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Amumu Build Guide by AntiPlay

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AntiPlay

Amumu Regeneration (Under Construction)

AntiPlay Last updated on March 13, 2012
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Still Under Construction

This particular build is not finished, I will be finishing it when I am able and I apologize for any inconvenience.

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Amumu Regeneration

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Hello Folks!

The first thing I want to attempt to make clear is that this was a very experimental build. I went into my first matches with little or no knowledge as to how I was going to build poor little Amumu. After many games, this is the build I have developed, and it has proven to be quite succesful in my matches.

Amumu is normally known as a tank that can deal a fair amount of damage while still retaining a great deal of survivability. This build tends to stray away from making his damage dealing abilities more effective and instead makes an attempt to focus on Amumu's survivability and tankyness.

I hope you enjoy reading my guide as I have enjoyed creating it. Please remember this is simply how I play Amumu and I do not expect others to play him in the same way. I only hope that people will give this build a chance and appreciate this certain playstyle for Amumu.

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Ok, I am going to be completely honest when I say I haven't had a great deal of time to really test and apply different runes. In other words, I am free to suggestions regarding this particular section and in fact I encourage them. I tend to stick to runes that I have used with Amumu before.

Greater Mark of Insight

Despite the fact that this build is not meant to deal damage in any way, Amumu still is able to deal a good amount with his abilities. Due to this fact I have found it smart to take Marks which will help aid Amumu in situations where he is alone or when he needs to take down enemies that have that little bit extra survivability. The extra magic penetration provided by these Marks makes it possible for Amumu to deal that little bit extra damage which he so desperately needs.

Seals and Glyphs

When it comes to seals and glyphs I tend to use straight armor and magic resistance ruins. These add to Amumu's survivability and will help you stay in team fights for much longer which will greatly aid your team. I usually choose Greater Glyph of Shielding, and Greater seal of Resilience for the increased MR and armor.

Greater Quintessence of Swiftness

This rune is fairly straightforward, I find it to be one of the better Quintessence choices in the entire game. It gives you that slight movement boost which helps you remain in range to use all of your abilities. It also helps if you find yourself needing to escape from a teamfight. All around this rune is extremely useful in almost any situation.

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I believe this section is fairly straightforward regarding survivability and tankyness. However, despite the fact that it is straightforward there are a few key points I want to make regarding this build for masteries.


This is the build I almost always Use when playing as Amumu. It has proven to be very succesfull but people tend to look at it with a great deal of criticism. If I happen to miss any key points within my guide then please be sure to make a comment and I will update the build accordingly.

Utility Points

One thing I have noticed time and time again is that most people play Amumu using an AP/Tank hybrid type build. This build is quite a bit different and that needs to be kept in mind while considering the choices ive made. The first thing I want to point out about the use of Utility points rather than points in the offence section is that this build is not an AP/Tank hybrid build. This build focuses on 3 key elements. These are Movement, Health, and Health Generation. This explains why I chose Utility instead of AP increasing masteries in the offence section. It also explains why I chose to use 4/4 points in Swiftness. As for Good Hands, Improved Recall, and Rune Affinity, I chose all of these options due to their useful side effects. Good Hands enables you to be able to keep up with farming and experience gain if you happen to die early game or at any other point in the game. Runic Affinity is fairly self explanatory, If you happen to recieve a buff of any kind it increases the duration and effectiveness of that buff. Improved Recall was just a point I used in order to be able to move on in the Utility tree, but it does prove useful and enables you to port home even in tight or difficult situations.

Other Key Points

This is a strict tanking build so the fact that I used all of my points to increase the armor, MR, health, and health regen should be in no way surprising. I chose to increase the moving speed again because it is one of the key points I happened to focus on in this build and it was more useful than enlightenment; however, that is only personal preference and cooldown reduction is also a very good choice when used with Amumu.

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This build is still under construction but I posted what was finished because I believe it is still very useful. I will be editing and building on this particular guide in the days to come.