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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author LookOut

Amumu The Deadly Mummy

LookOut Last updated on February 3, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I'm sure a bunch of you just read the itemization and runs and let out a verbal "What the..." but let me interrupt your train of thought. That avarice blade? Yeah it will get work done. That's why there's a point of greed. With an even CS score (150+) at 20 mins you'll need an edge. A really sharp edge (hence the avarice blade duh)

So I'll walk you through WHY the mummy is so ******** deadly.

Amumu is hands down the best melee carry in the game. In the GAME! His ulti is so synergisticwith his Q and crit chance just rolls right into the package to get work done.

Don't believe me? Try the build. I guarantee you can mess up a ranked game with this.

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I'll tear this apart piece by piece since I bet lots of people don't agree with me.

No exceptions. These have to be desolation since you need to pressure them. Without these the laning phase will be a die roll. You NEED these to harass at all!

3x Desolations to complement your quints, if you want to change the runes up run MORE DESOLATION. I've tested extensively though and I find 3 to be the best. More than 5 is sketchy but you'll probably roll anyways.

6x Malice is a good number, if you were going to increase the amount of desolation you should consider AS marks instead.

6x Resilience, amumu has survivability but with these you'll GAUNTLEY win laning phase.

3x Alacrity, since glyphs are pretty bad pick up these to complement your glyph loadout and make them OP.

As previously mentioned the options here are mostly UP on amumu, luckily 9x Alacrity works really nicely with a small boost from the seals to really make your rune page shimmer with OP goodness.

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Masteries + Summoner Spells

So most melee carries need the 21/9/0 mastery build to be viable but amumu doesn't even need masteries. His survivability is insane so 21/0/9 just makes sense with him. He has some CD and Manna issues but since the latest patch those basically are irrelevant.

So for summoner spells go ahead and roll with Ghost + Exhaust. I don't care how much you like flash, ghost + yoomu's is legit and you'll roll everyone. Also your Q is like a flash. And why would you want to flash away from an enemy? Even if two people are coming at you that just means you're getting a free double kill.

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The item list speaks for itself.

The doran nerf really hurt amumu but starting out with boots means that you can catch people off guard during the early laning phase to seriously mess people up. The speed boost helps you get in there and get 2 or 3 extra attacks off before they know what hit them.

Basically you need to rush avarice blade and then farm up creep. Even if you fall behind in CS (less than 100 CS by 12 mins) you'll still do fine assuming you've got 80+ since avarice + greed will help you do good things. Keep in mind you don't want to use avarice + greed to help you get there. You want to get there, and have avarice + greed give you a huge gap between the other team. Keep your CS high and dry and this is an easy win.

After the avarice you're feeling pretty good. Maybe you got a gank off? Maybe you need to gank. Either way an executioner's calling is the perfect early midgame item (get it by 15 mins or so) and hopefully do some work with it.

Then you want to finish yoomuu's and boots. Whichever first depends on how well laning goes. They both give you some speed and good stats so it's however you're doing. If you're rolling face and you get both at the same time even better.

SotD gives you a nice little passive dot with attack speed and it's totally broken on amumu. Just when they think they're getting wise and finally have you countered hitting them with this mean they'll easily lose the next team fight. They won't even know why until they check your gear and then wet themselves.

Finish your build with a phantom dancer. With this you should be able to chase, BD, and even initiate!!!

If you haven't finished the game 30+/0/0 by now then your team isn't doing their job, getting an IE should swiftly end it though.

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Skill Sequence

The rule of thumb is R -> E -> W -> Q

But you legit need Q at level 1 or else you won't get ganks done and then your team will hate you.

W is pretty useless but if you have lots of mana just combo out with W -> Q -> R -> E -> Auto attack. Easy kills I say.

E is your most important skill because it basically gives you a second auto attack that hits everyone. Too bad it can't crit, maybe riot will fix that next patch though.

Also the passive is sweet. Lets you stand toe to toe with ANY CHAMP!~!

Q is cool but it's too hard to hit with most of the time, I think riot is going to fix that next patch too so it's like taric's stun but I'm not sure. Either way this is a sweet skill since you usually initiate with it, auto attack, and then when they're running hit them with it again and then grab an easy kill. Spam this AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!!

Your ulti is pretty bad imho they should probably buff it but lucky for us we can put the stun to use and get 2 or 3 crits in off of one ulti. If you R -> Auto attack you can easily do like 1500 damage!!!

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Ranked Play

Feel free to instant lock in crit amumu declaring "I'm AD carry guys"

Your team will think your ELO is really high!

If you're captain feel free to ban Gragas and Eve since Gragas can use his barrel to stop you from ganking and slow the game down. Eve is just super annoying since you can't kill an invis person. Hopefully riot will nerf this.

Ranked Crit-mumu is so OP since nobody sees it coming they're all "oh no it's amumu no dps lol"

Then you've gotten a penta kill while soloing baron and their nexus explodes. Oops another surrender.

Your team will love you carrying them and giving them free Elo!

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This is so important!!! You really need to maintain a high CS! I recomend practicing a lot! If you can't get 100 CS in ~12 mins or so then you should probably just play jungling tank amumu and feel bad for going 0/10/8

Last hit last hit last hit!

Grab dragon whenever, you can solo it after you get your executioner's so feel free to rush it level 7 or 8. Your team will love the xp + gold!