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Amumu Build Guide by santiagoceva

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author santiagoceva

Amumu - Inmmortal, Danger and Jungler...I Need more?

santiagoceva Last updated on September 29, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Ok, this is my first Post and i ask pardon for my bad inglish
I Use this build for a long time ago and i finish games with 30-0-a lot...Imposible is nothing...for Amumu
Another thing...the next week i go to re-Study the Rune Set...maybe i change some Resilence Runes for Armor/Level but not all cuz i end with out cap the Armor Defence and its important for the finals Tower Push

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Ok..Runes, i need to Re-Study this, but maybe i change the Quintaessence of armor for Armor/level..Maybe...i dont Know and the same for Some of the other armor Runes

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This is the Nice part of the guide

Ok...First of All...the Items i put in the list are the "Standar" Build...but..every game is diferent, same the item build...
Follow the List but Stop just when you but the Mercury boots...
Next Analize the Enemy team(and yours) but most important the other team
Remember this, you only work here is RESIST DAMAGE, all of it...a Good Amumu can Dance in the middle of the all enemys and Win the Battle
ok, let go and when i know hoy attack the item pictures this will be more nice
If the Enemy Team have a character like Karthus, Nunu, Veigar, Galio is a very Nice Option Buy the Banshee Vail, this items protects you for their Stupid and Sexys Ults
Know, see their team... if they are..:

5 AD(Amumu Picture Nº2): Actualized

4AD - 1AP(Amumu Picture Nº2):after Thronmail buy Force of Nature...then continues

3AD - 2AP or 2AD - 3AP(Amumu Picture Nº1): Ok, this is more hard now, i recommend the main Item Build but change the priority waching if some1 have a lot of damage

4AP - 1AD or 5AP(Amumu Picture Nº3), ok, fast...Force of Nature, Banshee Vail, Abysall Scepter, Guardian Angel and Warmog, if you are wining...if you want buy Rabadon to kick ***es

ok, this is the essence, you must change the items to the circunstances, if you are wining something like 30-10 you can change some armor for AP i recomend the combo Abyssal+Rabadon
is is a little more herder, change the Rabadon for the Rylai's for the HP and the AP

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Pros / Cons

Pros: Great Initiator, Jungler, Lot of AOE Damage ALL THE TIME, Very Hard Tank, Great chaser
CON: Squishi and useless until Lv4, High Mana Consume and dependant(if you are a Amumu with out mana, you can do nothing..only a HP Waking Bag), and you MUST Start jungling in Blue..later we talk about this

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Creeping / Jungling

Creeping...when you must farm gold in the end of the game try go alone and with out minions, you kill faster if the enemie's minion hits you for the tantrum, only that

First the Standar order
Blue Golem, Wolves, Whraits, Red Lizard, Golems, Wolves, Whraits and GANK!*****(i must add later when you go base for boots and if you finish this route you are lvl 4) i say, you must Start in blue buff...
we have 3 Options
A)if their have a jungler...ganked with all of your team and steal the Buff and the Womans
B)If their NOT have Jungler, Start in their Blue buff, no1 go in the first lvl to that place and no1 gank you there, Kill and Steal the treasure!
C)If their have a Jungler, Kill your oun blue buff with some protection, and pray...but first stay in the river bushes for check the Enemies

Jungle Preys:
Against a Olaf Jungler...get your blue buff, kill wolf and Whrites...know..get in the Red Lizard Enemy Bushes and Ganks Olaf when he attack the Red Lizard(try to Steal the buff with Smite) the Olaf go with low HP to the lizard...easy prey...easy first blood, later i put more enemy junglers

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Team Work

your first and important mission...GANK!
in Lv4 and with boots search your first pray, how?
First, if they have to a Jungler, Search the 2vs1 Lane to make it a 3 vs 1 of not or if you go into a weak line
look the enemies Gear...put signal in the Squshy and Non Boots equiped Enemy, Press W in the bushes, when the enemy close enougth into your tower or figth againt your friend Use Bandages and get the kill
when you have ulti, go againt the 2 vs 2 lane, when the enemy push, run, use Ulti, hit hit, Bandages hit and kill

for gank is very importan use signals or better, Voice chat
buy some wards for check the Bot and Top river bushes, Dragon, and Bluee Buff(your and the enemy golem) but if you can, say to the support to buy the need money, and you are the team star

ok, and for last for now....the Team Figths
frist, you must make time for our team can prepare, if the enemy push stay down of the tower, run to the enemy and back, remember, dont go to much, is only for make time, if you dont loose a single point of HP Better...well, you can loss some have force of much hp regen.., when the team is ready, RUN TO THE ENEMY and use bandage againt is Carry or support and use the ULTI, at the end of the ulti at least the carry or support must die, know, continues with the Squshy ones, if some Trynda or Nasus or something like that attack to your carry use bandages to defrend it, now chase the enemys with bandages, despair and tantrum