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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ArTkanToS

Amumu: Omg he's crying again!Run!

ArTkanToS Last updated on January 3, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This is a fully original Artkantos made build.

In my point of view amumu is one of the best tanker in this game and he doesn't have a negligible damage either, you can easily go for a hybrid amumu. As you can see this build is not going to be a hybrid but will go to a more tanky build. Even with that only the items build is tanky but my skills order are going to a dps build. As you can see my masteries are 0/21/9 I am maximizing my health regeneration just to don't waste gold in game for regen items.
My runes are going to armor marks, health per level seals, magic resist glyphs and flat health quintessences . In my opinion with that rune page i can easily go for my tanky build

Mercury instead of tabi: Well if you see in the enemy team many champions with a higly crowd control just as Stunners(sion,eve,cho) , fears( fiddle ,shaco) , slows etc etc you can go for mercury for its passive.

+Leviathan: If you see that in the opposite team are mostly nubs and ur team is doing good in teamkills you can go for leviathan, but I , personally , dont like this item cuz it's kinda expensive and team fights can always switch sides. It's a very risky item.


: I use mostly ghost because is a very good skill for escaping if ganked, chasing or saving teammate. * Note: as amumu in early game, mostly players in ranked will think of getting you ganked just to kill ur build and to destroy other team's tank.

: Cleanse it's another good skill for escaping but mostly when versus stuns as Sion,eve, etc. I use it becase i know i will get ganked. But this skill is good even late in if you go tank and yo see ur team is losing you go for retreat and you will remain behind and for escaping this cleanse will get ur *** cleaned and you won;t get killed ^^

: Heal . I saw many amumu with heal and ghost , but in my opinion is just useless. It will help you in early game but late in will be just useless . The amount of hp healed will be insignificant.*Note: you can use this skill if u dont have health runes it might be helpfull.

: Exhaust. You can use this skill with ghost and you really want to get kills or to help ganking others. I dont go for exhaust because i really don't go for kills i like to tank and assist others.

Bandage Toss:
Amumu's stun.It's a very effective stun and really helps in gaking.You'll get really annoyed when you will miss it but after some practice you will get very good at that :)

It's amumu's anti-HPstaker skill. It is very usefull against everyone and in combination with sunfire will deal a nice damage to champions. Early in game will be very usefull to farm out creeps.

This is amumu's main skill in my opinion. It gives a truly cool damage and offers a nice passive that grants amumu a more tanky look :D. It is also very usefull to farm more creeps at once.

Curse of the sad Mummy:
This curse is the best ultimate/ability for team fights and usefull to kill out enemies tougher dps. With this you can easily gank someone or to help team mates escaping ..

Play - style:

Early game :
You should have in mind to farm out the most number of creeps you can get. With that i am saying that as a tank amumu won't get that many kills in early game so the best way to get ur items is to farm ur way with creeps.

From now on you can start ganking and helping ur team-mates in difficulty. Take in mind that even if u got into the mid game you can easly get killed by 1-2 gankers .
You can get in mind to get the blue buff or the red buff , it helps alot in chasing others and pushing through a lane

Late - game:
Now it's time for amumu's best time . Now you will have a very good amount of hp and armor and you will easily go to tank teamfights ..@!@

Tip and Tricks

- Bandage toss is counted as a stun when it lands (can be hard to master) so stun away
- At around level 8 - 9 Amumu can do dragon if you have smite up, you can do it lower but I much prefer ganking / holding a lane instead of that.
- Bandage toss and your ulti make a great initiator so use it
- Your the tank, please don't be a ***** *** *****, thats the worse thing for a team so act like a ****ing tank and do your job.
- If you have spare money after recalling buy some wards to ward your golem with etc so your team can get easy ganks. If your daring enough ward your enemy teams golem so you can steal it when it pops up with a sneaky smite.

This is my amumu build, i am not saying is very good but i can easily get nice matches with this build. As an example i did not have a match with more than 4-5 deaths.... Now you can decide by urself how this build goes

Yours faithfully!!