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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BartYsCZECH

Amumu Jungle+Tank+AP = WIN

BartYsCZECH Last updated on April 5, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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You can see this build in action at , because im streamin for morecowbell!

Explain for lich bane - giving u AP,Resist and speed at same time :) now enjoy

Hey guys , this is actually my first build here.Im using this like every time on amumu.
And the reason ? 170 Armor , 216.4 Magic resist and still have 305 ability power !
Ye thats how this build rulz , nobody can kill u easy , and u cryin on everyone
smashing everyone with ur head and with ulti !

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I take it fast.Buy cloth armor and 5 pots


1. Blue buff (best if someone hit it for u) use ur POT
2. Wolves - use pot and one time tantrum
3. Wraiths - use pot and one time tantrum
4. Golems - use pot , tantrum - use smite only if u got low HP
5. Red buff - only if u got more then HALF HP , then u go on RED and use pot and smite
6. Go back , buy Heart Of God , and now its only on u what u gonna do !

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For first im getting HEART OF GOD,this item giving u golds and armor what is important for jungle.Then im go for mercury treads , they will increase ur movement speed for ganking and give u some magic resist.After it im building Abysal scepter,this item give u magic resist and ability power (now u gonna be so succesful in ganking!). Then im goin for Omen,this will give u serious armor and for teamfight AOE SLOW.After im goin for some resist and ap,now its time for lich bane! This item will give u some ap , some resist and some movement speed. At now u are best ganker ! :) but this still not and , u must own all summoners. Its time to improve ur ABILITY POWER for real ! Thats why i buying Deathcap , now u gonna own all , u just fly with ur bandage to team fight , use ulti for 500-800 damage (its based on level) then u start cryin and then smashing someone with ur head.Now u owning game probably.But for sure we gonna build Banshee's . Now ure immune to negative spells for every 30 secs of banshees cooldown and u got over 200 magic resist.Now its the time to say "Im amumu , im never dead, im king of the world!"

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Lets see closer my masteries.

Ofcourse i got on mastery in SMITE (default for jungle)
Now lets see why 16 at def and 13 in util..
16 in def give u pretty nice defense like on other tanks.Its acceptable for tank like this.
13 in utility gives u better exping (faster) what is important for jungle! Reduces ur time dead,its very useful in teamfights.Incrase ur mana regenaration for jungling with tears.Increase time of buffs on you (blue and red). And ofc reduce ur flash summoner spell cooldown.

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My runes are pretty simple, like on every good tank and jungler.

But i you want know why thats reason.

For first quintes

give u lil more advantage in HP.And its pretty useful in jungle.


give you some penatration . What is this ? This give u advantage against oponents magic resist.So u doin more magic damage (ability power) what is sooooo useful in late game and even at start for first ganks.


giving u some armor , what is useful in fights against AD chars and ofc in jungle.Creeps in jungle doin lower damage to you.


are probably most important thing.Because like everybody knows most damage what u will recieve is from casters.So glyphs giving u magic resist per level.And that is ofc advantage for all game but best advantage at lvl 18.

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Summoner Spells

Lets take a look at summoners spells


Why flash ? Answer for this is pretty simple - FOR GANKS !!! For awesome ganks. On 6 level u can just hide in bush , use ur bandage if someone is in range , but if hes not ! You can use ur flash , then bandage , then ulti. Flash is also good to chasing , someone getting away from u ? Nevermind ! Use ur flash , then bandage and hes down for sure. Next reason why flash is EPIC ESCAPES ! You know , when u running low HP , alies are far away its only one way out! Go to some wall and then flash over it and youre good! :)


If u had to ask. Its simple for jungle , for golds and for team. For golds like seriously ? Yea,seriously. You will get 5 golds for every used smite! Isnt that awesome ?
For team ? Yes , for team. When ur team doin dragon , u can make it lil faster . Come there use ur smite and dragon have 450 hp down . Same think for baron ! I can say this - 2 smites in team are pretty good actually , dragon is always in ur hands !

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Skill Sequence

All right , amumu is great jungler so now im goin to explain why this skills.

1.Level Skill - DESPAIR :

You gonna seriously need this at jungle,u cryin all time after blue.And even when u doin blue.Bcs it doin instantly damage to all creeps/players who standing at it.

2.Level Skill - TANTRUM :

You will need this to stack at all game.This skill is what making amumu for your jungle u gonna use it just like i said it in Jungling(scroll up for junglin).This skill doin damage to all creeps/players in front of amumu.
3.Level Skill - TANTRUM : Like i said u need to stack tantrum up.So hit it again for more damage.

4.Level Skill - BANDAGE :

On four level you have to go ganking sometime,for this you will need bandage.With this skill you gonna hit ur enemy with some damage and instantly fly to him and stuning him.

5.Level Skill - TANRUM :

And again like i said you have to stack this skill.For more damage.

6.Level Skill - CURSE OF THE SAD MUMMY :

Ofcourse for 6 level you need to stack your ultimate.Its the only way to gank more and be useful in teamfights.This skill stunning everybody in area of skill and doin some damage.

7.Level Skill - TANTRUM :

Again we're goin to stack this for more damage

8.Level Skill - DESPAIR :

At this level you have to choose from BANDAGE and DESPAIR. Ofcourse we're selecting DESPAIR coz it doin percent damage from player HP and 24 damage.

9.Level Skill - TANTRUM :

This is last time when we can stack tantrum , now is tantrum on max level.

10.Level Skill - DESPAIR :

Again we have to choose bandage or despair. And again we choosin despair , its more useful then bandage.

11.Level Skill - CURSE OF THE SAD MUMMY :

Now we're stacking ultimate for doin stun for better time and doin ofc more damage.

12.Level Skill - DESPAIR :

Again we have to choose despair , not bandage.Despair is a lot better for fights. You can destroy tanks with it.

13.Level Skill - DESPAIR :

And again stacking up DESPAIR,now is despair maxed.

14.Level Skill - BANDAGE :

Now we dont have any other skills to stack,so we gonna stack bandage.

15.Level Skill - BANDAGE :

Again we have to stack bandage.

16.Level Skill - CURSE OF THE SAD MUMMY :

Now its time for stacking ulti,probably in that time ur ulti doin 500 + 150 Damage.

17.Level Skill - BANDAGE :

We dont have other skills , so lets stack up bandage.For more damage and longest stun.

18.Level Skill - BANDAGE :

Now is bandage maxed out , your level is maxed our . And you probalby winning the game.

GL and HF!