an eye on this ability!, try and always remember to turn it off when you are not fighting an enemy champion or you will soon find ourself out of mana. This little bugger tends to be very easy to forget sometimes.
2 - Attempting to stay alive in fights as long as possible will maximize its effect. Sometimes I will start to retreat if I am half health or under and still being focused, only to use Bandage Toss to jump back into a fight once the attention has switched from me(most likely to start running again if they start to focus me xD, rinse and repeat.)

Amumu's 'E' Ability (Instant Cast): Tantrum
Attributes: Instant Cast, AoE Damage around you.

Amumu's 1st "Instant Cast" Ability will deal AoE Damage around you instantly(duh? XD) no targeting needed simply *click* boom :).

This ability really helps Amumu farm and push lanes, but it is also nice for adding extra damage in team fights. Given that you should be Tanking or Off-Tanking in some form most of the time try and cast this as much as possible making sure to hit as many enemies as you can with each cast.

1 - If you are trying to push a lane its a good idea to run ahead of your minion wave so all of the minions focus on you because the more you're hit the faster this ability comes off cool-down. Be cautious of doing this very Early-Game before you can tank minions without much effort because really there is no need to take needless damage if you are about to fight an enemy champion or you need to tank a turret for you're team.
2 - Try and keep the enemies attention on you as much as you can so that you maximize how often you can use this ability, be mindful of how much damage you can take though don't just suicide or you are worthless to you're team :).

Amumu's 'R' Ability (Instant Cast): Curse of the Sad Mummy
Attributes: Instant Cast, AoE Damage around you, Suppression to all around you.

Amumu's 2nd "Instant Cast" ability happens to be his ult and in this case you will not only deal AoE damage around you in a large area you will also be suppressing everyone within that zone as well preventing all movement and abilities for a few seconds.

This is huge for you and your team. You can use this to save your life or a teammates or even to lock down multiple enemies preventing them from moving or attacking or casting for a few seconds which of course allows your teammates free reign to do their thing. This will often Win you those large team-fights when used properly. Its Very important to Remember that this only 'suppresses' and does not 'stun' a target, so you will NOT stop any channeled abilities with this ult. Anybody caught in the radius though WILL be prevented from starting a new channeled ability during the time they are suppressed.

1 - Save this ability for moments when you can disable multiple enemies at once in a team-fight, preferably their damage dealers.
2 - Don't hesitate to use this ability to save your life or an allies, while it would not be the "best" use of the ability it does not mean you should not be saving live's. With that said, however sometimes it is better to let that one ally die if you can see a team-fight coming and can use it to win the larger engagement and thus save more allies life's. Time and Experience are needed to know when to save it and when to cast it so keep practicing.
3 - On the flip side of the previous tip, if you are chasing an enemy you can use it to add an extra disable and extra damage if you think that by doing so your team will get the kill. Watch your minimap and think ahead though, do not waste it trying to kill 1 enemy champion on the run if a team-fight is about to break out, Unless of course that person is a HIGH value target.