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Amumu Build Guide by Wasp

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Wasp

Amumu offtank-dps

Wasp Last updated on November 19, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Before you keep reading:
This guide its thought for liners not for junglers.
Fell free to discuss what it's here.

Amumu is one of the best tanks in game, not only for its massive stun but also because of its aoe damage, hp and damage reduction. This guide is specially thought for an offtank-dps.

Probably you will get more assistants than kills with this build but for sure you will win the battle easly against any type of opponents if you have a decent team.

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Summoner Spells

What is this ****? No FLASH No GHOST??? puff you use health buff noob!!

Why exahust? Amumu does more dmg over time than direct damage so this is a way to reduce the damage received in the first seconds of combat when your oppponent use all his abilities. In addition can help our partners.

Why health? Believe me It saves lifes!! You depend a lot on your team to succed on the battle. Save your team and get the kills.

Tip: Remember we have shurelya's reverie whose active ability its a groupal ghost!!!
We can use our badges as and offensive flash.

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Skill Sequence and usefull game tips

level 1) Bandage toss
Why do we get first bandage toss? Easy, It's a nice start stun that can be used as an effective iniciator or as a defensive weapon, specially near your tower.
In other words, use it to save your partner or to start the focus.
Tip: If you use it to attack combine it with exhaust to minimaze the damage received.

level 2) Tantrum
This ability its a perfect combination of defensive and offensive combo. It reduce the physical damage and do aoe.
Tip: use it after stunning the enemy with badges and run back to weaken the enemy in your line (not very recommended against range enemies).

level 3)Despair
This ability will add some extra damage to our initial combo badges+tantrum at this level.

levels 4-5) Tantrum
Why not maximize Despair? Because despair its more effective against chars with nice hp and at this level the extra percent will make insignificant extra damage to your opponents.

level 6) curse of sad mummy
This is our op ability.
Tip: use it in just group actions until you buy the reduction cooldown gear.

levels) 7-8 Despair

Now our hp enemies will be more powerfull and we can add some extra damage to our ulti so its time to maximize this skill.
Tip: Usefull combo: Despair + curse of sad mummy + spam tantrum

For the rest of the levels just maxi your ulti and alternate despair with tantrum.

Why we left badges?
badges improving apply to its cd (cooldown) and damage but doesn't stuns more time, which is its principal use.

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Tank masteries are the best option for amumu.
We get hp, movement speed, damage reduction, 10% less time for incoming disables and 8,1% less cd (which its great for our ulti ability and tantrum).

Why not spend some masterie points in utility or offense?
-utility: extra mana and mana regen can be very usefull yes but we have shurelya's reverie and runes to cover this. But I want the extra time monsters buff mum -_-, then take into account this guide IT's NOT FOR JUNGLERS.

-offense: extra ability power and magic penetration. 4 points of ability power won't get you extra kills, thought I have to admit that 15% magic penetration can be usefull in combat, I consider more necesary to have 3% more hp and 10% less disabled time. Amumu has increased magic penetration due its champ skill and plus abyssal scepter and runes we can say this aspect is decently cover.

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This runes are carefully chosen to cover first blood spectations and late in game, lets see it.

For FB mainly:

-magic penetration and ability power
potenciate our badges and tantrum(our first and second level abilities)

For late in game:

-mana regen and Cooldown reduction
mana regen to eternaly cry and cd mainly to minimice our ulti cd.

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Core Gear

This gives extra damage to our badges and whats more gives us mana regen.

Buy this first. you will get extra life and what is more important extra money in time. This will help us to easy buy after our boots.

run run run

And more extra money and extra mana regen to easily get one of our key items of cd.

15% less cd = more stuns mor ultimates :)

Optional buys depending on the money you have.


Perfect for amumu defensive and at the same time so offensive!!

Usefull against magic damage champs and gives us extra movement

This is really nice especially un group action you recover lots of life.

This really increase your aoe damage, however its very expensive so just buy it if feeded.