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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hockeygod

Amumu - The Aoe Tank

Hockeygod Last updated on August 16, 2010
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Amumu - The Aoe Destroyer

Ok, so im gonna tell you how to make a basic, aoe tank Amumu. Don't be fooled by "tank" aspect of it, you will do a lot of damage, and as a tank rarely die. You'll also be the guy to chase down people to finish people off. So lets start.

Summoner Spells:

Cleanse - You'll need this in instances that people try to gank you. You have amazing getaway power if u really need it. You can pop cleanse, your ult, and run off with ghost if need be. Also if an enemy/ neutral creep is nearby u can use your bandage toss for extra getaway power. But all the skills in the world wont help if your stun locked to death, so get cleanse.

Ghost - This is dual useful, both for getting out of ganks and bad situations, as well as staying close for a kill. Amumu does his damage as DPS, not burst. With that being said, as long as you can stay near them, you can eventually kill them. Ghost allows you to stay close for that kill.


Boots - I get these first, since as i said, Amumu is about staying near his opponent to do damage. He has a lot of life, so with the health potions, you should be fine. I rarely need more then two potions. You need to judge what boots to get with amumu depending on what you're up against. If you want more dodge and armor, go Ninja tabi if you want to go into nimbleness and have more armor if the other team is physical heavy. Also if you go Ninja tabi, you can switch up the seals form hp/level to dodge runes. Go Merc Treads if they are Crowd control heavy, or heavy magic users. Finally, if they aren't crowd control heavy and u want more speed, go with swiftness for the speed and ability to stay close to your target for your Aoe damage.

Potions - two for lane staying power, simple enough

Sunfire Cape - Amumu's signature item pretty much. Everything he needs, 45 armor / 450 health, and an "Immolation" aura which deals 40 damage per second to nearby enemies. Why is this amazing? First off, they stack. Secondly, this synergizes perfectly with all of his abilities. This with Despair and spamming Tantrum with Curse of the Sad Mummy is A LOT of damage within those few seconds. Against teams with little or no magic damage (bad teams in other words) i just get boots, and 5 sunfire capes and watch as 200 damage per second from sunfire capes wrecks the other team.

Force of Nature - +76 Magic Resist / +40 Health Regen per 5 sec / +8% Movement Speed / UNIQUE Passive: Restores 0.35% of your champion's health every second. So again, this is awesome for many reasons. This allow Amumu to go up against magic users and not get wrecked from low magic resistances. Gives him VERY high hp/sec regeneration from all the HP you will have from runes/ sunfire capes. Finally the 8% movement speed on top of your boots will allow you to stay on just about anybodies heals that isn't ghosting.

Guardian Angel - +68 Armor / +38 Magic Resistance / UNIQUE Passive: Revives your Champion upon death, restoring 40% of their Health and Mana, this effect can only occur once every 5 minutes. And if you are getting focused and actually dying, Guardian Angel is amazing as well.

Some other great options are Banshee's Veil or Abyssal Scepter. Banshees Veil against alot of crowd control, pretty much the best item against CC in fact. Abyssal scepter is for those wanting to do a more DPS Amumu, while getting some mag res out of it.


Marks: I went Magic Pen so that your abilities are able to do maximum damage to your enemy.

Seals: I went for HP since its more universally viable. But Dodge runes are also very good and acceptable for Amumu

Glyphs: I went with Magic resist per level since you will almost always go up against some for of magic damage, and with rushing sunfire capes and such, your magic resistances can be lacking. Also per level i feel are better since they scale as casters damage scales also, just seems to work out well against them.

Quintessences: Flat HP Quins are mandatory, anything but these are a waste. This plus the HP you get from Masteries, and your Seals will make Amumu stacked on HP. As a tank, that's what you want.

Masteries: (An explanation of why i took what i did)

Some will say, why not get i Tenacity if im going for a tank build? Well its simple, ive taken that before, and im simply not as effective as a tank as i am when i have the meditation. Why you say? you take less damage, that = better tank. Well here's the thing, tanking isn't always when u want to tank, its sometimes when u have to. With that being said, if 3 guys try to gank you and your laning partner, unless u haven't spent any mana on anything you may be low. With tenacity, you may not have any or enough to be stun with your bandage toss or pop your ult so you can both get away. With meditation, one mana per second may not seem like it would make a difference, but it does. This allows you to both farm more from creeps early, and still have mana leftover for emergencies.

I didnt take nimbleness simply because I didn't spec for dodge. If you rune for dodge, get nimbleness and then get ninja tabi, its viable to spec for it. I just chose to do a straight HP build because dodge doesn't work against magic or any ability that can be cast really, so I see that as being more useful.

How to play Amumu:

Early Game:

You wont be a mid champ, simple as that. You are good with other champs, you're not meant to be a carry or do great on your own. You're there to stun with your Bandage Toss early on, and spam Tantrum near enemy champs. Does Tantrum do tons of damage? No, its doesnt, but it does hit everything in an aoe around the champ. This means you can hit all surrounding champs, and creeps, which allows you to harass, and get last hits in. Timed well with your teammate, you can deal severe damage to an enemy. I.e. partner attacks, you throw bandage to stun which allows partner to attack again, you tantrum, early game that means every but a tank is on low life. This is where boots come in handy. You can stay with them and hopefully get off another tantrum for the kill.

Another possibility is just buying some potions, and at level 2-3 going and farming jungle. Once you get 700 gold go buy Chain Vest, which will allow you to farm without taking much damage at all. This is optional, laning is fine also. If you do this, go into masteries and try getting Defensive Mastery with Harden Skin, Plus Tantrum's passive, means you will take VERY little damage from creeps.

Mid Game:

I generally rush sunfire Cape after i get my first boots. Then with sunfire capes farming ability, i upgrade my boots to whatever boots i end up feeling is appropriate against the opposing team. After i upgrade the boots, i farm for my second sunfire cape. Mind you, you can jungle with Amumu very easily, but don't get to side tracked by making money that you aren't doing your job, tanking. You're basic team vs team initializing fights goes as so. Wait till your team is nearby and ready to jump in asap. Once u see an opening (a guy gets to close, and rest of team is very close to him), bandage toss your way in. Hit anybody, creep, champ (preferably) and run in to the middle of them, they will all swarm on u out of instinct. This is where u pop your Ultimate, Curse of the Sad Mummy. You pretty much put everybody around you into a 2.5 second stun (If you get stunned, this is where Cleanse comes into play, if u cant ult here, you're dead fast). Immediately hit tantrum, and make sure Despair is up when you go in. You're team should be in the middle of it all by the time the 2.5 seconds is up, and they're all grouped up for an easy set of kills. All you need to do is run around, spam Tantrum while keeping Despair up, and watch the people die. Make sure to bandage toss anybody trying to get away, or any champs that are tearing up any of your teammates so they can get away. the stun is short, but sometimes that's all your need.

Late Game:

Finish off your items, whatever you need against you opposing team, and continue doing what you did in Mid game. You will have a ridiculous amount of HP/Def and can tank turrets for your teammates to destroy if need be also. don't be afraid of getting into the thick of it, if u are afraid, you're not cut out for being a tank. But remember, you are a tank, which means you're supposed to take the damage, but that doesn't mean you should be dying. Just means you should be able to mitigate the damage, while keeping your teammates alive.

I think that cover's about everything, any questions, leave a comment. Thanks!

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