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Amumu Build Guide by tompatto

Amumu - Out of ******** Nowhere!

Amumu - Out of ******** Nowhere!

Updated on December 23, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author tompatto Build Guide By tompatto 5,512 Views 4 Comments
5,512 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author tompatto Amumu Build Guide By tompatto Updated on December 23, 2011
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Welcome to my first ever build published on Mobafire, this build has come from many games playing as Amumu and tinkering with items which has resulted in a build which in my personal experience is quite effective against most teams. I know this guide isn't as pretty and organised as the others however it's simple and gets the reasons for this build across nicely.

The idea of this build is to incorporate as much damage output while staying very tanky; finding a perfect trade off. If you are too tanky sure you cannot die but people will ignore you if you have your Q and R on cooldown, forcing them to take you seriously and attack you while Katarina has fun practising face acupuncture will make you a better tank in the long run.

I am open to constructive criticism and this build does have flaws, but no build is perfect.
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Pros / Cons

    Very short cooldown on your bandage toss at early levels.
    You and your team's damage output is high with MR aura debuffs.
    You're still a tank and have problems understanding what the mortal champions call 'death'.

    Mana problems, you see that blue buff? You're its priority, above any and all others.
    You won't be actually tanky until after you have your Gold per 5 items.
    This build is quite costly.
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Skill Sequence

As you can see with the sequence above this build flips the norm in reverse, instead of bandage toss leveled to max last, its maxed at level 9. There are two very important reasons for this; cooldown reduction and damage.

We've all failed a jungle gank because we missed our toss, blame being on purple, sudden movement of the enemy, that one minion that wouldn't get out the way, the weather, whatever. The fact is that the stun is essential and makes life so much easier. Wouldn't be nice, let's say, if you can do that stun and damage every 6 seconds instead of 12 at level 9? Also when mixed with Boots of Swiftness, Sunfire Cape, MR debuff, Despair, Tantrums and other team members attacks it means that usually that one enemy that got awa-...yeah he's dead, grats.

Also it's important to remember that YOUR STUN IS A NUKE, SPAM IT.

Tantrum and Despair are equally leveled after Bandage Toss because they are equally as important to each other, despair is not as important till late game anyway as the % damage only makes a big difference when their high health champions actually have high amounts of health.

Curse of the Sad Mummy, your ultimate that people fear like the wrath of god, is one of the most useful ultimates in the game. It is an AoE nuke that freezes all champions in place, your timing must be perfect and you positioning crucial to trap everyone. Use your flash if your toss failed. Once you have used your ultimate don't stand around like a lost child, start headbutting people you hate! Activate Randuins Omen! Laugh at them!..wait don't do that. Also when the effects are about to wear off, throw another toss at the most important enemy that needs to be out the fight as much as possible.
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Creeping / Jungling

Why Jungle?

Amumu shines as a jungler compared to using a lane. His jungling speed is not the fastest however if an enemy can see you coming a mile away you're never going to land your bandage toss, the constant threat of you attacking from the jungle at ANY moment itself makes all three lanes cautious of being over aggressive; any that are will be easy pickings for you.

Leveling Despair first is important as it's an effective AoE that's mana efficient, then Tantrum twice afterwards to give you a little more resilience to make jungling easier.

Where and When?

Sadly I will not be including a visual guide to help which the order of jungle creatures to kill, however it's a short list and easy to remember:
    Blue Buff - Smite
    Twin Golems
    Red Buff - Smite
    Twin Golems

With the masteries and runes your timing should be perfect; the moment you go back to wraiths, they'll appear, same when you revisit twin golems.

What do I do now?

Once you reach level 4 you can gank to your hearts content, however with the changes to the jungle you will be poorer then when you tried lets say two months ago. This is why I recommend attempting to gank, regardless of level, NO EARLIER than after you have your Philosopher's Stone and Boot of Speed to increase your chances of success.

When you reach 890+g head back for your Philosopher's Stone and a health pot or ward, depending on how helpful you feel.
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As stated in the introduction this build uses items that make you tanky and make you a damage threat, not just a stun threat. Because this build is expensive and you are jungling gold per 5 items are crucial early game. Here is the checklist of items and reasons why they are good with Amumu:

1. Cloth Armour - You are a jungler, get this and shut up.
2. Philosopher's Stone - Early game health and mana regen to keep you in jungle longer, also extra gold.
3. Boots of Speed - Makes travelling quicker, who doesn't want that?
4. Heart of Gold - Cheap and gives you a lot of health along with extra gold generation.
5. Boots of Swiftness - All aboard the Amumu train!
6. Sunfire Cape - Armour and damage output.
7. Abyssal Sceptre - Magic resist, ability power and increases damage output.
8. Shurelya's Reverie - Builds of already acquired item, health, health regen, cooldown reduction and AoE speed buff.
9. Randuin's Omen - Builds of already acquired item, health, health regen, armour, AoE movement and attack speed debuff.

10. **Item of your choice **

You're last item is situational, if you're fine as you are now (which in most cases you will be) then go for a Rylai's Crystal Sceptre which will make you hit like a truck and make you an AoE slow. If you need armour go for thorn mail, if you are dying with 3000+ health that 30% damage feedback will make anyone cry. If you need MR go for a Banshee's Vial because why the hell not?
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At the end of the build you have these things contributing to your damage output:
    Amumu's Passive
    Abyssal Sceptre's MR Debuff
    Some Ability Power (Or a lot, depending on your last item
    Sunfire Cape's Damage Output
    A Q and an R that does a lot of damage and increases with 100% of your Ability Power

You will definitely notice a difference as you take a beating from almost any champion while you whittle away at their health faster they they can to yours.

Here are three games I have played with this build and the results I got (the 3 multikill came from using Amumu's ultimate on the full group):

Feel free to share your tries with this build and thanks for reading!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author tompatto
tompatto Amumu Guide
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Amumu - Out of ******** Nowhere!

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