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League of Legends Build Guide Author EppicUnited

Amumu - Tanking Mummy Hits From The Jungle

EppicUnited Last updated on May 28, 2011
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Tanking Amumu

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I: Introduction

Hi and welcome to my Amumu The Sad Mummy build. Please rate it if you like it, or don't if you find other builds better.

I would also like to use the opportunity to thank Jebus McAzn for giving me guide for amumu jungling before I put my own personal twist to it.

In this Amumu guide i have three different builds, which are meant for three different types of enemy teams. My first build is the one I use the most, and is mean for tanking a team of mixed AP and AD damage. You might also see that i get the Rabadons Deathcap as my last item, purely for doing damage and making the enemies focusing me as a source of damage.

An Amumu played right is one of the best tanks in game, just look at Wickeds ESL team: they had Amumu in the team every single game. With his Bandage Toss stun and his ultimate, he enables himself to lunge into battle and stun the entire opposing team with his ultimate, making the squishy targets easy kills and doing great AoE damage. This AoE damage comes mostly from his W-spell Despair, which does a flat percentage of the enemys HP as damage each second when they're in range. Combined with his ultimate, E-spell Tantrum and a Sunfire Cape, Amumu does a pretty nice nuke damage to the entire enemy team, and separates himself a bit from most other tanks which basically stand in the middle of the fight taking damage, but not doing much more than that.

What i pretty much learned from playing Amumu in the beginning is that he is not a very good laner early game, and using your Bandage Toss is hard when the enemies always know where you are and can dodge it simply by standing behind their minions. But don't worry, I came up with a solution: Jungle Amumu.

A jungle Amumu is not the must popular jungler, but nevertheless a great ganker. From the time you pick Bandage toss at level 4 you are able to stun the enemies (using it properly takes some practice), and when you reach level 6 you are one of the very few (if not the only one) champions to have two stuns. This means you are able to hold your enemies away from their tower for a long period of time, and almost guarantees your team atleast one kill every gank.

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II: How to jungle a mummy

Like most other junglers i choose to start my jungle run at our blue buff. Having smite means that the other team understands that you are jungling, and making your teammates guard you is an effective way not to be ganked. If you solo the golem your HP will be low, but I find having the mid player kiting it from the other side of the trees as a way to save almost half your HP. I will come back to this in the chapter "Tips".

At the golem you will want to attack it quickly to save valuable time. In the same time you toggle on your Despair, pop one healing potion and use Smite. This should enable you to take down the golem with between 1 and 2,5 bars of HP, depending on your luck with dodge. If you make mid kite you will have 3-4 bars left.

After taking down the golem you will keep the potions going continiously to speed up your jungle. You easily get the wolves with your Despair and spamming Tantrum. At the wraiths you might want to wait about five seconds to regain some HP before killing them.

As Amumu is such a quick jungler, you might find out that your smite is on about 15-20 sec cooldown, and you should spend this time taking down the golems before getting the red Lizard buff. Depending on your remaining amount of potions and HP (you might find that you are pretty low), you can choose yourself whether to go back to heal, to go get the enemies blue buff and wolves, or to try a very often succesful gank before you recall. At this point you will find yourself on level 4, while the laners still are level 2.

If the other team also has a jungler i would reccomend to go back right away as the enemies Golem and Wolves most likely haven't spawned yet. When you get back, you will want to get a pair of Ninja Tabi and a health potion, or if you are facing purely magic damage, a pair of plain boots in addition to three health potions and two mana potions to build into the Mercury's Threads. When you get these you can sell your Cloth Armor, you are not going to build it into something if you arent getting Ninja Tabi. This means a loss of 81 gold between buying it at 300 and selling at 219, which is affordable.

Depending on your enemies having a jungler or not, and whether your laners are pushing too far, you must choose between three options. Either, you go gank a lane where your teammates are being pushed, or you go back to jungling. At this time the wolves and Wraiths will have spawned or will be spawning, and you can choose between going to the enemy jungle (if they don't have a jungler) or taking down the wraits and wolves before going lane to gank/support until the golem has spawned again.

From here you will be wanting to save for the HP item on the Sunfire Cape before getting the armor, and then completing the Sunfire Cape before building the rest of the items in the order i have shown (be sure to choose the build that is best for tanking the enemy team you meet in this particular match). My three builds are as i said made to face either a mixed dmg, purely AD or purely AP team. Keep in mind that i alway get the Sunfire Cape and Banshees Vail for HP, magic resistance and armor (having a bit of both is always nice).

Jungling Amumu is basically always having some HP pots in the beginning, and run golem, wolves, wraiths, red, small golems, enemy blue, enemy wolves, our wraiths, our wolves, enemy wraits, enemy red, enemy golems, and then back to our blue. Feel free to stop to gank whenever the opportunity is there, and hold lanes for teammates while they are back to heal.

The proper way to play is to engange with your Bandage toss, then immideately pop ultimate (if you are in the middle of the fight and can stun the entire team, which is where you will be trying to get when you engage with Badage Toss). Then you quickly toggle on Despair, spamming Tantrum and stunning and killing enemies who run away with your Bandage Toss when its off cooldown.

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III: Tanking mid and late game

For tanking in teamfights you pretty much want to be the one closest to your enemies. You will always engage, and don't be afraid to Badage Toss yourself into the enemies, your teammates will follow and with your AoE stun your team gets two seconds of free damage on the enemies. Your surviveability is huge, and with your AoE damage from Despair, Tantrum and Sunfire Cape you simply need to stay close to the enemies and let the spells and items do their job. Remember: your despair does a flat amount of the enemies HP each second, so staying close to them for like 15-20 seconds mean you have done half their HP just by doing that.

The main thing to remember is that as long as you kill the enemies, you are free to die yourself, given that your team survives. It is important that you are always ready to sacrifice yourself to save a teammate from dieing, as killing you is MUCH harder and the carry/nuker you saved can go damage them while you take the enemies damage.

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IV: Tips and hints

As Amumu has his AoE stun, teammates such as Kennen, Ryze, Veigar and other nukers are really nice for enabling a damage burst while the enemies are stunned. A combo of Amumus and Kennens ultimate usually returns you a nice double kill or more early on in the fight.

Also, making the mid "kite" the golem at level 1, makes you have much more HP after the golem, and you will probably be ready for a gank after killing your jungle. At this point you will be level 4 while the enemies are level 2 or in worst case 3. To kite means that he/she stands on the other side of the trees and hits it 2-5 times before running to mid, and simply making the golem run after the mid, but as it is out of range, attacking no one for the first 5-10 seconds.

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V: Runes

As runes I will always be wanting to have the mix of Experience, Cooldown Reduction and flat HP (26) in my quints to be able to level fast, have some extra HP in the early jungling and reduce my pretty long cooldowns. If you find the extra experience bad, i reccomend either getting magic penetration or another flat HP quint. I continue with more cooldown reduction as glyphs, and pick either dodge (best for early jungling) or magic resists as seals. For marks you can choose yourself; i prefer going magic penetration for mye AoE damage, but health per level is also an option.

This setup gives me a pretty fast time in the jungle, while I still have the extra tanking boost I need for ganks and tanking mid and late game.

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VI: Masteries

My mastery build is a build I also use for udyr, and which enables me to take a lot of damage in the jungle while I kill the creeps, aswell as being like a rock in teamfights. The 1/19/10 isn't that much used, but gives you both the survivability, buff duration and experience boost you need to level quickly and therefore compete with the levels of the mid players and be a couple of levels above the enemy carries in teamfights mid and early late game.

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VII: Items

My item builds are different depending on the opposition you are facing, therefore I have put out three different item builds (check top). I almost always choose one of the three builds and follow it correctly, however, if the enemies are focusing you in the fights, you won't be needing the Rabadons Deathcap to make them attack you because of your damage. If you do not want the Rabadons, i suggest getting either another Warmongs, an Abyssal Scepter or a Rylays Scepter for some HP, HP+AP or AP+magic resistance and penetration, although I strongly reccomend some kind of AP for not being "a rock that hits like a baby".
The other items are more or less necessarily for tanking, as they in total give you a nice mix of armor, magic resistance, HP and AP. The most important thing is to get the items most fit for your oposition.

You might see that I almost always go for a Rabadons Deathcap? That is because it gives you around 200-220 AP at level 18, and takes you from being a Shield of paper to being a tank that can also damage them hard. This results in helping your team take the enemies down, aswell as making the enemies focus you because of your damage, if they dont you are almsot guaranteed to win the fight at level 19.

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VIII: Skill Sequence

For my skill sequence I max out my Tantrum before focusing Despair. The reason I changed from first maxing Despair to first maxing Tantrum because I find it dealing more damage when ganking from lvl 4-13. This often leads you (or your team) to get more kills early and therefore get your tanking items earlier for more durability when the game evolves into a more teamfight-based scenario.
Another reason for maxing Tantrum before Despair is that the percentage-based damage which Despair deals doesn't get that much higher if it is skilled to lvl 1 or lvl 5, but Tantrum gives you more damage per skill. Also, I must add, given the changes in the mastery tree, you have 2 points in increased buff duration and therefore you will be high on mana with your golem buff, giving u plenty of mana to spam your tantrum whenever it is needed.

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IX: Summoner Spells

Smite: You are jungling, do i have to say more? Without this you can forget to get down golem at level 1.
Ghost: I find this extremely important for ganks aswell as in teamfights for getting in front of enemies, blocking them so they can't run away.

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X: Summary

As a summary, i really hope you guys get something out of my build, and I sincerely hope you will have as much fun with the little mummy as i have. Just remember to be offensive in teamfights, while using your mind, and be a human (or what he is) shield for the rest of your team.
Have Fun and please rate/comment!

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XI: Photos

Here are some pictures of my Amumu stats. I will soon upload some gameplay-pictures aswell, but as I am in my exams period, these have to do it for now: