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Build Guide by Azazel#2892

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Azazel#2892

Amumu the Invincible

Azazel#2892 Last updated on June 17, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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I am creating a comparison Build, primarily to one of the best Amumu builds: “Amumu, the misunderstood,” in order to both test my own abilities and possibly improving the build:

I will start by outlining my own build, followed by some comparisons, including some basic calculations, and finally a few last minute notes.

Masteries are Defense, obviously, and I also choose to hit EXP and Extended buff time for Golem’s buff. I ignore dodge and its bonuses. I choose not use Ninja Tabi, unless my opponents are all Melee. If you must use Ninja Tabi, I say NO, but if you must. Grab the masteries that suit dodge. The +10% Mspd could be nice occasionally.

Flat Runes and HP Masteries give you over +150HP. Combined with Doran's Shield for almost +300HP. That is over +50%hp (Starting HP = ~550, so totals you at over 800HP). You start off as a tank, how nice to start off a mini-tank.

Summoner Skills: Ghost & Flash are nice to escape with if they are turtling, so they can’t rush your nexus if by chance you are all wiped. If you are not worried you can keep Teleport.

I grabbed Bandage Toss early in case of an early over-pursue. I don't use it unless I can either drop their health in half or KILL them. Then I follow with Despair to allow for quick jungling for maximum team exp/time. You already have defensive masteries that reduce all damage, physical damage, and minion damage… So that passive can wait.

Mercury Treads (Reduced Stun/Slow/Stare thus drastically increases survivability, without taking away from your opponents desire to attack you)
Mercury Treads > Ninja Tabi (If there are Mages or multiple CC’s) – Crowd Control –Stun/Snare/Slow/etc… If my some rare chance there are only melee dps, with very few stuns then Tabi is fine.

I am placing the need of 100AP > a third Sunfire Cape. My Runes will reflect the obtaining 100AP at the earliest point. Having over 100AP is useless unless you are trying to reach 200AP, of which I cannot find any suitable tank build to support such a Armor/Mres Deficiency. You would need much more Team support to be able to pull such off.

Misunderstood vs. Invincible


Can also dodge 1 stun/skill (Banshee Veil) but this makes teams not want to attack you, the tank, instead they will take out DPS targets, but you WANT them to attack you. Thus I am against both Ninja Tabi and Bansee Veil (Unless it’s a MUST, for obvious reasons).

Effective Melee HP: 22497 [25196 with Ninja Tabi]
Effective Magic HP: 17994

Will reduce the time of ALL CC’s meaning most teams will not be able to capitalize on a stun in time, unless they Vent/TeamSpeak. If 2-3 CC’s hit you, then you are already doing your job. Just make sure Despair is on, to do constant damage while they try to kill you. Rylai’s Sceptor is good for both pursuing and escaping (-15% Mspd with Despair).

Effective Melee HP: 23211
Effective Mage HP: 17476


Since both Capes and Despair are effected by MRES equally, I will not include possible reductions, deduced damage will be the same for either Builds.

Misunderstood: 2.7% HP/second [Despair], +120dmg/second [3 Fire Capes]
Invincible: 3.7% HP/second [Despair], + 80dmg/second [2 Fire Capes]

2000HP: Despair: 54dmg/s | Fire Capes: 120dmg/s [174dmg/s] ~11.25s (so 12s to kill)
4000HP: Despair: 108dmg/s | Fire Capes: 120dmg/s [228dmg/s] ~17.5s (so 18s to kill)

Invincible: 3.7% HP/s from Despair
2000HP: Despair: 74dmg/s | Fire Capes: 80dmg/s [154dmg/s] ~ 13s to kill
4000HP: Despair: 148dmg/s | Fire Capes: 80dmg/s [228dmg/s] ~17.5s (so 18s to kill)

*** *** *** *** ***
Other options: for AP Build:
- Mejai Soulstealer [200AP] -15% Mspd for nearby enemies [Only effects you, so decreases your teammates escaping/chasing potential with you] It's also a fraction of the cost.
- Zhonya's Ring [200AP] -2s Stasis

Mejai Soulstealer (Full Stacks): 180AP (giving 200AP with only 20AP from masteries)
Despair = 4.7%HP/s!!!!!
Mejai Soulstealer = +15%Mspd for user.

2000HP: 94+80dmg/s = 174dmg/s ~12s
4000HP: 188+80dmg/s = 268dmg/s ~15s

Note: You lose the 500HP that you would otherwise receive from Rylai’s Sceptor

Zhonya’s Ring: 120+25%AP = 175AP, not enough to give the 200AP bonus.
I am unsure of how Ardor works in Defensive Mastery, if its +2-4%AP, then you need 15AP.
200 AP/1.29 [.25 from Zhonya and .04 from Ardor] = 155 RAW AP needed to reach 200AP
You MUST get 155-160 AP (120 from Zhonya and 35-40 from Runes or Masteries), NOT from items. You already have 20, you need 15-20 more.

Trade Runes: Marks for AP/level Runes for another 15AP.

Note: You lose the Mspd bonuses from either Mejai Soulstealer or Rylai’s Sceptor.
Note: You lose the 500HP that you would otherwise receive from Rylai’s Sceptor

You can use any AP items, but they need to reach either 100AP or 200AP or 300AP marks, though I have yet to test any ways to attain 300AP AND keep survivability up. You MUST maintain your survivability and/or killing potential.

NOTE: Only Rylai's Sceptor out of these 3 Items gives you the +500HP.
*** *** *** *** ***

Rylai’s Sceptor reduces opponents escaping and chasing potential, thus allowing you to do continual damage. They will attempt to escape and you just follow them for your kill, throwing in your Bandage Toss for good measure. [You need 20 more AP to reach 100AP, Ardor (3) allows you to only get about 16 AP]
- I personally grabbed the 20AP from runes.

Rylai’s Sceptor > Mejai Soulstealer > Zyonya’s Ring > Abyssal Sceptor

Abyssal Scepter - Magic Resistance AND AP. Not bad, but there are other options that are better. Use this only if they have STRONG mages, it will increase damage potential slightly but its only worth 70AP. Zhonya's Ring is better in my opinion. But you MUST use its Active.

Banshee Veil - Makes your opponent NOT focus on you, instead attempt to quickly kill your DPS then finish you off, like most tanks. DPS have no survivability thus they will be killed in a few second, thus scattering them AND decreasing you Maximum AOE's damage.


Do NOT forget Golem Buff so you can KEEP despair on, use it for everything except lane control.
If you are chasing or being chased, just wait until Bandage Toss has CD'd, use and kill your opponent. Don't forget Tantrum's Active...
Remember your AoE dmg should stay in effect for all CC’s (except maybe Stun/Fear not 100% sure)
You have 2 stuns, so you are a HUGE threat already, even if you did ZERO damage. But you get plenty of constant damage potential.

Curse = 1-2 seconds Stun, again increased killing potential/survivability.
You should see what happens when Fiddlesticks and/or Anivia teams up with Amumu :D
Immidiate longlasting FEAR combined with constant damage from both of you…

PLEASE RATE this, and give any input that can help build a near-perfect Tank/Dmg Build!!!