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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Amumu Build Guide by Dementional

Amumu Little But Powerful

Amumu Little But Powerful

Updated on January 4, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dementional Build Guide By Dementional 6,493 Views 0 Comments
6,493 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Dementional Amumu Build Guide By Dementional Updated on January 4, 2012
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Hello We are C&C, and have future plans to make alot guides, for you summoners.
I/Dementional Play Amumu as a Mage / Tank / Jungler

If you dont like the build, always leave a message so i can improve the guide for everyone.

Please Vote Up, Dont Vote down if you haven't tried it.

My Guide name is because, Amumu is so powerful, he can slay every tank, with no problems.

In my Opinion i'll say that Amumu is the best tank in the game.

He's powerful just from the beggining till the end.
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Game Phases

Early Game:
Amumu can't do that much early game, he gets hit without can't do anything, but when you hit level 5 & 6 you'll be more powerful than them.
Then it's just throw your bandage, make a typhoon of tears to them, and Tantrum them, almost everytime they are on low HP, very effective.
When your level 6, your rotation should be this: Bandage Toss, Curse of the Sad Mummy, Tantrum and Despair, if you've timed it right, you will have your bandage toss up for stunning them again, 90-100% of the time they are dead.

And, when you are against high melee auto-attackers that are overextending, I.e. Master Yi, Tryndamere, Jax, you are able to Bandage Toss and then Tantrum and run back to safety without being damaged. This is a good way to harass with Amumu at a low level without taking much damage. At this time you should have already recalled out and back in for your Philosopher’s Stone and should have the Health Regen and Mana Regen to heal if you got damaged a bit in the process or get damaged when using Tantrum to farm.

The entire goal for the early game as Amumu is to farm as much gold as possible and try to help your laning partner get as many kills as possible.
I would say if you could make your jungle decide if you can get the blue buff, you are more powerful than many other champion.
Because if Amumu, gets the blue buff, he can cry all the time and Tantrum, Result= High Farming, and alot of gold.

While your in the Mid-game you have to focus on getting the Golem Buff as much as possible, ganking as many people as possible, and pushing as many turrets as possible. Team fight are a must in the Mid-game and you are the key to winning those. If you can time your Curse of the Sad Mummy properly your team should be able to take out at least 3 enemies in a team-fight. If things go bad you are pretty good at escaping due to your stun, ability to pull through walls, and do high damage to anyone dumb enough to follow you closely.

I Love late game with Amumu, if people are clever enough they will have to focus you.
If your almost done with your build, people can't deal damage to you.
If you can time your Curse of the Sad Mummy, you'll win every teamfight there is.
You can almost take every tower down now, because they'll give you no damage.
Amumu late game, can kill everyone 1 v 1 late game.
He can even do Baron Nashor late game.
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Skill Rotation

Bandage Toss is so good for ganking, it may be hard in start by hitting.
Bandage Toss is a skill-shot, if you're good skill-shotting you can jump out of teamfights, and in teamfights.
If you're doing this: Bandage Toss, followed by a tantrum

Despair: Amumu cries on his enemies, dealing magic damage + percent damage every second.
Very good with Sunfire Cape, it's doing major damage, with abyssal scepter.

Tantrum: Amumu activates Tantrum dealing high damage, everytime amumu gets hit my attacks he's tantrum reduces one second. The Passive reduces damage to him.
Tantrum is very good if you farm minions, and clean the minion wave in only a bit seconds.
Tantrum deals high AoE damage.
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I allways take Regrowth Pendant because of higher lane sustainability, and jungle makes it alot easier, i takes Healing Potion because of being longer in jungle, and longer lane sustainability.
I allways stay at the lane as long as possible, when im getting enough gold, i'll recall and buy boots, and Giants Belt.

If you are against Attack Damage team, like Tryndamere, and those, i'll recommend you take Thornmail, Randuins Omen, and Frozen Heart, but at last buy Eleisa's Miracle.

If you're against high ability power nuke champions, i'll recommend you'll buy: Force of Nature.

I'll recommend if you are not vs CC champion, you can buy Shurelya's Reverie instead of Eleisa's Miracle.
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Skill Sequence

1. I Max Tantrum in the start because it does alot dmg and makes my jungle alot faster.
2. Second Max is Despair, and why i max that at second is because it makes jungle faster, and clean the minions while my Tantrum are on CD.
3. Bandage Toss is maxed at last, because i only use it to make gank or pull.
4. Curse of the Sad Mummy = Pure Awesomeness
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Summoner Spells

Smite is ofc the most important thing for jungling Amumu.

Many Summoners take Exhaust, but i'll recommend that you dont take it. I see many Amumu takes it but i still doesn't recommend it.

I dont take Teleport because: You have a much better ganking while having flash ready, many Amumu's use it for farming at lanes and stuff, but you can take teleport if u dont wanna jungle, because this is a allround guide, u can use it for: 3v3, 5v5, Jungling, Solo Lane, Mid (not recommeded).

Flash is the second Summoner Skill I use because it helps me to place my ultimate much better which can make or destroy a team fight. I also use Flash as an escape way in case I'm being ganked, or I just can't go 1v1 against whoever I'm versus. I also use this to get past minions to get an unsuspecting champion with my Bandage Toss without him being able to dodge it. Many people don't understand that using Flash with Amumu is not because you need a important rather it allows you to go massively more aggressive.

If you aren't level 13 then i recommend you take Ghost
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Creeping / Jungling

My Jungle Path are:
1. Blue Buff, for having my Tantrum and Despair up.
2. Wolf Camp, free golds.
3. Wraiths
4. Golems
5. Red Buff
6. Gank
7. Wolf Camp
8. Wraiths
9. Golems
If the other team doesn't have a jungler, you do it like this:
1. Your own Blue Buff
2. Your own Wolf Camp
3. Your own Wraiths
4. Your own Golems
5. Your own Red Buff
6. Gank
7. Their Blue Buff
8. Their Wolf
9. Gank
10. Their Wraiths
11. Their Golems
12. Their Red Buff
13. Gank
14. Keep Sure that you almost always have blue buff on you.
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Mastery Points

Mastery points are to be done how you prefer. Good sets would be:
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Marks: For Marks I use Greater Mark of Insight for the flat Magic Penetration. I find that it helps my overall damage I recommend it for Amumu. I know no alternatives, if someone would like to share, that would be nice but seeing as every Summoner should have ArPen and MPen marks, MPen is recommended.

Seals: For Seals I use Greater Seal of Resilience for the armor in jungle, late game, and for normal laning. I find that it greatly helps me in the jungle.

Glyphs: For Glyphs i take Greater Glyph of Warding because, it helps me in early game, and because i doesn't take much magic resist in my build.

Quintessences: For Quintessences I use Greater Quintessence of Focus for the CD reduction. It helps me initiate fights more often, harass better, and farm better. This also applied to my summoner skills which allow me even more farming and more protection against people back-dooring turrets.
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Team Work

Amumu is able to make your team win 100 %
If u just plan your ultimates together you'll win.
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Great Combo's with Amumu

I can Prefer these Combo's:
Amumu - Brand
Amumu - Sona
Amumu - Soraka
Amumu - Viktor
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Summoner Skills:

Teleport: Good for farming and protecting from back-doors.
Flash: Good for running, chasing, initiating a fight, or aiming your ultimate.
Ghost: Good for chasing, but not recommended.
Exhaust: Good for chasing and is actually viable since I removed Rylai's Crystal Scepter but personally I still do not use it.

Philosopher's Stone
Boots of Swiftness
Sunfire Cape
Eleisa's Miracle
Abyssal Scepter
Force of Nature
Guardian Angel

Game Phases:
Early Game: First-blood, farm, farm, farm.
Mid Game: Farm, gank, team fights, push, level up.
End Game: Gank, team fights, Baron Nashor, back-dooring, Nexus, victory.

Greater Mark of Insight
Greater Seal of Clarity
Greater Glyph of Celerity
Greater Quintessence of Celerity OR Greater Quintessence of Fortitude
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Pros / Cons

Amazing initiator
Amazing farming
Can tank and have good DPS at the same time

Cons: Squishy Early-game
People will often tell you that you are bad early game
Many kill-steals, accidental or not.
Not recommended for level 30 play
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Want to Play With Me

If you ever want to play with me, feel free to send friend request.

Server: Nordic & East
Summoner Name: Dementional

I Hope you guys will vote my guide up, it could we amazing.

Peace Dementional
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