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Amumu Build Guide by Takeray

Amumu - Take it slow

Amumu - Take it slow

Updated on January 5, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Takeray Build Guide By Takeray 5,337 Views 2 Comments
5,337 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Takeray Amumu Build Guide By Takeray Updated on January 5, 2012
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Chapter 1

Amumu "Take it slow".

First of all, by Overall in classic terms, a Tank is an unit who can absorb many points of damage. They are usually benefited with emergency defensive skills and skills to avoid other members of teams be damaged, taunting the enemies. Amumu, have no any skill to absorb damage like an emergency use. Unique skill for this is passive Tantrum (-5 physical damage) which could be a fair number at the end of the game, even bigger number than one with an emergency active skill for absorbing high amounts of damage, but even with this, we can't choose the time we want to gain a big absorb ( like other tanks can do). We have no taunt, neither. So are we tanks yet? Yes, we are but not in classical concept aside of good health stats which is not a guarantee to be determinated like a Tank. We tank because two of our skills let avoid damage for us and for our team members, so we reduce damage of enemies to 0 for all the team, different from a Taunt which reduces damage to 0 for other members but not us. Detailed explanation about you can receive damage if enemy spell and so down here. So Amumu tank, avoid damage, more frequently his skills are used. No taunt could provoke the enemy to ignore you, your playstyle tank and your skills let you don't ignore him or receiving damage by stay close to you. Difference with other Tank champions is Amumu is not good as pusher. Method to get closer to enemies is usually Bandage Toss, Bandage Toss separates you from your allies very quickly where your enemies could flee up back forgetting of you versus four or five enemies. Curse of Sad Mummy need to be done when most of enemies are surrounding you and when your allies are in position of shot, if not this curse could be a waste.

Summoner spells are Ghost and Flash. These two spells are good for chasing and good for escaping. Flash gain an special benefit, if it is hard to remain where enemies collides in order to cast Cursed of Sad Mummy. Ghost let you run faster, avoiding any enemy escape. Combination of two let you kill enemies at low health who use recall close of their tower.

Each Tank should be played with an unique style and with an unique rune and item build. Not all tanks are benefited by the same things, so this is done only for Amumu not for Tanking like a generalistic champion concept.

Mastery Trees. We have 9 points to defense and 21 to utility. Why don't we get more defense points if we are tanks?

In defense tree, we get 9 points, first four points are for increasing magic resistance and armor (only one point because couldn't expend more), four points for dodge and one for Nimbleness. Nimbleness let you increase your speed after engage a melee combat most of time, this talent have a good synergy with Ninja Tabi boots. there are boots with +3 which makes you run faster, but don't give you an extra benefit, with Ninja tabi, you can assure your Nimbleness will be active more frequently, and moments when you need to run faster is for engage or escaping from some enemy/es ( Mercury Thread is other option if many casters at enemy team).

On Utility tree, we have 21 points, we improve our summoner spells, beside of this, we get greed which is good in lanes if we can't engage enemy mobs frequently, we gain some speed and finally and the main reason of utility tree, Intelligence, we reduce our cooldowns by 6%, so, we can more frequently to reduce enemy damage for all team, way what we are supposed to be for reduce damage.

Comparing this with deep defense tree. By one hand, defense tree offers 60 life, 60 life is always good, but presence of Master reduces the cooldown of Summoner spells, and a Flash or Ghost at a time can be more, much more than 60 life. By other hand, we could reduce our damage by 4% but we can be ignored by enemies more frequently than a tank who can taunt. We are not tanks who always receive damage, absorbing or shielding, we are tanks who try avoid damage for a whole team many times as possible.

Skill sequence. Skill sequence is different from most of guides. Curse of Sad Mummy each time is possible to pick. Q,W and E spells follows the next instructions, our first skill to maximize is Q ( Bandage Toss), usually people tends to say Bandage Toss effect remains the same all levels, this is true but not at all. Stun time is the same, but Cooldown is reduced and damage increased. Our main skill to engage an enemy champion is Bandage Toss, rarely we will go on walk to enemy, after getting first hit ( from Bandage Toss) aside shields,etc. many things could happen, the combat is melee, the enemy use flash, you go back or everything else, so if no Bandage Toss, there will be no Tantrum (W) and no Despair (E) on enemy champions. Second one is Tantrum, tantrum let you to farm enemy mobs easily, doing last hit for example if enemies' lane keep you a little far from mobs. The last but not the least is Despair. Despair(W) has two issues at starting, you can't waste mana continuously and enemy champions total health is not so high, besides many times you won't be close to them for long time at beginning (low levels)

Rune build is composed by:

9 Greater Marks of Warding which give us magic resistance. these runes are flat because benefit of cap is so late and very little. Magic runes completes a lack on amumu who doen't have any magic resistance on skills.

9 Greater Seals of Vitality, Life is always important, these runes are cap, because the benefit is notorious since level 4-5 compared to flat runes.

1 Greater Glyphs of Shielding, This glyph is a free bonus since no need more for CDR, then I choose this, which offers me a fair magic resistance, notorious the difference with flat rune of same kind.

2 Greater Quintessences of Vitality, this two cap runes gives you same quantity of life than 3 flat runes of same kind at high level.

*Someone could say " Blue buff golem" gives CDR and it is true, but by that why you need to assure every time you will have the buff avoiding other team members or mana dependants like you having it. Also, you will must to avoid enemy team don't get at least one of two golem buffs.

Item purchase:

First of all, we will pick Ninja Tabi ( rarely mercury thread's) for improve dodge, and more synergy with Nimbleness.

Frozen Heart is the second one, Frozen heart in classical concepts of Tanks benefit us with 99 armor, beside of this, it gives you a fair pool of 500 mana, reduce the coodowns letting you to get the cap and slow the attack speed of the enemies who stay close at you.
* After Glacial Shroud we will pick Giant's Belt from Rylai Scepter to survive with an extra pool before picking Frozen Heart.

Rylai Cristal Scepter will give us life, always important, and AP, not bad, benefit for all of our skills. Bonus let us to reduce enemy movement when we do magical damage. So if despair is active we will be continuously reducing movement from enemies who remains at melee ( This effect is different from Frozen heart bonus).

Innervating Locket and Banshee Veil. These two items give us a nice boost of life and mana (430-450 and 450-400). First one give us and our team mana regeneration and bonus bonus have a very good synergy with Tantrum which make every time we use the skills we recover 25 health and 10 mana by one sec during two seconds and 12,5 and 5 mana by one second during 2 seconds for allies who remains close ( usually engaging melee combat) This effect have 4 secs cooldown.
Banshee' Veil give us a good magic resistance, and an spell ward every 30 secs.

Finally we get force of Nature which gives us more magic resistance, even more and more. A good Health regen, and let us to run a little faster.

This guide is for Amumu Tank- Supporter beginning At Lane, not jungling.

Masteries tree are not added to General stats, so we need to increase a little life regen, mana regen, 6 point at magic resist (180.3) 2 points to armor (200.4) movement (~419.4) and Cooldown Reduction (40&).
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Takeray
Takeray Amumu Guide
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