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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lord Spiral

Amumu: Hybrid Caster-Tank

Lord Spiral Last updated on August 14, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is the first build that I have posted so any feedback would be welcome.

I have been an Amumu player since the first day I played LoL and have tried many builds. However, over time I have found this one to be the most useful. Some of you might look at the item list and think, "one Sunfire? pfft I want more". While I like Sunfire capes, I think stacking more than one is a nooby thing to do and refuse to do so. I also think it doesn't offer the versatility that other items give.
*Note about runes. I am not yet even level 20 myself (played on US servers before Season 1, then when Riot took over European and I got back from Uni, I joined EU), and so most of these are just theoretical. While they might be the ones I have listed, you don't have to stick with them. You might want more mana regen for longer laning or more armour for better early level tanking. You can choose what you want, I only have these becuase they're the most useful for different characters and at the few I can get at my level, offer stat boost that would either be minimal or ones that i won't buy but would be useful to have anyway.

As I am not yet level 30, the masteries are also theoretical. If I were to make any changes myself though, it would be to swap the points in Harden Skin for points in Expanded Mind.

Now for the game strategy.

Early Game

Purchase the mana crystal and the health potions, (you can get 1 mana instead of a second health potion but if you play sensibly you shouldn't run out of mana before level 4/5 by which point you should have gone back and bought the catalyst,) and choose the lane with the Golem (top for blue, bottom for Purple) as the Golem buff will be your friend but you don't want to leave your lane partner alone and vulnerable without you.

Try to play efficiently but don't be afraid to use Tantrum to last hit minions but always try to get multiple at once.

At this point Bandage Toss should be saved preferably for either initiating a fight, or chasing a runner as your main form of damage is currently Tantrum.

Once you hit level 5 and have Despair and a full/ almost full mana bar (and of course good health), head for the Golem. Armed with Despair and Tantrum you should be able to kill it quite easily. If you have good mana feel free to use Bandage Toss on him as well to help speed things up but I usually try to wait till I've killed his backup so as not to hit them by accident. If you run low on mana, don't use Bandage Toss and try not to use Tantrum as Despair will be doing more damage for less.

Once you've killed the Golem you'd probably find yourself low on health and mana. Return back to base to heal up and buy whatever is next on the list. Note that if you have the Blasting Wand already but only just enough to buy Boots of Speed, then you may as well grab them as Amumu is a slow character and 350 gold won't take long to earn back, especially with the mana buff.


Teleport back to your lane (or if you think you can get a kill/assist or another lane is losing, go to another). At this point you shouldn't have to worry about Despair sapping all of your mana (thanks to the mana buff) so you can use it freely to help chip off enemy health along with spamming tantrum. Save Bandage Toss for either initiating or chasing or, if you think it can get a kill, nuking.

Use of your Ultimate should preferably be used to either:

  • grab as many enemies as possible and then (assuming you have enough team members with you to not get killed in trying,) progresively kill each one starting with the squishies then moving onto the tanks (throughout which your Despair and Tantrum might be hitting them anyway, leaving them a bit softened up)
  • to snare enemies chasing you or a team mate while on low health (again try and get as many people as possible to prevent anyone getting past)
  • or to snare a runner and follow up with a kill if your Bandage Toss is on cooldown. While not the best use of it, catching more than 1 enemy runner and proceeding to kill them will be worth it.

At about 20 minutes in (usually 18/19 if you last hit a lot of minions) you'll have enough to upgrade to Rod of Ages. Try to do so asap because the earlier you get it, the earlier you can achieve it's full potential.

Follow up With Mercury Treads whenever possible as the extra speed boost would be needed by this stage, as well as the magic resistance and Crowd Control reduction. While on most tanks, I find myself switching to Ninja Tabi if the enemy doesn't have many CC users, With Amumu I generally stick to the Mercury Treads because the magic resistance is more useful than the armour you'll be building shortly.

Start building Sunfire after this, getting whichever is most suitable (Chainmail for physical DPS, Giant's Belt for AP users) first.

In games where you find your team doing very well and aren't dying much, you might find it better to grab one of the items and then build Tear of the Goddess before finishing off the Sunfire Cape, as you'll start earning extra mana sooner (which will give us extra AP soon) and have the extra mana regen to help keep up Despair in fights without finding yourslef unable to cast Tantrum or your Ultimate just when it's needed to most.

Late Game

Once you have both Sunfire and Tear of the Goddess you have a choice. You can either finish off Archangel's staff, or grab a Warden's mail. Which you do will again depend on whether you find yourself short on mana or killing power, or health. Once you grab Archangel's though, you'll find that you're able to keep Despair up for longer periods of time and won't need to return to base as often. Not to mention a huge boost in AP that will help make your Bandage Toss an even better nuke and a better finisher for those pesky runners--if they haven't alredy, they'll soon learn that running away only makes Amumu angry! The AP boost will also give you more damage everywhere else too, and while you may not see it, it is adding something to Despair that makes it even better at chipping of enemy health.

Usually the game ends before I can finish off Randuin's but if you're in a long game or find yourself fed a bit (which I quite often have done with this build), you can finish it off and then grab a Guardian's Angel.

I'd like to point out that if facing a mage heavy team, swapping Randuin's for Force of Nature would be a very good thing to do. In the case of a long game against a mage team, whether you grab Archangel's or Banshee's veil is up to you.

Other items I find myself switching Randuin's for are: Frozen Heart (extra health and cooldown reduction), Rylai's Crystal Sceptre (extra health, some good AP and best of all an ability effect slow, that when coupled with Despair, will give Amumu a slow aura that will allow you to grab even more kills and assists. If you're on a mage heavy team, you might also find grabbing a Will of the Ancient instead as this gives you 70 AP, allies near you 30 AP and gives both your and nearby allies 15% life steal. Which is quite good as it returns 15% of your Bandaye Toss, and then 5% on Tantrum and Despair, moves which can do a lot of damage in crowded spots and where the amount healed won't go unnoticed.

Thank you for reading my guide and I hoep this guide has helped those Amumu players who want to turn their assists into kills.
Any feedback and suggestions to improve it (both on layout, which I hope to improve as I get more experience with the guides, and the build itself, especially on the choice of runes to use).