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Sett Build Guide by BlessingPlate63

Top An attempt at recreating math Sett and his former glory (12.17)

Top An attempt at recreating math Sett and his former glory (12.17)

Updated on September 5, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author BlessingPlate63 Build Guide By BlessingPlate63 1,518 Views 0 Comments
1,518 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author BlessingPlate63 Sett Build Guide By BlessingPlate63 Updated on September 5, 2022
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Runes: Maffs

1 2
Legend: Tenacity
Last Stand

Second Wind

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


1 2
the usual
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Champion Build Guide

An attempt at recreating math Sett and his former glory (12.17)

By BlessingPlate63
Maffs in a nutshell
This is my best attempt at recreating the glory days of mathematicaly correct Sett, an old build which has for sole purpose to nuke the entire enemy team with a single ability, Haymaker. The dual scaling on this ability makes it complicated to optimise if you haven't done the maths, so i did it myself and i am happy to say that i have very great results. With the 12.17 Sett buffs coming in 2 days as of creating this guide, we will prove the superiority of the mighty mathematics to the soul consuming bork rush.

This is
How to Sett 101
Sett is a rather simple champion in terms of gameplay. Skip this section if you already know how to play him.

His passive gives him health regen depending on how much missing health he has. In other words, low health = high sustain. This is paired with a second part to his passive: Every second auto deals Bonus damage and has 8x your normal attack speed. Paired together, those effects alone make Sett a good lane bully, great in skirmiches.

His Q is an auto reset which gives him decaying move speed, extended auti range (only 50 more units) and % healh physical damage scaling with bonus AD. This gives Sett a really good burst and the possibility to catch his opponents. It is also great for tower damage. Sadly, the bonus move speed is pretty low and doesn't last for long, which makes it so sett isn't too hard to kite.

I'll keep his W for the end since it is the main focus of this build

Sett's E is his main cc. It drags enemies from 2 sides all the way to him. If he only hits enemies on 1 side, they are slowed for a short amount of time. However, if he hits opponents from both sides, the enemies are instead stunned. This, paired with his Q, allows him to catch opponents and land his main ability with less difficulty. Just make sure you are close enough before you use this, since the range is pretty low. It is in a rectangular shape, so you can use the corners for more range.

His ult is a displacement, sending both you and your opponent in a straight line and dealing aoe damage depending on the opponent's bonus health. This is EXTREMELY usefull against tanks, since it makes you able to access and deal a lot of damage to the enemy backline easily. A fancy combo with this is flash behind the opponent and send them under your tower with this ability,

Finaly, the Big Berta, Haymaker. Sett's W is one of the most powerfull abilities in the game. His mana bar is replaced by a grit bar. Everytime Sett takes damage, he stores grit up to half of his max health. Said grit decays 3 seconds after the damage instance. On activation, Haymaker transforms all of Sett's grit into a decaying shield and deals damage in a gigantic cone depending on the amount of grit stored. The opponents in the center area on the cone take true damage, while everyone else who's hit by the edge takes physical damage instead. The amount of grit converted into damage scales with your bonus AD.

This ability is completely busted in theory. It can deal thousands of true damage with a not optimised build. Now imagine if Some crazy individual were to create a build speceficaly to deal the haha funny damage. The results are amaizing.
The maffs
For those curious, here's all the calculations i did. For those who just want to know the number, it's 3599 true damage, however, this is only taking most things in consideration. There are external factors that i cannot add into the calculation since they are either too unstable or do not have any definite max value.

The maths were done using the first rune page with the core build called *The Sauce*. You can go back to see them at any moment, they're right there.

The way Sett's W works, both health and AD are really important. In fact, the more AD you have, the better the health value, and vice versa. Here are the results:

Hull: 50bAD, 400hp
Immortal shieldbow: 75bAD, 350hp
warmog: 800hp
cleaver: 45 bAD, 350hp
edge of night: 50bAD, 325hp
titanic hydra: 30+(2%bhp/57.3)bAD, 500hp
subtotal: 2725hp, 350.5bAD
Total grit: 2737.5
grit conversion: 112.63%
total damage (without last stand): 3083.11 (3243.11)
total damage (with last stand): 3422.25 (3599.85)

Something to note is that overgrowth is not factored in since it has infinite scaling. I forgot to include elixir of iron, sorry for that :/

Just for fun, i also calculated this:

bAD with yuumi: 435
grit conversion: 133.75%
total damage (without last stand): 3661.41 (3841.41)
total damage (with list stand): 4064.16 (4241.76)

As you can see, Yuumi is completely busted.

When you add EVERYTHING, including drakes, yuumi, baron, elixir of iron and overgrowth (only the 3.5% bonus max health to avoid the infinite scaling problem), here are the results:

Bonus stats: 300hp, +3.5%hp(202.06hp), 78bAD, +44%bAD
subtotal: 5975hp, 617bAD
Grit conversion: 179.26%
total grit: 2987.5
total damage (without last stand): 5355.39 (5515.39)
total damage (with last stand): 5944.49 (6122.09)

Please not that this is only possible in very niche senarios and very late into the game. You most likely won't ever reach that amount of damage.
How to Sett 102
This is more about the macro and the general playing patern you have with Sett

Early game: Your goal is to bully your opponent so you can scale faster than them. Classic lane bully stuff. Sett excels in short burts, so you objective is to do short trades using your stun and your Q until the opponent is at low enough health to all in. Usualy, this doesn't take much time unless you take damage during the trade too. Good example of this are matchup like darius where you can smack him pretty easily if you play correctly. However, if you all in when both of you are at full health or when you're low enough to get killed by a single burst (or almost), you will lose the fight. This goes for most matchups.

Mid game: until you have titanic hydra, you won't be able to go over 1k damage on your W, and even then it is hard to get this much damage early. This means that while you are able to teamfight, it is still more optimal to splitpush and make your early lead even bigger by farming. At this point of the game, your objective is to try to get your third item as fast as possible, which is when you should start dealing A LOT of damage.

Late game: Kaboom. You are the equivalent of a burst mage, but you have a bigger aoe, you can survive some hits and you actualy deal damage without your spells. Ulting the tank into the enemy backline is a risky move but it pays off most of the time if your team is ready to kill the survivors (tanks and people who dodged your W). At this point of the game, your flash is mostly to change your position in the middle of your Haymaker.

General tips: Play around your cooldowns. They're pretty high early game. Another important thing to know is that your W is easy to dodge because it take a lot of time to channel. Make sure the opponent is at least slowed when you want to hit a single target. In a teamfight, it can be harder to see the ability coming because of the overall chaos but it is still important to try to use cc if you can and not just aim in the enemy team's general direction.
thanks for reading
I hope this guide helped you.

Now go and unleash what will become your opponent's perma ban
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League of Legends Build Guide Author BlessingPlate63
BlessingPlate63 Sett Guide
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An attempt at recreating math Sett and his former glory (12.17)

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