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League of Legends Build Guide Author Adrenalynn

Amumu: the Ultimate Mummy Build

Adrenalynn Last updated on October 23, 2010
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Hello there, if you are looking for the best Amumu build, I would like you to think about this one. Read, comment, play good :)


A mummy is a corpse whose skin and organs have been preserved by either intentional or incidental exposure to chemicals, extreme coldness (ice mummies), very low humidity, or lack of air when bodies are submerged in bogs. Presently, the oldest discovered (naturally) mummified human corpse was a decapitated head dated as 6,000 years old and was found in 1936. The most famous Egyptian mummies are those of Seti I and Rameses II (13th century BC), though the earliest known Egyptian mummy, nicknamed 'Ginger' for its hair colour, dates back to approximately 3300 BC.
Mummies of humans and other animals have been found throughout the world, both as a result of natural preservation through unusual conditions, and as cultural artifacts to preserve the dead. There are more than 1000 mummies in dry Xinjiang China. Over one million animal mummies have been found in Egypt, many of which are cats. There are so called mummies of mythical beings.

And the same goes for Amumu, with one exception - Amumu is sad :( He is sad because there are no build for advanced Amumu players.

We want to change that!

1. Why such runes?

* 35,6 magic resist - that's cool, more than Chalice and for free!

* 11,25 dodge! with Ninja Tabi that gives us 23,25 % dodge! almost 25, which means that you SHOULD dodge every fourth attack! (exact math is not something worth elaborating)

2. Summoner abilities

Usually I would recommend Ghost and Flash. However, it is true that jungling Amumu is a huge advantage for both you and your team (mainly carry soloing the line). So, these are my recommendations:

Ghost + Flash

or even better

Smite + Flash

Why not Smite + Ghost? Well, I think that Flash gives us more options. You can us it to "deliver" your ultimate (if you failed on Bandage Toss), escape (way better than Ghost, mainly because of the fact, that with Flash you can escape over the walls; safely kill Dragon, if you have no wards or think that you might get ganged (again, great escape). If you wanted to ask why then did I put a point in Haste. Bacause I don't plan on dying and upgraded Teleport is useless. This way you can change your Summoner Abilities without any changes in your masteries.

3. Skill sequence

There are 2 ways to do it.

First, when you go with Flash and Smite and want to jungle: take Despair first, then go for Tantrum, then Tantrum, then Bandage Toss, when you have Tantrum maxed, focus on Despair. Simple

Second, when you want to lane: First you skill Tantrum. This is because Tantrum is the only skill that allows you to get any creep kills, and if you time it well, you can take 2-3 at a time. Your lane partner might be angry, but he will thank you later on, when you are farmed and invincible, allowing him to faceroll the enemy team.

4. Items

Ninja Tabi for obvious reasons. With our runes and Evasion, from Defense Tree, we get 25 % dodge. Every fourth attack should and will miss.

Chalice of Harmony - magic resist and mana reg. Why? Well, most builds add some mana reg runes, but for me it's a waste. Reg from Chalice is ok, and with Golem Buff it's more than enough. + until you farm up your Force of Nature you might need some cheap magic res.
After that I go for Force of Nature and Randuin's Omen.

Ninja Tabi, Chalice, Force of Nature and Randuin's Omen are core items to me.

Quote from Stetto : "Don't stack health, when you want to tank. Stack MR/Armor and you'll last much longer, because MR/Armor increases your survivability percentually, HPs only flatly."Amen. Now add dodge to that. Amen x2.

Now, you can go for double Sunfire Cape if you want more killing, or stick to the tankish items.

So, Ninja Tabi, Chalice, Force of Nature and Randuin's Omen.Then:

if you want to do the killing: Sunfire Cape x2 (sell Chalice)

if you want to stick to your main role: Aegis of the Legion and Banshee's Veil (sell Chalice)

That would be all. I didn't want to describe how to jungle or lane with Amumu. When some1 wants to use this build, I guess he is an advanced Amumu player. If not, I'm glad he picked my build, and I put faith in his ability to find jungle tips.

Please comment!!! This is important, don't downvote without commenting, this is how to say it in a polite way... NOT NICE :)