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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author vonEagle

Amumu: In The Jungle

vonEagle Last updated on June 3, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to my guide for Jungle Amumu.

Before we begin, please do not complain about how Amumu is better outside of the jungle, is incapable, etc. This is best played in a game with people you know, and with no other jungler. This guide does not assume you will have a massive amount of kills, though you will receive many assists with this build.

Why Amumu:
Amumu is an Initiator, a Tank, a Jungler, an amazing team asset, and a reasonably competent early game ganker with decent support and an Ult. He is small, and amazingly deadly. His mere presence can sometimes kill people off, and he is truly the tank that your foes cannot afford to ignore, or else they will die.

Masteries and Reasonings:
1 point in Smite: Additional gold, reduced cooldown. You will use smite repeatedly early on in the jungle, and it is excellent for ensuring that nobody steals your golems.

Defensive Mastery maxed: Allows you to successfully make 3 creep camps at the beginning, also allows for regen for longer jungle runs.

Utility: EXP and Regen help us keep up with the solo (or one level behind) while jungling.

Summoner Skills:
Smite is necessary for a jungling Amumu. You are not able to effectively make enough gold to make it worthwhile without continually returning between one or two creep camps.

Clarity is necessary because Amumu is a mana *****, and we don't get any extra mana. You will use this often while jungling early on, even with a Golem buff. Late game it is useful for extended fights and team pushes.

Skill Order Reasoning:
I know that many people who read this will give me a bad rap for not having Tantrum maxed before Despair. My reasoning behind this is that Tantrum gives you a fairly low damage boost (though admittedly with a 1 second CD reduction per level). Tantrum allows you to get solid damage on any target as long as you follow them. Tantrum also takes a percentage off of creeps. Golems, Lizards, and Dragons will all take 2.7% of their Max HP at level 9 per second with this build. Smite speeds this process up.

Bandage toss is added at level 4 for roaming ganks, which will likely occur around level 6.

Items and Reasoning:
Doran's Shield is the most beautiful item for jungling. A little armor, regen and HP allow you to have few worries about early jungling, especially with Smite. An HP pot ensures that you remain at high HP in case of a gank.

Shoes are gotten after your first trip home. (I will explain my basic jungling order in the next section) After this, pick up a sunfire at the first available convenience. Sell the Doran's Shield once you need a quick 200 for a sunfire purchase, or once you need your 6th item.

If need be, pick up items out of order. If the enemy is using lots of CC/Magic early on, get Mercury treads after the first sunfire. If they are heavy on the Magic, or get early bloodrazors, get the Negation Cloak and/or Force of Nature after the 2nd sunfire.

In a good game, you should have all of these items by the 40 minute mark. Even in a bad game, you should have most by the 50-55 minute mark (assuming the game goes on that long, which you should be able to do).

Alternate items: Replace 4th sunfire with Banshee's Veil or Guardian Angel. Guardian Angel is a great option if you die regularly, as your auras tick when you are dead AND you get back up. Banshee's Veil is much more valuable if they are spell heavy, plus it helps solve the mana issue that Amumu has to worry constantly about.

Jungling 101:
Amumu's guide to basic jungling.
Do not start by taking a Golem or Lizard. These are hazardous to your health.
Do not assign your first skill until you arrive at the creep camp and they spawn. If the camp spawns Golems, get Despair as usual, if the camp spawns Wolves, get Tantrum to start.
My primary creep camp is the one adjacent to Golem, as they are more likely to have Golems there.
1) If Golems: Hit one, turn Despair on, smite the one you hit immediately. Finish it off fast. Leave Despair on and finish the other off. You should immediately level with the Golems present if you have enough EXP boosters. If Wolves: Smite the large one to start the fight, tantrum and conserve your mana as best as possible by alternating hits between the small ones, these guys tickle.
2) Wraiths: Tantrum in the middle to start off the fight. If you fought Golems, you should turn despair on as well (Wolves you will not be at level 2 yet). You will need to use Clarity half-way through this fight. If you are still level 1, you will need to use an HP pot to stay in good Health.
3) Proceed to the 3rd non-buff camp. Wait for smite to come up (the extra 5 gold helps, and makes the fight faster). Repeat as though it were the first camp, using Tantrum and Despair in Tandem. Unless both camps were Wolves, you should be level 3 now.
4) Warp home, wait 5 seconds and get basic shoes (you should be at 340-350 gold once you return).
5) Proceed immediately to your Golem. Tantrum to start the fight, leave Despair on the entire fight. Smite the Golem immediately (unless you fear a gank) to begin its Cooldown timer.
6) Go destroy the nearby camp. Proceed to destroy the Wraiths afterwards if you have enough HP.
7) Return home and heal. Once smite comes back up, take the Lizard Buff for yours. Destroy the Wraiths and/or Golems/Wolves nearby them.
8) By this point, you should be level 5-6, and be able to effectively begin roaming ganks. Have 3 of the following when you begin a gank: Lizard, Bandage Toss, Ult, Mana and/or Clarity.

You will perform a textbook gank, if possible, save the bandage toss for when your ult runs out, or for catching a running player. Keep Despair on at all times! Despair will continue to tick for a sizeable amount of HP, especially in tandem with Lizard Buff. You should net a lot of assists or kills on your ganks, as you have lots of Crowd Control options.

After a gank or two, if your enemies are not taking their own buffs, take theirs (especially Golem). Save Smite for when it hits approximately 1,000 HP to prevent counter-theft.

Mid game (1-2 Sunfires and Merc Treads), you should have 1-3 deaths, and about a half dozen kills and/or assists. Do not whine about not getting kills. Assists will net you a lot of gold, especially once you have Sunfires doing a sizeable amount of damage to your enemies. Do not be afraid of tower diving against weak enemies without slows/stuns, as you have the HP and Armor to suck up a few tower hits. Do not be overzealous with tower diving, you are not invulnerable.

Late game, you should be leading the charges in a lane. If your team is well co-ordinated, begin leading charges against your enemies. Walk in and Ult, save your bandage for their most troublesome enemy as soon as your Ult wears off (you will learn the timing quick, 2.5 seconds). You may die often if the enemy focuses you, but you will be annihilating their entire team if they let you live.

Calculation on Damage/Crunching Numbers: (Assumes a 3,000 HP hero)
Despair: 24 + 2.7% of their HP/second
Sunfire: 40 Apiece (160 total)/second
Magic Resistance: let's assume the enemies wisened up with a Banshee's Veil, and have 90 Magic Resist, which is approximately 45% Reduction (I am ballparking this)

Despair + 4 Sunfires = 184 Base Damage Per Second, plus 2.7%. Against a 3000 HP hero, this comes to be 81 Damage Per Second. This is a total of 265 Damage Per Second before resists. After a 45% Reduction, this comes to 145.75 damage/second. Assuming you have no help, no other skills, and survive long enough, you will destroy this champion in about 20.5 seconds. Your Ult, Tantrum, and Bandage Toss (plus any allies nearby) will greatly speed this up.

If you attack them and your passive ticks, it removes 40 Magic Resistance. This will reduce their Resitance to approximately 50, or about a 35% reduction (estimating the reduction). After a 35% reduction, the same damage will be about 172.25 damage/second. This will destroy this champion in about 17.5 seconds.

Many squishy champions do not have 3,000 HP, or 90 Magic Resistance. Often times, a low HP champion will fall in a matter of seconds because they stayed within your aura range or could not escape.

Reason why I am crunching these numbers: Even a fighter with a decent resist item (Veil) will fall with your mere *presence*. Even if you do not net the kill, you will get lots of assists (and assist gold)! At the same token, if your enemies flee, do NOT waste time attacking them; just chase them! Any sizeable teamfight with you present should be over in 10-20 seconds. Spam Tantrum, take down enemy veils with it, and Ult. 2.5 seconds of enemies not being able to attack back (spells only) is a long time. Add a Bandage Toss in on an individual, and some may not be able to fight back at all.

I hope you enjoyed this guide, please leave constructive criticism if you have any.