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Amumu Build Guide by bobntamr1

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author bobntamr1

amumu dominion

bobntamr1 Last updated on October 11, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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playing dominion with amumu and tips

I have played over 100 games with mumu in dom. i will not say he is OP but far from underpowered. very strong if played well.

I have tried many combos including those regularly used in summoners rift.

TRying to play a character the same as SR builds is insane. dominion needs far different thought processes.

first important thing for mumu ... if there is a team fight ... get in the middle and push them off the turret. the rest of your team (if they know whats what.... gl with that one, they will always chase champs for the kill)they should be taking the turret and making easy cleanup .. this is escpecially true first fight. come in on the opposite side of top turret ... tounge lash to anyone trying to get turret .. they will run and take your damage. once again rest of team can take.

mumu is about dying at the right time .... if you are behind ... make a charge at a known held turret .... (or unheld they will still come) and let hem chase you towards another of their own turrets allowing the rest of team to take just about anyting they want cause u will attract several people rather pist they cant kill you quickly taking them way out of position .... if they lose interest .. tounge them and run more.... this is dominion not SR! die amumu die .... remember to do that when the time is right .. not just charging blindly.

tip 2 .... stay at top turret until you have more than yourself to go anywhere .... i have beaten 4 champs full health solo... heres how: they will all be trying to capture the turret so it does not damage the rest of their team ... move constantly ... get 1 or 2 in your ulti. hit turret damage (heal and regen +80% damage) the standard tantrum .. save tounge for opposite side of turret. never leave the circle!@!!! run in circles and everyone is dead! they think they can get the turret still but cant ... unless they get stun off before you can ulti (which should be -2secs stun slow etc tenacity) do not wait for all 3 or 4 to be in 2 is sufficent to keep alive and turret.

did i mention after the first attempt they will come in masse and never alone or in twos again after several failed attempts???

well i do play a lot and thought i would share how i play mumu. often when having to stand bored in turret .. while team cleans up and 2 opponants + are trying to figure out how to get you out ... advantage rest of team. (same really goes for anyone .. but mumu even when stuned interupts all attempts to capture turret ... if you leave platform you are dead they will jump you with every ability they have .. which is also really cool if you see your team almost there (standard tanking 101) ... another good time to take one for the team.

just take the damage from tounge > tantrum > run back to turret they are pist and coming

tounge > tantrum + run to turret will always get them to chase you they do a little damage are suprised to see you and to see you go ... hit and run ... and can take it in the back. i really cant find another toon i like better to play in dominion personally.

CLARITY!!! this is a solid in dom for mumu ... whine snivel and drone as you wish about how it is useless ... everyone knows that and never thinks of it ... when tears have run you dry of mana the others will come for you pop clarity and ulti/ tantrum etc tounge when they run away. you dont need to use exaust all amumu does in this build is slow everyone. doesnt lower MR but ... this works for me.

randiuns omen ... use it every time you are against champs pref 2. they dont expect it and it is quite a nasty effect on everyone .. expecially in conjunction with all other effects.

another thing is if no slows or stuns on ther team (cough right......) or at least few ap typoes take boots of speed nstead helps get along faster ... but you will want that -2 sec on all stuns etc from tenacity and easiest just to get from boots.

i did not mention the other items i sometimes go for depending on circumstance:
frozen mallet (can replace RO but not anywhere near as the effects) since slows do not stack 2 is sufficient 3 slows takes away from the extra damage of sunfire cape.

i guess i read all the others and dont think they have played as many games in dominion with mumu ... he should be seriously feared if played properly.

oh one more thought ... when you tounge yourself into the crowd ... pull them back towards the team if in the lanes ... they aer targetting you ... of course ... let everyone deal damage. and you jsut peck away at them hehe ... this is the best i have come up with ... any thoughts? please share them. please be kind.