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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TzmK

Amumu: Offence is the Best Defence

TzmK Last updated on November 5, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This build is for a DPS orientated Amumu. I've played many tank build Amumu's but after looking at and using the guide: Amumu: The Bipolar Fireball I immediately had more fun playing Amumu as well as winning more games. So after playing many games with Juffalo's guide I've made some changes and what I feel to be improvements.

Summoner Spells

In my opinion and experience there are only 2 summoner spells worth having on Amumu, which are as follows:


Flash can be used as an escape tool in the early levels to avoid getting ganked. It can also be used as a initiation spell to help you position your ultimate perfectly. Or it can just aid in chasing down those fleeing enemies.


Teleport will be your second spell as it will help you get to your lane quicker after your shopping trips or you can use it to quickly grab yourself some extra XP by taking out those creep waves that are pushing your tower. In brief, teleport helps you level and gain gold at a much higher rate. It's as simple as that.



Max Archmage's Savvy as this skill has the least amount of fail for tier 1. Then throw your left over point into Deadliness, simply because it's got nowhere else to go.

Now we're onto tier 2 and can max out Sorcery. 3% cooldown on all of Amumu's abilities can only be a good thing.

Finally finish off your offence tree with Archaic Knowledge. about 90% of the damage you do with Amumu will be magic based, so this comes in very useful indeed.


Now we have to remember that we're playing a DPS Amumu, so our masteries will be aimed at dealing the most damage. Not for damage reduction.


Our tier 1 of utility is really straight forwards. We grab Spatial Accuracy to improve our teleport spell (which in turn improves XP and gold gain). Then we max Perseverence. 4% increased health and mana regeneration isn't a lot, but it's still a great help as your abilities will be draining your mana dramatically.

For tier 2 you max out Expanded Mind. More mana means the longer you can have despair activated which means more damage and more kills. Which makes everybody happy.

For tier 3 you should max out Meditation for reasons you're becoming familiar with now. Now I've chosen to take Greed and only have 1 point in Utility Mastery. This is just my personal preference as I'm lazy and sometimes forget to get the blue buff all the time, or sometimes it gets stolen, etc. In short, the extra gold per 10 will always help me out and i still get increased buff timer. If you're more focused than I am and are happy to shout at everybody to leave your golems alone then by all means drop greed and put your second point into maxing utility mastery.

In the 4th tier you take Blink of an Eye. Flash is an amazing spell, but when it's on cooldown it's useless. So this just helps decrease the cool down time. We also max Quickness. All of Amumu's spells are close range with the exception of Bandage Toss, which is useless if you cant get in range to hit them with. So the 3% extra movement speed just helps us catch upto that fleeing enemy, or run away and escape when otherwise you would have died.

Max out Intelligence in tier 5. 6% cool down reduction on all of our abilities is great, as Amumu is basically useless for those seconds when his skills are on cool down.

Finally take Presence of the Master to reduce the cool downs of our summoner spells, because as youre painfully aware by now. A spell on cool down isnt a spell at all.

Rune Build

The runes are fairly self explanatory so i'll be brief.


We take Greater Mark of Insight x9. The magic penetration is a great boost to Amumu's damage.


For our seal's we use Greater Seal of Clarity x9. Mana regen due to our mana thirsty play style.


We want Amumu's ultimate to be available at every opportunity. So Greater Glyph of Celerity x9 really help us out there.


I choose Greater Quintessence of Vitality x3 here. This is due entirely to my play style. I feel you dont do enough damage early game to play aggressively, and flash is always your backup if things go wrong. So I use these as you get more HP than the flat HP runes from level 12 onwards. If you feel you're dying too much early game or for whatever reasons you can think of then by all means swap them out for Greater Quintessence of Fortitude x3

Skill Sequence

Tantrum is your main skill. You want to level this at every oppurtunity. Each time you level it you gain increased physical damage reduction, increased damage, and cooldown reduction for this ability. In early game use this to last hit creeps, and if possible, enemy champions as well.

You want to get Bandage Toss at level 2 and then forget about it until the end. Don't level it until the end because the stun duration doesn't increase with level, only your damage. This is your stun skill. It's always good to have it there as an option. That option being chasing down a fleeing enemy on low health. Using it on enemy minions to get a little speed boost as you run away. But always remember that it is a stun skill, and can be used to interrupt skills such as katarina's ultimate or galio's ultimate for example.

Despair will be the skill you focus on levelling after tantrum and your ultimate. It deals varying damage depending on the enemies maximum HP. In short. It melts the face's off tanks. Late game it will probably be your highest damage dealer. Always activate this when going in for a gank.

Curse of the Sad Mummy is your ultimate ability. the damage it deals isn't all that great but it does still deal damage all the same. It also has a 2 second snare (players can still cast spells). This is in my opinion the best ultimate by far for team fights. It keeps everybody in pace whilst you can whale on them with tantrum all the time despair ticks away at their health. You should always initiate with this ability, just remember to catch as many champions in it as possible. Also don't be afraid to use it on a fleeing hero to ensure the kill.

Item Purchases

Early Game

Start the game off with a Regrowth Pendant and 1x Health Potion (just in case) and try to get the lane with blue buff. As soon as you hit 365 gold, port back to base and finish your Philosopher's Stone and teleport back into the action, health and mana regen are nice, but we have this for the extra gold which is why we port back to buy it so early.

Once you reach 1450 gold, (your teleport should be off cooldown thanks to your masteries, if it isn't then wait for it to come off cooldown), port back to base and buy Boots of Speed and a Giant's Belt then port to the second further base tower or the creep line then go kill golem and get your blue buff for the first time.

Mid Game

Once you hit 1400 gold again port back to base and buy your Sunfire Cape. Now teleport if you can, or run to the blue buff above dragon, grab that then kill the dragon (don't forget to use bandage toss, it still deals damage too). Once the dragon's down finish off your Mercury's Treads and join in the team fights/gank's. Always try to get blue buff. And slay the dragon whenever it spawns.

Late Game

Next you want to build your Force of Nature. This item comes with health regen and armour which is nice, but the main reason for purchase is the 8% movement speed increase. As i've stated before Amumu needs to be close to the target before he can do damage. So this will help you do just that.

then we build a Sheen and turn that into a Lich Bane. Again the movement speed on here ensure's we'll always be next to our target dealing damage to them when we need to be, it also helps us escape if things go wrong. You also get ability power with this item which helps as all of Amumu's abilities get boosted by this. The passive is also a great help to DPS Amumu aswell. 100% damage increase on your next attack after using an ability. This is a fairly big damage increase for Amumu. As it'll proc after your bandage toss, and also off your tantrum which you'll be spamming madly in team fights.

I pick up a Rylai's Crystal Scepter after that. The added ability power means that your despair will be dealing an extra 1% of the target max HP in damage per second. But your despair will also proc the passive every 1 second meaning enemies are permanently slowed by 15% aslong as you have despair on. It also comes with health which helps beef us up a little bit for our initiation. I usually buy a giants belt as the first part of my scepter.

Lastly we sell our Philosophers Stone and buy an Abyssal Scepter. The ability power from this item will boost our despair into dealing an extra 2% damage per second, not including the passive magic resist reduction to boost all our damage even further.

End game i buy Rylai's before Abyssal because you will still be initiating and will still be acting as a semi/off tank. So the extra health is more useful than the extra damage at that point.


Thank you for taking the time to read my guide. Please rate and leave comments with your opinions on my build. You can also add TzmK to EU-LoL so i can show you my plastyle first hand.